Textilmacher Office Building / tillicharchitektur

Textilmacher office building / tillicharchitektur

Situated in an industrial zone on Munich’s north side, the building hosts production and office spaces for “Textilmacher”, a company for textile print and embroidery.

Textilmacher office building / tillicharchitektur

Its iconic feature is the geometrically folded facade, which deforms the simple cubature by an animated play of light and shadow.
The matt bright surface of the anthracite pigmented concrete responds to its environment. Depending on the season, time of day, weather, and light incidence, the facade continuously changes its character.

Textilmacher office building / tillicharchitektur

Prefabrication, a short construction period, and financial benefits led to the selection of a concrete facade with core insulation. All together only four different formworks were built.

The challenges in producing the panels were the seamless, sharp-edged concrete envelope and the free of pores surface.
Measuring up to 6.6 x 3.9 m, the modules, with outer shell, insulation, and structure shell, were built in the factory and delivered one by one to the construction site.
The mounting sequences were carefully planned, allowing the elements to be fitted one in another like a puzzle.

In contrast to the expressive facade, the interior design leaves more space for the production process and the products in the showroom.
The limitation on few, but high-class materials, is the main concept in the interior.

Polished concrete flooring, window profiles in larch wood, and white-coated steel are the dominating materials. The column-free rooms provide a high grade of flexibility and a constant adaption to changing processes in work.

Textilmacher office building / tillicharchitektur

The production is located on the ground and first floor, while the offices and the showroom occupy the second level. Storage and plant rooms are found in the basement.

To leave as little carbon footprint as possible, the waste heat of the units is being reclaimed by heat exchangers and reused in the building by the screed heating.

Project Details:
Location: Munich, Germany
Type: Offices – Industrial
Architects: tillicharchitektur
Client: Textilmacher
Photos: Michael Compensis – www.michael-compensis.de

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