Process and Vision – Richard Meier’s architectural projects, exhibited at the MANA Contemporary

Process and vision - richard meier’s architectural projects, exhibited at the mana contemporary

The “Richard Meier: Process and Vision” exhibition is part of the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial and presents the architect and artist’s work in numerous drawings, pictures, models and collages.

In keeping with the Biennial theme “The State of the Art of Architecture”, Meier’s architectural projects and part of his collage collection are exhibited on the fifth floor of MANA Contemporary. His creative process has always spanned several art fields as well as that of architecture and this passion for art is translated into drawings, sculptures, paintings and collages. His collage work has developed hand in hand with his architectural production and began on his trips to Europe, while still a student.

Meier says that his first collage works were produced on long journeys, using bits of paper picked up in the cities he visited and glue. His approach to collage is, to some degree, similar to the process of architectural composition as regards the choice and combination of different materials and colours, exploring the spatial rapport between the different parts. On initial impact, the wealth of colours, materials and textures brought together seem almost a contradiction to an architectural language distinguished by monochrome, purity and simplicity. But, on looking beyond this seeming sense of casual discord, you perceive an ideal order, the result of a creative synthesis.

The second room contains hand drawings of four of the architect’s iconic designs, flanked by another four of his most recent works. Just two illustrations per project manage to convey the spirit of his architectural composition and the models displayed complete the spatial description. The works in the exhibition were constructed in the United States, Latin America and the Middle East, proof that the language of Richard Meier & Partners, renowned for its monochrome, simple and pure surfaces and details, is able to rise to the challenge of working in different contexts. […]

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