15 Popular Interior Design Trends Of 2023 to Consider

As the need to upload everything on social media increases, people are trying to make everything more aesthetically pleasing – including their homes.

Home is where you spend most of your time, so naturally, it has to look and feel good. There is no point in having a home that doesn’t match what you truly want to be surrounded with. Needless to say, many homeowners prefer being up to date with the trends in the interior design industry. 

But, with ever-growing trends, which one is ideal for your home? Well, that’s precisely what we are here to tell you. If you are a new homeowner and need a few décor tips, why not try these popular interior design trends of 2023

Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Popular Interior Design Trends Of 2023

Popular interior design trends of 2022

There have been multiple changes in the last couple of years when it comes to interior design. Sometimes, the latest trends are minimalist and modern, and other times they may be bold and vintage. But one thing is for sure — the trend is never the same

And so, homeowners around the world are always trying something new and getting more in tune with the times. On that note, here are a few of design styles and tips that everyone can add to their home interiors:

  1. More WFH Spaces 

More wfh spaces 

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we need dedicated workspaces at home. And these are more than just a room with a desk and chair. Indeed, as the number of people working from home increases, your home must have a space for everything — including work. That said, the interior decor industry is adapting to these changes in creative ways.

Just like people have little reading nooks or recreational spaces in the house, a dedicated workspace is just as important. Moreover, this room may be used by more than one household member. With that in mind, ensure that these spaces are neutral-colored and minimally decorated to recreate an office setting that can be enjoyed by all.

The same can be said about working spaces for kids as well. Indeed, children must also have a dedicated space to do their homework and exercise their creativity. Also, remember to keep these rooms well-ventilated as fresh air and a view can be quite calming.

As an added tip, you can convert nooks and closets into little offices if they are big enough. Ideally, these spaces should be a little away from the high-traffic zones of the house to provide more privacy. 

  1. Vibrant Colors And Patterns 

Vibrant colors and patterns  living room

Life is too short to live in a dull house. While not everyone thinks that way, many people like to experiment. And for those people, we suggest trying something bold and vibrant. So, if you are not the kind of person who likes to use neutral tones, why not go for purple, green, or orange? 

And it is not just the color, but you can experiment with patterns as well. Many people like to go for stripes; however, plaids and checks can also be incorporated into most rooms. Additionally, you can try mixing and matching many elements together that may go well. And if you’re feeling adventurous, a mix of bold colors and patterns may just be the design you want

However, be warned that this can go wrong as well. Not every color and pattern work well together, and so if you are looking to stand out, don’t forget to conduct ample research. It might even help to speak to professionals before making any decisions. 

  1. Casual But Formal 

Casual but formal 

Usually, home interiors are personal and are often a reflection of the homeowners. So, more often than not, the house is decorated in a very casual manner. However, many people are under the impression that simple interiors are not suitable when entertaining guests. And that is where this trend comes into the picture.

There are a small fraction of homeowners who are shifting to a blend of casual and formal interiors. This shift is mainly because this combination offers the homeowners a casual living space while allowing it to be used to entertain people. 

For instance, you may find formal and vintage furniture in such a setting. However, the designers may inject vibrant colors instead of nudes to provide a slight edge. 

Additionally, you can add small lamps to rooms that serve the dual purpose of giving ambient and party lighting. Many homeowners also like to add modern art pieces and statement pieces for that extra pop. 

  1. Minimal And Neutral 

Minimal and neutral living room

If you are not the kind of person who likes bold, vibrant, or jarring colors, why not go for something classic? Even as the years go by, there is nothing more timeless than a neutral setting at home. Additionally, light and soothing colors spread across the room are relatively easy on the eyes. 

You can also try different colors beyond shades of browns and whites to enhance the minimal setting. And if you want to add a bit of a contrast, using lighter shades of grey, green, and blue may help. These three colors are pretty popular and will possibly remain in vogue in the coming year as well. 

Additionally, minimalistic furniture in neutral colors makes it much easier to decorate the room. That said, we recommend going for earthy tones and materials, such as jute or rattan, to maintain the room’s vibe. Furthermore, such a setting may be an ideal interior design for people looking to escape the concrete jungle outside their doors. 

  1. Plant’s Galore 

Dinning room interior design with plants

Speaking of escaping the concrete jungle outside, the interior design industryhas picked up yet another trend in the last year or so. With the amount of time people have spent between four walls, it can be a bit heavy on the mind to not have nature around them. So, if you love nature, this trend is the one to follow. 

The idea here is to blend the outside world with the inside by adding plants and more green elements to the room. In fact, blue also works beautifully in such a scenario, blending well with any plant you may have. Together, they provide a calm space for a cluttered mind. However, the real issue is indoor plants.

While the idea appeals to most homeowners, it might be difficult to determine which plant is ideal for your home. At the end of the day, most people want a plant that is not too high maintenance but can also stand out in the room. Keeping that in mind, here are a few plants that you can take care of inside the house:

  • Sweetheart Plant

This one is for the lovers of love! The Sweetheart plant, aka Philodendron Scandens, is a small plant with a heart-shaped leaf. It is ideal for your own house and an anniversary gift or a wedding present for newlyweds. 

