Private Residence / Aedas

Private residence / aedas

Located at a hillside on the Hong Kong Island, this nine-storey private residence is set within an urban yet relatively low density area. Aedas designed a sculptural staircase that resembles three stacking ice cubes for the building, creating a sense of drama for the art-loving residents.

Private residence / aedas

The owner of the residence is a vivid collector of modern art and has a strong interest in the sculpture of Henry Moore. Aedas expressed the collision between the formal aspects of family and the freedom of art form on the façade and staircase – the former is regimentally controlled in uniform lines and 1.5-meter modules; whereas the latter punctuates this defined order and divides the frontage neatly in three portions. This stark contrast becomes the focal point that is uniquely distinctive in the immediate environment.

Private residence / aedas

The design also provides flexibility for the owner to convert the building into apartments in the future, ensuring extended life and potential for adaptive reuse.

THR350 was recently named Five-star Best Architecture Single Residence in Hong Kong at Asia Pacific Property Awards 2013, and is shortlisted for this year’s World Architecture Festival Awards under the Completed Building – House category.

Project Details:
Location: Hong Kong
Type: Residential
Gross floor area: 1,832 square meters
Architects: Aedas –

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