Revolutionary Modern Architecture & Design Ideas Inspired By Nature

Revolutionary modern architecture & design ideas inspired by nature
The Lotus Temple

Technology may have a significant influence on how modern architecture has become. However, apart from making a “futuristic” design for a house or a building, integration of the design concept using nature as an inspiration sounds like a very good idea.

Most people think of modern architecture as having to use eclectic designs using steel, iron and glass. An example of which is the Crystal Palace made by an architect and gardener named Sir Joseph Paxton.

In the early 1900’s, architectural design was more conscientious in choosing the right building form in relation to its functions and materials. The concept of having an open space with minimum ornaments was evident. Such designs can be seen on art museums. As years went by, modern architecture has evolved into a more sophisticated, glamorous and much detailed design that nature has become an inspiration for a structure to be built.

Modern architectural design now incorporates more elements into the structure, taking in consideration the following:


The use of fiberglass insulation may be helpful in keeping warmth for the whole structure.


There should be a need to study the terrain and create a design appropriate to its surroundings.


The structure should be built according to the lifestyle of the people.


Determine the right design depending on where the structure should be built, such as building a resort.


Certain clients would prefer that some of their beliefs be incorporated into how the structure should be built. For instance, Chinese people rely on feng shui to determine the exact position of structures within the building to promote positivity and good luck.

Technology (for building materials and construction system)

The more that a building becomes complex, the more sophistication it requires in improving the structure.

Modern architecture means luxury and sophistication. Adding these elements requires ornaments with exquisite quality that defines timeless beauty and perfection.

Modern architecture means adding more functionality to the design concept that can be beneficial to the people who lives or works on structures with this design. For example, making a small garden on top of buildings helps to minimize the number of pollutants to improve air quality. Along with this design in mind is a possibility of integrating solar panels, which can greatly decrease energy costs.

The following are just a few of the magnificently created architectural designs that have wowed so many people for their excellent structural components.

Taipei 101 Observatory

Found in Xinyi District, the building follows a design based on a slender bamboo, which among Taiwanese symbolizes learning and growth.

Lotus Temple

Located in India, this is a site of worship for Baha’I Faith. Architect Fariborz Sahba used the lotus as an inspiration in designing this temple of worship, metaphorically describing that despite the lotus growing in murky water, there is still hope in achieving peace, mutual trust and friendship with others.

Modern architecture designs leave us with practically no limitations. By incorporating nature into modern designs, there’s really no stopping anyone from conjuring up vibrant and lively architectural styles.

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