Ryobi Vs Craftsman 4 Cycle Weed Eater | Comparison & Ideas

When it comes to weed eaters, Craftsman and Ryobi are two of the top brands that you can go for. The Ryobi weed eater is one of the most versatile options available, while the Craftsman string trimmer packs a lot of power and speed. 

A 4-cycle weed eater is probably one of the best tools you can use to get rid of all those pesky weeds growing on your lawn. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing a good weed eater, it is easy to get caught up between Ryobi and Craftsman. These two are widely regarded as the top string trimmer brands since their products come with so many features. 

That is why we did the hard work and compared the two 4-cycle weed eaters from these brands based on different aspects. We have provided our findings below, so if you are curious, dive in! 

Ryobi – A Description


Ryobi is a Japanese brand that manufactures a wide range of industrial tools and equipment. Initially, its products were used for commercial purposes, such as construction and repair services. But over time, the brand expanded its portfolio, which helped it to become a familiar name among homeowners as well. 

Its outdoor gardening tools, such as lawn mowers and string trimmers, are relatively well-known, thanks to their high-quality build and versatility. The brand manufactures both electric and gas trimmers with diverse attachment types, so you get a lot of choices in this matter. 

Ryobi RY34440 4-Cycle Trimmer Review

Here, we have reviewed the RY34440 4-cycle trimmer, which is a pretty powerful piece of gardening equipment. From the outside, it has a commendable build quality, thanks to the high-quality materials used by Ryobi.

It does not make any compromises, as it packs a decently strong motor that can handle most trimming tasks with ease. With this string trimmer, you can mow your lawn without worrying about the motor stalling. Below, we have discussed some of the highlighted features of this particular weed eater model.

Product Features

1. A Fairly Efficient Engine

The Ryobi RY34440 comes with a 30cc motor, which is a pretty powerful option for a gas string trimmer. Its engine comes with a low emission rating, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly options available on the market today. Plus, with the 4-cycle design of the engine, you don’t have to worry about mixing gas and oil manually.

What’s more, the gas engine has been designed to minimize noise generation. At normal usage scenarios, it generates a maximum of 80 dB, which is quieter than many other gas string trimmers. Also, you will be glad to know that it has considerably high energy efficiency for a gas trimmer, which helps cut down on gas costs.

2. A Versatile Trimmer Head

The trimmer head of this particular Ryobi model deserves special mention. It is situated at the end of an 18-inch long straight or curved shaft. Ideally, we prefer the straight shaft since it allows better control, but you can switch to the curved shaft, too, if you prefer.

Its trimmer head has been designed with Ryobi’s Expand-It system, which makes it suitable for use with a wide range of trimmer attachments. In this regard, there are different cutting head attachments sold separately by the brand, each of which can be easily swapped onto the body of the trimmer. Some of these attachments are a pruner, a blower, an edger, a tiller, and a brush cutter, among others.

3. Good Design

The overall design of the string trimmer is something that we really liked. It has been made using durable materials, which means that it will last for quite a long time, even with extensive usage.

Overall, the machine feels extremely lightweight, which allows you to carry it around with ease. And the gas tank on the engine has been oriented in such a manner that it can be refilled even while sitting on the ground. Even the choke lever and priming bulb are located conveniently near the tank so that you have easy access.

4. Ergonomic Handle

Handling the Ryobi RY34440 string trimmer is a breeze, thanks to the ergonomic handle design. The handle’s location and orientation are highly convenient with respect to the engine. It comes with the brand’s Overmold comfort grip, which allows you to hold the tool comfortably without any strain.

On top of that, the handle features an anti-vibration design for maximum stability and comfort. This implies that even if you are using the trimmer at its maximum throttle, you will not feel any rough vibrations that might affect trimming activity. As such, long weed removal tasks become incredibly smooth.

  • Highly versatile cutting head design
  • High levels of fuel efficiency
  • Relatively sustainable engine design
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable and lightweight build
  • The startup process is comparatively difficult
  • Leaks oil if it is not stored in the correct manner

Craftsman – A Description

Worker man lawn mower cutting grass in roadside. Craftsman.

Established over a century ago, Craftsman has built itself to be one of the most reputed names in the domain of industrial tools and equipment. Thanks to the heavy-duty products manufactured by the brand, it is heavily preferred by industrial contractors and DIY homeowners alike. 

