Sauna / Mjölk architects

Sauna / Mjölk architects

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Sauna / mjölk architects

Czech architectural office mjölk architekti made a remarkable contribution to public space utilization in Liberec, their city of residence.

During the night right after their appearance at Pecha Kucha Night Praguein september the architects built a public sauna on a city dam. The sauna itself was built on an abandoned concrete platform, which is located only a few dozen meters away from a popular public beach and promenade.

Sauna / mjölk architects

No legal permit was issued and the entire happening was kept secret. The bank of the dam is in public ownership of the municipality; the abandoned concrete structure as well the dam itself is owned by Povodí Labe, state administrator of watercourses of the Labe river. Neither of the authorities had any idea of what was about to happen.

Sauna / mjölk architects

Mjölk architekti presented the sauna to city representatives at an opening ceremony, which took place last Thursday. The sauna opened to public completely free of charge. From now on, it is accessible by a little rowing boat and it is operated from a nearby café, where keys and firewood are available.

Sauna / mjölk architects

The meaning of this happening is to draw attention to limitless opportunities of cultivation of public space and life only through a simple idea and a little bit of enthusiasm and money.

Project Details:
location: Liberec, Czech republic
Architects: Mjölk architects
preparation: 5 days
building time: 8 hours
total cost: 2.200 EUR


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