Learn to Lighten Your Workload Using These Ten Home Robotic Systems

If you are a burdened parent with numerous home chores, you probably wish for a time when you can go to the store and purchase a robot that can wait on you, clean up and do all that you can fancy. Such a day is far from realization, but there are a few robotic systems that can surely grant you the comfort you desire. Technology has gotten better by the day, and many companies have developed some robotic systems, which can make you feel closer to your future. These robotic systems may not be significantly intelligent, but they can be considerably helpful.

Giant companies with remarkable investments and research and development (R&D) programs in robotics such as Google and Honda are diligently working towards making robots that can transform your day-to-day life. Their novel inventions may be cumbersome contraptions or little active devices that serve a simple objective such as video recording and entertainment, but they are undoubtedly helpful.

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If you are an individual that fancy having tiny or gigantic minions that will one day serve you and fulfill your needs, then here is a compilation of ten robots and robotic systems that bring your dreams to fruition.

10 Epic Home Robotic Systems Follow

Package Delivery with Starship Technologies

The delivery of lightweight parcels and other types of items within short distances such as workplaces can consume considerable workforce and time. Starship Technologies has pioneered the creation of local parcel delivery robotic systems, which are fashioned to deliver light items and parcels within working spaces of a two-mile radius. These self-driven units drive delivery workers to obsolescence, and they could help your firm save on related expenses.

Gita Bot Carrier

Your luggage can be a considerable burden when you travel. But Gita Bot provides you with a beautiful solution that will ease your work and reduce your sweat. Gita Bot is a compact robotic system designed to accompany you and follow you as you move around on your way to a booked flight or taxi. The system can carry a fully loaded rucksack or a case of wine, and it can be a perfect helper on a business or holiday trip.

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Life is Good Rolling Bot

If you are worried about the security of your home or pet, then LG rolling Bot is your ideal solution. This rolling robotic system can move around your house or flat and capture video footage or pictures. The robotic system is perfect for monitoring your home. Alternatively, it can accompany your pets and always update you about their whereabouts via live streamed content on the phone and Wi-Fi connections to your security systems.

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Romeo Robotic System

Romeo is a humanoid-sized robotic system, which is designed to help the aging as they become less autonomous and able to carry on with their day-to-day chores. This robotic system can help the elderly in climbing staircases, opening doors, and in reaching out to objects. The help that such a robotic system offers improves the ability of seniors to sustain themselves in their homes. As such, this system may reduce cases of early movement into care homes by the elderly.

Moley Robotic Kitchen

Seniors, young children, and individuals that distaste cooking may find this robotic system significantly helpful. It is an automated robotic system

able to deliver to you ready-made meals. The system can learn new recipes, and it can prepare varying kinds of snacks and clean up after the meal

preparations. Moley Robotics even asserts that this robotic system can mimic an experienced and professional chef in meal preparations.


Folding family laundry can be a burdensome task for you if you have many children. But it is a significant relief learning that technology can now allow you to fold your laundry with ease. Foldimate goes a step further beyond your dryers and washing machines in handling your laundry. The robotic system helps you in folding your clothes. It saves you lots of time, and it could even do a fast and neat folding process than you could achieve with your hands.


Do you have a child with learning abilities? Then Leka may be your perfect aid. This robotic system assists children with special needs by helping them to comprehend visual and social cues. The system has ball-like shape and face capable of changing facial expressions. The system can also use colors, light, and sound to interact with your child.


If you are a music enthusiast that would like to culture the same passion in your child, then Z-machines provides you with an ideal bot for that purpose. ZMachines have produced a music-performing robot with a 22- armed drummer and 78- fingered guitarist. The robotic system is perfect for entertainment and music enjoyment.


Is your child into cheerleading? Then Murata may be your perfect motivator for your child. It is the first cheerleading robot that can dance and balance on balls. The robot uses gyroscopic sensors to maintain an upright posture, and it also has infrared sensors and ultrasonic speakers that help it in locating its position.

Neato Botvac Connected

Lastly, it is the wish of many to forego the habit of cleaning floors. The concept of designing automatic vacuum cleaning robots is an archaic one, but Neato Botvac has renewed this concept by creating a futuristic robotic system that has unique and unusual features. This new vacuum cleaning robotic system has boundary sensing mechanisms and laser mapping, which allow it to map its cleaning area with ease and automatically clean it with high precision and no human control or intervention, and the verbal command of the system is simple and convenient. You can read more about Neato technologies in this Neato comparison review.

Take Away

There are numerous robotic systems out there that can serve you in various ways and the list and their capabilities are endless. Whichever you need, get out and buy one of these robotic systems and experience the possibilities of the future in the making

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