Sydney develops its very own brand of architecture: curvy

Sydney develops its very own brand of architecture: curvy
Sydney by Crown will be built on Clarence Street

For too long, Melbourne’s angular architectural style has garnered far more praise than Sydney’s jumble of buildings.

But now Sydney is finally coming into its own with a flood of conspicuously shaped buildings taking shape.

Sydney will soon be a city of curves.

“There are at least a dozen buildings that are under construction or planned that use curvilinear forms that are reminiscent of Sydney’s harbour coves, the billowing sails on the water, the winding river valleys, the flowing beaches and the weathered sandstone headlands,” says Chris Johnson, chief executive of the developers’ group Urban Taskforce, and the former NSW government architect.

“For many years planners have encouraged rectangular grids with buildings that neatly line up with the streets but now developers and their architects are breaking out of the orthogonal box to celebrate the spirit of Sydney with its flowing curves.

“It is important that the character of the buildings that define Sydney have a local flavour that makes Sydney a special city through its built environment as well as through our natural features.” []