The outdoor gardening tools made by this brand are also no exception to this rule. Its lawn mower and string trimmer models pack a lot of power, which provides great value for your money. 

Before we proceed further, be sure to check out our guide on the Cub Cadet 4-cycle vs. Ryobi 4-cycle weed eater. If you are confused between these two particular models, then this guide will help you select the best one. 

Craftsman Weedwacker WS4200 String Trimmer Review

Now, it is time to review our second pick – the Craftsman Weedwacker WS4200 string trimmer. Similar to the Ryobi RY34440, this is another powerful option for removing unwanted weeds from your lawn. 

With this option, too, you get a fairly powerful motor that can effortlessly handle most weed-trimming tasks. The cutting string is strong enough to mow through any type of heavy weeds without getting stalled. And its quick and efficient operation makes it one of the best string trimmers that you can go for today. In that context, below are some of the highlighted features of this particular weed whacker. 

Product Features

1. A Quiet But Powerful Engine

The Weedwacker comes with a heavy-duty 30-cc gas-powered engine that gives it enough power for its weed-trimming activities. Craftsman has used one of the most powerful gas engines available on the market today, which is why it is so highly favored by gardeners. 

Despite having such a powerful engine, it generates very little noise, which means that you can trim your lawn in peace. Even when used at the highest throttle, the tool generates only around 100 dB of noise. Albeit the noise level is a bit higher than the Ryobi model), but you still get a relatively peaceful trimming experience with this option. 

And of course, the 4-cycle design eliminates the need for manually mixing oil and gas, which makes using it even more convenient. 

2. An Efficient Cutting Head

The cutting head used by Craftsman in this particular string trimmer is highly efficient at clearing out weeds from your lawn within a short time. It has a cutting width of 17 inches, which allows you to clear large swathes of unwanted weeds in one go. 

What’s more, the head feeds cutting lines that are almost 0.095 inches thick with relative ease. And the long trimmer shaft can hold as much as 20 feet of line at once, which means that you won’t need to worry about refilling it as often. 

Besides, the trimmer head has been designed in a way that makes it easy to refill and replace the lines. It is compatible with other types of trimmer heads as well, so you get a decent amount of versatility. 

3. Quick And Effective Operation

Out of all the trimmers we have used before, the Craftsman Weedwacker WS4200 is probably one of the fastest. Everything about it is designed to make the weed-trimming process as quick as possible. 

The 4-cycle engine comes with an advanced 2-step starting system, which allows you to get this machine started instantly without any hassles. All you need to do is prime it and pull the starting cord once or twice. 

We have already talked about the 17-inch wide trimming wire, which allows you to cut through large portions of thick grass. In addition to that, the cutting head has been designed to work at relatively high velocities, which reduces the time it takes to cut grass. And from our experience, the engine does not stall even when cutting through heavier loads, which makes the process even faster. 

4. Convenient Design

The Craftsman Weedwacker comes with a straight shaft design, because of which you can access the tight spots on your lawn effortlessly. Despite having such a long shaft, the weed eater has an excellent balance which makes weeding activities easier. 

Additionally, it includes detachable shoulder straps, which makes operating the unit convenient. Likewise, the handle has a soft and ergonomic grip so that you can hold it comfortably. 

  • The engine provides more power to clear out thicker grass
  • Generates little noise even at maximum throttle
  • The straight shaft provides continuous line feed
  • Covers large areas in a short time
  • Quick startup system
  • Relatively bulkier
  • Not very energy-efficient

Trimmer for cutting the lawn. Grass shearing equipment. Garden technology. Ryobi vs craftsman 4 cycle weed eater conclusion.

Ryobi Vs Craftsman 4 Cycle Weed Eater Conclusion

And that brings us to the end of this detailed comparison between these two brands. As you can see, both of the options are gas models, which means that they are cordless string trimmers that are convenient enough to operate. 

That said, if you want more versatility, then we would suggest going with the Ryobi RY34440 string trimmer. It can support a wide range of attachments, which means that you can handle all types of loads with ease. 

If you want more power and speed, however, then the Craftsman Weedwacker WS4200 should be your pick. In our opinion, it can pass off as a commercial 4-cycle weed eater thanks to its larger cutting width and powerful 4-cycle engine. With it, you can complete even the toughest trimming activities in a short time. 

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