Seashell House / ArchStudia Vega

Seashell House / ArchStudia Vega

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Seashell house / archstudia vega

In the interior you cannot find the common layout solutions: there are no right angles or straight lines, horizontal planes only on the floor, walls smoothly flow into the ceiling and vice versa. The light streams through the upper bay windows – natural projections of the seashell and through the 7-meters high stained-glass window at the gable end of the building. The House is made in 3 levels: the highest level – the bedroom with bathroom and cloakroom. The center of the composition is a round 3-meters diameter bed and a niche in the wall with a fountain. While lying in the bed, you can contemplate the marvelous view on the lake through the transparent glass barrier and stained-glass window.

Seashell house / archstudia vega

Going down the curvilinear stairs you get to the middle level – the living room, dining room, kitchen, guest’s bathroom and the entrance to the Seashell. The ceiling of this area is the wavy glass lamp, which gives the even illumination throughout the room. The special feature of this level is a natural pyramid fireplace, the unique fireplace in the world with the flue that takes the smoke down.

Seashell house / archstudia vega

From the middle level you can easily get to the lowest level by the flowing stairs. There you find yourself in the relax zone, where you can enjoy reading or watching TV on the coral, water lily shaped sofas. This area is connected with a small “grotto” office and a guest’s room with a big porthole window. In the guest’s room there is a big hand-made bed with a water mattress, surrounded by sea anemone lamps. The bathroom in the guest’s room is a grotto decorated with a mosaic of different colors.

Seashell house / archstudia vega

The accents of the house are the bathrooms trimmed by glass, 1-cm mosaics of 32 different colors, which were manually laid one by one during one year.

Three levels of the Seashell house embody sea’s bottom, water surface and sea air. The walls and the ceiling of the House are decorated with chameleon coat which changes the color depending on the illumination and the time of day and night.

Project Details:
Location: community Tavatuy, Sverdlovsk region, Russia
Type: ResidentialHouses
Architects: Yuriy Gaydukov, “ArchStudia Vega
Size: 3 levels, 228 sq m
Period of construction: 04/2006 – 06/2011


  1. this is so beauyifull , i love it , f i could live in a house like this….
    well don , the world becomes more beautifull with things like this!!!


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