Scandinavian Charm Preserves Historic Essence in Gothenburg, Sweden

Scandinavian Design mainly evolves through simplicity, minimalism and functionality that  started surfacing in 1950’s. The five countries that mainly possess Scandinavian Designs are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Sweden are consisting of coastal islands, glaciated mountains, vast boreal forest and inland lakes. Gothenburg is one of its principal cities. It was located at the west coast of Sweden and it is well known for its Gota Alv river. Its tourist spots are the Dutch style canals, leafy boulevards and it is an important seaport. This place also well-known for their amusement themed parks, performance venues, landscape sculptured gardens and its main thoroughfare was famous of their various cafes and shops.

Scandinavian Design in Sweden was famous by its apartments style. They able to maintain the historic essences in design style which they treasured for decades. Apartments are situated in the middle of Gothenburg cities.  But industrialisation and modernisation had entered to the city.

Balcony 2

Balcony 1

Scandinavians refused the use of machinery and thus the production of new acquired design materials. Instead they empower their craftsmanship. They retained the traditional craft skills through their resourcefulness. Scandinavian design is often able to stand out for clarity.

Its interior characteristics are noticeably different, the first with tangible value is Simplicity. The design simplicity made it easy to be seen and understand, the vice versa of elaborately decorative patterns. Light shades in interior design express purity, cleanliness and easiness with from the first glance, high ceilings are also noticeable along flooring with often embellished by natural materials like wood, cast iron and accent elements for carvings such as ceiling medallions and moldings.

Examples of Scandinavian Ceiling Medallions :

Ceiling medallion 1

Ceiling medallion 2

Ceiling medallion 3

Examples of Scandinavian Ceiling Mouldings – Classical and Modern Designs emerged:

Ceiling moldings 1

Ceiling moldings 2

Ceiling moldings 3

Second, its style for Minimalism. Minimalism is the simplification of design and aesthetics. When we hear minimalism, we randomly think about the design as the modern style Scandinavian Architects thought that minimalist lifestyle is a functional lifestyle that finds balance between functionalism and modernism.

“Minimalism is simple, but it’s also complicated; it’s about reducing down to the absolute necessities without sacrificing beauty,”.   “ When you reduce things down the necessities, the relationship between each thing is super important. In Classical homes, every surface is ornamented, and individual elements get lost. Minimalism creates balance between relationship, beauty and need. (by Robert Ventura – Assistant professor at the School of Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University).

Scandinavian living area 1

As in the picture above, ornaments were installed on the perimeter of the ceilings and a ceiling medallion has been placed as a central ornament. Moldings were painted in the same color in the walls thus emphasizing the feeling of space.

Furniture, appliances, frames and lighting fixtures are the ones that can surprise as they float in ocean of water around the room. The design is expressed through the minimal compositions and style thus giving life to the space. Its objective is to considerately apply the minimalist design concept.

Scandinavian living area 2

Scandinavian living area 3

In a Scandinavian apartment the design is more about the free space. Approaching the open space in a sensible manner, living area combined with dining area and a kitchen. Is more like of the whole area had a welcoming feeling. Invites you to enter and experience the place.  Each space was connected to the other, most likely the living area adjacent to the balcony, which allows to view from them from above the sunrise and sunsets while looking down on the movements in the city.

Scandinavian living area 4

Scandinavian kitchen and dining 1

Swedish apartment designs use the free space differently, they yse small sized furniture encouraging ease of movement, versatility thus creating openness, air and light diffusion.

Scandinavian Design also promotes sourcing of materials within their region and specifying what are the needs that are required by the area. To uphold and develop their own craftsmanship which focus on the key detail and quality of materials.

As Ventura summarized. “Availability to lots of different people is the key to Scandinavian minimalism. It’s not for the elite, not for the few. It’s born of the culture and belongs to the culture.”

Scandinavian kitchen and dining 2

The Dining and Kitchen are the continuing space from the living area. Things for display are beautifully balanced. It is an open planned and asymmetrical design space.

Scandinavian kitchen 1

Scandinavian kitchen 2

Scandinavian kitchen and dining 3

A door from the kitchen leading to the courtyard towards to the quiet location of bedrooms in a peaceful and restful atmosphere.

A spacious area for master bedroom, fitted for a large size of bed. A small corner table with lamp as reading area. A small wooden freestanding cabinet, a medium white built in size closet and a large size white painted closet. A decently elegant white ceiling light combine with corner mouldings with minimal decorative ornaments. A pale shade of flower patterned wall paper. Pillows and blanket of gray and white shades.

Scandinavian master bdrm 1

Filling vacant side of wall by frames of black and white. Wide openings with a small plant for greenery, A simple couch, an exceptionally wooden design mirror.

Scandinavian master bdrm 2

Scandinavian master bdrm 3

On the opposite side of the hallway there is another adequate sized bedroom that oversees the courtyard.

Same design elements were to be found like in the master bedroom.

Scandinavian bedroom 1

Scandinavian bedroom 2

Scandinavian bedroom 3

A 730 square foot Scandinavian apartment, a beautiful balance that simply invites one to enjoy life in sheer joy.

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