Additionally, they are not too challenging to take care of as they need water once every two to three weeks. Just remember to keep the plant in a place with either direct sunlight or bright indirect sunlight.

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Another plant that looks great indoors is the Fiddle-Leaf fig. In fact, one of the reasons it is picked as an indoor plant is that it is aesthetically pleasing. The leaves are big and prominent, giving the house a lush look once they grow taller. Like the Sweetheart plant, this plant is easy to care for, requiring water only once every week to ten days. 

  • Snake Plant

Now, this plant is not only good to look at but also has many benefits. The Snake plant is believed to remove any negativity from the house, and it can filter pollutants too. Additionally, having a snake plant at home may help tackle common allergens. That said, it is often preferred in the bedroom over communal spaces. 

We also love that this plant is effortless to maintain as the only time you need to water it is when the soil has dried up. Just remember, the leaves do not need water, so try not to get those wet and keep the plant in indirect sunlight. 

  • Palm

Almost everyone knows that the palm plant makes for an excellent houseplant because of its low maintenance. This is because the palm plant does not require a lot of direct sunlight and can grow in low-light areas. Additionally, they only need to be watered two to three times a week. 

  1. Dual Colors 

Colorful and vibrant interior living

The next interior design trend that is work looking into is using dual colors. If you want to make the home a bit more stylish and less casual, adding a combination of colors always does the trick. 

This can be done in a multitude of ways, such as coordinating the wall color with furniture color, or even adding two colors to a single element. In most cases, there will already be a contrast in color between the wall and the floor. Hence, coloring wall elements like switches or radiators in the same shade as the wall creates a uniform contrasting look.

We also find many homeowners go for multiple shades for the wall where one wall is an accent wall. 

  1. Statement And Antiques 

Living room with antiques and statement pieces

Continuing with the same feel of an accent wall, the next trend is to use antiques and statement pieces in the room to create a focal point. Usually, people have a lot of heirlooms and furniture pieces that have been passed down the generations, and they don’t know what to do with them. Now, they will.

According to many industry experts, the vintage or “old-timey” aesthetic has always been popular and will continue to be so. Hence, if you have old couches, tables, chairs, or even cabinets, adding them to the room will give the room some personality. Additionally, if the last few years have taught us anything, it is to use everything we already have. 

This is why, if you have an old table hidden in storage, it might be the best time to whip it out and place it in the center of the room. Furthermore, try to decorate the room in a more modern fashion so as to create that contrast in the furniture pieces. And, if you do not have any antiques, there are plenty available online and in weekend markets. 

Alternatively, you can use bold statement pieces in the middle of the room as well. It can be a giant vase, a statement rug or an obscure structure made with metal. As long as there is a stark difference between the piece and the room, it can go together really well. 

  1. Simple Living 

Airy natural living room in earthy tones

For the people who do not like to experiment too much with colors and materials, we suggest looking into the Japandi design trend. Essentially, this design trend is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian designs where nature and minimalism are celebrated. 

Although it may seem like it is not too different from the point we made about neutral designs, Japandi does not just mean using neutral colors. It is all about using natural materials in the furniture, creating more space, and establishing harmony. Additionally, a lot of wooden colors along with shades of black are used. 

Hence, most people who opt for this kind of interior use low floor wooden tables, cushions for chairs and prefer keeping the vibe a bit warmer. Furthermore, you can also have white or light pink walls to accentuate the warmth of the furniture. 

  1. Incorporating Velvet 

Living room with green velvet sofa

Gone are the days where people would only use one type of material for their couches and chairs. Since there are many homeowners who are looking into more regal-looking furniture pieces, velvet remains on the top of the list. One of the reasons for this is that the fabric is quite plush and is aesthetically pleasing. 

Moreover, velvets are available in multiple bold and neutral colors so that they can be used in any interior. If you have a neutral-colored room with a ton of warm tones, adding a statement velvet couch can add a splash of uniqueness to the room. On the other hand, the same color scheme can be inverted with a bold colored room and neutral velvets.

We suggest grey tones when looking for something neutral and going for a dark green or navy blue for bolder color.

  1. Curvy Furniture 

Living room with curvy sofa rounded sofa

One of the trends we love and find extremely easy to execute is using curvy furniture. While you can use traditional furniture in this day and age, there are many modern pieces with beautifully carved curves. Additionally, curvy furniture pieces are not only great to look at but seem to offer more space in the room as well. 

Most curvy furniture has a bit of a modern twist to it, and so it is much better suited for modern interiors. And so, if you are looking to upgrade the living space, look at sofas with a curved back or rounded armrests. Try a kitchen island counter with rounded edges or curved mirror edges for a more permanent element in the house.

The biggest reason this trend is gaining traction is that curvy furniture is easy on the eyes. Since there are many people who find traditional furniture a bit sharp on the eyes, these curvy pieces are the best option. Moreover, even while using these types of pieces, the feel is much warmer and more comfortable for some (provided the right materials are used).

