Replace entire Circle Line with a travelator: Architecture firm’s vision

Replace entire Circle Line with a travelator: Architecture firm's vision

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Replace entire circle line with a travelator: architecture firm's vision

Now a firm of London architects has come up with a radical solution to the Circle line’s problems — replace it with a high-speed travelator.

The team behind the idea claim that a three-lane moving walkway through the line’s 17-mile circuit could shorten journey times, boost capacity threefold and improve health.

Passengers would step from “feeder” walkways moving at 3mph onto a yellow “slow lane” going at the same speed through stations but accelerating to 6mph and then 9mph in lit tunnels. There would also be a “middle lane” , coloured orange, with a top speed of 12mph, and a 15mph red “fast lane”.

Christian Coop, design director at City Road-based NBBJ, said the outlandish proposal was developed in response to a challenge from think tank New London Architecture for ideas to improve daily life in the capital. It takes about an hour on average for a Circle line train to complete a loop but Mr Coop said this could be reduced to 56 minutes by someone walking at an average pace of 3mph on the “fast lane”. []


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