Residencia Tambore / Conseil Brasil

Residencia Tambore / Conseil Brasil

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Residencia tambore / conseil brasil

Considering his enormous admiration for Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Anna Novaes created the project of a residence of 230m ² with concepts of architecture created by famous professional .

The references used were taken mainly from the German pavilion design for World Expo 1929 in Barcelona, popularly known as the Barcelona Pavilion , which complete 85 years in 2014.

Residencia tambore / conseil brasil

Van der Rohe innovated structures and valorized open spaces. Extended environment when using glass as partitions, also on facades . For the first half of the last century these features were great innovations , and gave him recognition. Their concepts of the construction and urban planning were expanded and used later in projects worldwide, including the elaborated by Conseil Brasil.

Residencia tambore / conseil brasil

In the residence, located in Alphaville, Sao Paulo, the architect opted to integrate all social environments – dining room , breakfast room , TV room , gourmet and livings – and at the same time, separate them only by partitions glass in the model of sliding doors. This results in the incidence of natural light in every room. The kitchen , in turn , is separated from other spaces by a panel developed by Anna Novaes.

This mix of materials , especially with the glass composition is strong feature in the designs of Van der Rohe . Other highlights are the straight lines and structural objectivity , clearly perceived in the residence.

Residencia tambore / conseil brasil

The German architect was also the creator of the famous phrase ” less is more ”. This means that sometimes the simplicity of a project and a well designed architecture is sufficient to cause her evidence , because the real beauty is inherent in the essential elements.

In the design of Anna Novaes , the concept for the decoration was no different . The architect chose to invest in structural motifs and fixed decoration, as differentiated coatings , plus the choice of a palette of muted and neutral colors used elegant way, without extravagance , in all environments , even in intimate.

Residencia tambore / conseil brasil

“Mies van der Rohe is one of my great idols . Thus , their conceptions end up being absorbed in my projects . In particular , almost all structural items can be associated with it . Even the rear facade , which is entirely of glass” – says Anna Novaes.

Project Details:
Location: Tambore, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Type: ResidentialHouses
Architects: Anna Novaes / Conseil Brasil Arquitetura –
Photos: Marcelo Scandaroli


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