Moscow`s Transit Expansion Continues With the Salaris Transit Center

Moscow`s Transit Expansion Continues With the Salaris Transit Center

In the middle of Moscow’s transit expansion sits Salaris, a 27.9 hectare transit hub currently under construction in Moscow Oblast. The project directly faces Kievskoye Highway and is the last stop along the Oblast metro line, making it a direct funnel into Moscow’s city center.

As such, the hub is planned to function as a gateway connecting old Moscow to the new, and is programmed with civic spaces, retail, entertainment and restaurants. The transportation center will include the Salaryevo metro station, bus station, LRT, BRT, and parking.

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In tandem with the transit role, Salaryevo will also offer 111,000 square meter retail center that will house a hypermarket, cinema, food court, a collection of restaurants, fashion, and entertainment venues.

Inspired by the region’s natural topography, the architecture expresses this through soft curves and an undulating roofline to evoke the sloping contours of the region.  These design features culminate together along with the swooping roof canopies to form a distinct silhouette against the backdrop of the city. The façade is made up of a pattern of white, aluminum, and red metallic panels, which continually interchange to reflect assorted color tones depending on light and angle.

Extended stretches of skylights flank a bamboo ceiling over the two long concourses and capture natural light throughout the day.  The interior spaces are both grand and welcoming; natural materials are used throughout the project, conveying the sense of warmth and nature. Lounge areas also run throughout the project to provide spaces for relaxation, hangouts and art viewings.

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Salaris is organized into five districts: Experiential Court & Dining Terrace, Culture District, Market Street, Fashion Valley, and Gateway Court & Plaza.  The Experiential Court houses a multiplex cinema, entertainment anchor, international food court and adjacent to this is an expansive dining terrace. The Culture District is centrally located within the project and is the main civic area.  Market Street is home to a 15,000 square meter Hypermarket, two-level DIY stores, and a collection of lifestyle, home, and family aligned retail.  The fourth district, Fashion Valley, will bring a range of local and international apparel shops. The Gateway Court is the hub of the transportation interchange and is located at the junction of metro, bus, parking and taxi circulation.

Visitors arriving to Salaris from the new subway station will be met by a three-level entry hall.  The civic plaza above the station is animated by restaurants, outdoor dining and event space for weekly farmers market, and art festivals.

The project is currently planned for an opening next February. Once open, Salaris will provide the convenience of a multifunctional city project with a blend of scenic landscape and commercial and civic spaces.

Photo Courtesy to 5+Design

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