The Summer Tool of Stockholm Archipelago / BYGGFENOMEN

The summer tool of stockholm archipelago / byggfenomen

The structure is designed for a family of six in the outer archipelago of Stockholm. The idea is to prefabricate wooden units and fly to the remote site with helicopter. On the site a simple rail made from I‐beams is established. The family is only going to use the house in during the summertime (about one to two months).

The idea behind the rails is due to the conditions on the site. Along a line different, natural spatial qualities are to be found. In order to create space together with the building part of it can simply move. One can have the sauna and guest houses either as a part of the main building or pushed all the way back into the reed‐bed or out to sea! During winter all the units are together to share the little heat that is needed to sustain the materials etc.

The summer tool of stockholm archipelago / byggfenomen

The idea of the “grid” connects to the tradition of Cedric Price and others who thought of a nonstatic architecture, an architecture that can live and change with the living conditions of the users. Wood is very efficient in this matter, since one can nail or screw something directly into the construction in a way that steel would not allow. These are the factors that generated the “tool” metaphor.

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