Spreepark – Berlin’s sleeping beauty


Spreepark - berlin's sleeping beauty

In the middle of Berlin, near the Spree river in Plänterwald forest, lies an abandoned amusement park deep in slumber. The Spreepark, formerly the GDR’s biggest amusement park, went bankrupt after its privatisation and has been waiting for its new destiny ever since. A huge, inner-city fallow of land shows glimpses of a place that was once surreal and enchanted; it is the big enthralment: an amusement park without amusement.

The park has remained closed since the Spreepark operators went bankrupt. Its gates now only open for single special events or guided tours. Over the years a strangely unreal place with no purpose grew in the middle of the lively city of Berlin. Plants grow over the bizarre bits and pieces of rotting fun rides; leaves, moss and cobwebs dominate the scenery.