The Bonita Room Alteration / Irving Smith Architects

The bonita room alteration / irving smith architects

Project Details:
Location: New Zealand
Type: Residential
Architects: Irving Smith Architects

Architect’s Statement:
An architect’s house is a thing to play with, a bit like life. Perhaps even more so when its an architecture inherited almost unchanged from Alec Bowman’s original 1960 design for a retired couple, and now in dire need of simple thinks like a kitchen, spaces to fit a family, and a connection to the garden.

The bonita room alteration / irving smith architects

Our alteration starts with the addition of a room as a 13th birthday present, the ‘The Bonita Room’. The addition of around 12m2 and internal reconfiguration turns the house from a retiree into a home for a family of 5.

The bonita room alteration / irving smith architects

The alteration firstly accepts what we all like about the house and then looks for with what’s missing. New work carefully playing darker, secondary and supportive.

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