SHoP Begins Work on Bajalta Mixed-Use Development in Tijuana

Shop begins work on bajalta mixed-use development in tijuana
© SHoP

New York–based architecture firm SHoP has begun construction on Bajalta, a mixed-use development in Tijuana, Mexico. Responsible for both the master plan and the building design of the innovative urban living concept, SHoP will be working alongside architects from Populous on its maiden Mexican project.

Featuring offices, residences, and a hotel, the development comprises five geometrically patterned high-rises and a midsize tower bearing a lattice facade. The buildings will each be linked by an attached base, which will house a cinema, restaurants, and shopping. The standout of the project is expected to be the Manzanita, or the little block. Standing at the intersection of two major streets, the Manzanita will serve as the gateway to Bajalta as well as a new cultural and educational nexus for the city. […]