7 Tips & Tricks For A Stress-Free Move

Found the perfect house in the ideal location? Check!

The only thing left to do now is to move in all your stuff without breaking a vase, or worse – your back! After all, it’s you and your things that make a house a home.

With that being said, moving can be a stressful time despite planning ahead. Moreover, it gets slightly more complicated when you are moving out of a property you called home for years. Whether it be the home you grew up in, or perhaps, where your kids took their first steps.

Anyhow, there’s no doubt that organizers, binders, and checklists may be the best tools to help double-check whether all your furniture has made it onto the moving truck. Yet, mental preparation is also as important.

Without further ado, read on to learn 7 handy tips and tricks on how to start your new journey in your new house on the right foot.

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Stress-Free Move Tips & Tricks

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  1. Manage Your Time

As a rule of thumb, give yourself about 12 weeks for planning before the actual moving day arrives. However, some people are equally comfortable with moving in with only 8 weeks of preparations.

At the end of the day, you want to avoid any last-minute hassles, such as your first-priority moving company being fully booked. This inadvertently means settling for a less reputed moving company – because of which unpredictable issues may follow.

To top it all off, it’s no secret that packing on short notice will have you desperately cramming together your sweaters with kitchenware or gym equipment. It goes without saying that chaos will surely ensue at the time of unpacking.

  1. Create A System

First off, get all your planning supplies ready. These may include a binder, colored labels, markers, notepads for making lists, tape, and so on.

Next, number each box you are packing, and jot down the names of all items of each labeled box in a notepad. Of course, you can also use spreadsheets, or a chart to be taped to the kitchen wall.

In addition, you can use a planner app or planner diary to make a list of all pending tasks. Spread these across the days and weeks before moving day. And, don’t forget to allow yourself some extra breathing room for self-care and unexpected road bumps!

At this point, you may also want to make a list of miscellaneous items such as cleaning supplies and extra boxes for last-minute packing jobs.

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  1. Visit Your New Home

A common rookie mistake that troubles many new-movers is big bulky pieces of furniture that will either not fit through the elevator or doors of their new home!

With that being said, visit the new property often and make a clear floor plan, while also keeping the ceiling height in mind. Additionally, measure all your existing furniture and check whether they can pass through hallways and elevators without scratching the walls!

And, if things don’t fit, perhaps it is a sign to let go. Needless to say, moving provides a great opportunity to downsize, donate or leave things behind for new occupants.

Anyhow, these are better options than to leave your good ol’ recliner on the curb just because it doesn’t fit through a narrow hall. Moreover, some residential areas have strict rules against leaving furniture lying around.

And surely, visiting the new block often will help to become familiar with the new neighbors or the building super who will tell you about all such rules.

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  1. Pack Smart

Perhaps the most efficient way to pack your things is by color-coding each box according to rooms.

For this, put a matching sticker for each box on the room door so everyone involved in moving knows exactly where everything is headed. Needless to say, you should pack and label everything by yourself, or with household members, to avoid confusion.

Apart from making it easier to locate your things while unpacking, you probably don’t want to pay the premium charged by moving companies for packing.

  1. Say Goodbye

Not just the moving company, but even friends and family who are helping out can easily navigate and help move color-coded boxes to their final destination. With that being said, don’t be afraid to reach out to your loved ones for help.

After all, uprooting your life from one place can be an emotional experience. Especially if you are moving away from family, or neighbors who grew to be as close as family. Either way, a farewell dinner, or a pizza party with your near and dear ones after a successful moving day will surely be a great start to your new journey.

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  1. Hire A Professional Team

Don’t overlook the importance of hiring a good and reputable moving company. Perhaps the best way to find one is to check reviews online or ask friends for recommendations.

Generally, a reliable moving company won’t ask for a hefty cash deposit upfront. Apart from this, any legitimate estimator will have few questions about how much of your existing belongings will be moved to the new house.

Additionally, be wary of hidden charges. However, it is worth noting that you will likely be charged extra under certain circumstances. For instance, if you live on a narrow street that is not wide enough for a moving van, expect a surcharge for the additional service of bringing in a smaller vehicle.

Similarly, most movers and packers have additional fees for packing and unpacking. Needless to say, this provides all the more reason to do the job by yourself, or to bring in all the help that you can get from friends and family.

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  1. Get Insurance

Hold your valuables close to your heart – literally!

It’s advisable to keep family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, and insurance papers by your side. In fact, it’s crucial to know about the moving company’s insurance policy – about the charges that apply and the protection provided at each level. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and read the fine print!

Final Words

Boxes and boxes of furniture and overwhelming checklists aside, this list of 7 tips and tricks is one checklist that you should not ignore.

With all things said, moving has become notorious for being stressful, particularly because of the unpredictable hurdles it brings.

Sometimes it may be a shoddy moving company to stress you out, and other times it may be a surprise eviction notice! No matter if you are met with big or small problems, it is important to learn to go with the flow.

In the same spirit, follow these steps, and keep up the hope and optimism. After all, it’s a fresh new start!

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