Striking a chord: Peter Muller on Audette House and why architecture is like music

Striking a chord: peter muller on audette house and why architecture is like music
The ‘snotted brickwork’ of Audette House was not original planned by Peter Muller. But as it turns out, it has been an enduring feature of the project

Architect Peter Muller was a 24 year old post graduate who enjoyed classical music when he first put pencil to paper and began drafting the plans for the now iconic Audette House completed in 1952.

He was commissioned to create an American Colonial style house for the Castlecrag, NSW site, but as he’d tell you, his intuitiveness and love of thematic music incapacitated him from doing this…

… The concept Muller came up with was for a modern Australian home heavily influenced by the philosophies of Frank Lloyd Wright; delivered to his clients in his small Sydney apartment and approved within ten minutes. []