Sketching Spain: Architecture and Urbanism Abroad

Sketching Spain: Architecture and Urbanism Abroad

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In Portland State University’s School of Architecture, students soak up knowledge of architecture and urbanism through many means — from spending countless hours in the design studio, to participating in design-build projects in far-flung places such as Haiti and Argentina, to immersing themselves in the built environment of Spain. In the summer of 2013, led by Professor Rudy Barton and Associate Professor Jeff Schnabel, a group of graduate and undergraduate students from the School of Architecture did just that: they traveled to Barcelona, Girona and Madrid for three weeks to study the architecture of these three cities, which boast an astonishing range, from ancient and medieval to cutting-edge contemporary.

The task for each student: sketch what you see as much as possible. Examine the details, observe the broad strokes and subtleties of the structures, consider the meaning, intent and usage of these spaces. The students eagerly took to the challenge and created gorgeous, unique, personal sketch journals that serve as a record of both their travels and their learning experience. Here, Master of Architecture students Heidi Crespi and Jeanette Moore and undergraduate student Matt Parrish show us their sketchbooks and talk about the priceless experience of sketching in Spain.


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