  1. Smart Furniture 

Versatile floating shelf that changes design

For people who love more modern elements, adding smart furniture is the best way to upgrade any living space in 2023. This is especially useful for people who have a smaller house and want to make it as multi-functional as possible. Hence, the interior design industry has followed suit to make this multi-functionality a reality. 

Some of the most popular pieces that can be used in the house are convertible coffee tables, remote-controlled shelves, and hidden spaces that house TVs. Granted that these can be a bit more expensive than regular furniture, but these are worth the investment. Besides, watching people react to you pulling down an accent wall and revealing a bed behind it has a charm in itself. 

But if this is the first time you are shifting to smart furniture, we suggest going with more utility like a bed with storage space. This will allow you to use it more often and offer a better idea of how smart furniture works.

  1. Country Modern 

Rustic chich country double height living room with vaulted ceilings

There are many people who like to escape to the countryside when the city life gets too much for them. In 2023, why flee to the country when your home can be transformed into a space with all the countryside elements. To make this happen, we recommend adding a ton of browns and reds along with blues and greys. 

The reason we mention these specific colors is that they can recreate what can be found in the country through color associations – lakes, mountains, and clear blue skies. However, it is a living space at the end of the day and needs to have modern elements to create a healthy balance. 

For furniture, try incorporating minimalistic lamps and statement pieces to maintain that balance. We also find incorporating darker elements into the center of the room is far more aesthetically pleasing. 

  1. Florals 

Baroque inspire fireplace mantel with immense mirror and floral wallpaper

Finally, how can we miss out on floral elements? This has been a classic trend going on for many years to varying degrees. Of course, we do not recommend that the whole room be covered with floral prints, but floral wallpapers are still popular. For this purpose, we suggest going for temple flower or jasmine floral prints as they are soothing to the eyes. 

Another way florals can be incorporated is by adding them to the furniture. Floral cushions or sofa covers make for beautiful statement pieces in cool-colored rooms. Additionally, floral furniture like lamps or sculptures also looks great when blended in the correct color palette. 

  1.  Color-Based Trends 

While we have mentioned a ton of colors that can be used in various interior settings, 2023 has some standout shades to choose from. Come and take a look!

  • Green

Green living room interior design trend

One of the most popular colors in 2023 is most likely to be green. Considering that a lot of people saw very little green in the last few years, people are definitely making a shift to incorporate them in the house. Additionally, darker shades of green can look excellent as statement shades in the room.

  • Blue 

Baby blue bedroom design popular interior design trends

If you are looking for a calmer shade that can also be used for regal looks, then we suggest going with blue. In line with a similar concept of bringing the outdoors inside, blue is often associated with clear skies and summer days. Hence, many homeowners like to have shades of blue in the house, especially on the walls. 

That being said, it is not just popular for facilitating a “zen” type of lifestyle, but it can also be used for a richer look. When using velvet as a fabric or painting cabinets in a cool-toned room, dark blue is a great color to opt for. Moreover, most people do not find it too challenging to adjust to shades of blue. 

  • Black 

Neutral grey gray white and black living room

As seen in Japandi interiors, black accent pieces can be added to put the whole look together. Similarly, black is becoming a very popular color when looking to create contrast. Moreover, since a lot of people like to have neutral homes, having one black accent piece adds a pop to the room.

Hence, look at metallic black chairs or black kitchen counters to enhance that difference of colors in the room. For a less obvious contrast, lamps and light fixtures can be painted black as well. These will not stand out too much but will still create that balance of light and dark in the room.

  • White 

White based living room with white background

Whether you plan to keep the walls white or incorporate white furniture, you cannot go wrong in terms of aesthetics. White is a classic shade for any aspect of the room and will continue to be so even in 2023. Furthermore, if there are a lot of plants in the house, then having them against white walls will accentuate their look. 

The same goes for the furniture as well as having white furniture against darker walls and floors will bring them out more. However, the only thing we ask you to keep in mind is that white can be a difficult shade to manage with pets and kids in the house. So make sure to incorporate them only when maintaining it is easy. 

  1. Let There Be Light 

Another trend we have to mention is the incorporation of lights. It may be small, big, fancy, traditional, or even smart lights, but it is something many homeowners are gravitating towards. 

If you are looking to add more lights to the house, why not look at fairy lights for decor or scone lights for illumination. Additionally, you can look at smart bulbs and lights for a blend of both. Just remember that these can get expensive so it is always best to have homeowner insurance as a safety measure.

To Sum It Up

With that, we have finally come to the end of our guide on the popular interior design trends of 2023. We hope this article has been informative and eye-opening for every homeowner looking to upgrade their living space in 2023. 

Many more trends will come up in the following years, and our only advice is to be fearless. Your home is your space, and that allows a ton of flexibility with what can be done. Try bolder colors, get that incomprehensible statue for the living room, or get rid of everything and create a zen life.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice! We will be back very soon with many more of the latest trends.

Until then, stay inspired!

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