How do we beat climate change?

What’s the plan?

We know about the problem.

What are the solutions?

How can you make a real difference?

What’s proven, and what will make a big impact?

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A new book seeks to help us take action immediately. It focuses on proven solutions and organizes them neatly into a dozen personal top 10 lists of action priorities for homeowners, business people, government planners and people in other situations and walks of life. It takes you step-by-step through the best ways to make a real difference, save some money and win in the clean energy age.

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Would you like to see your top 10 list?

The Clean Energy Age is based on 16 years of research, 700+ interviews with experts, and numerous success stories. It’s packed with information on how to make sure your home uses clean systems and saves energy, and what to look for when considering an electric car. It provides detail on how your company can discover new clean energy businesses and reduce operating and capital budgets, how your government department can develop programs that work, and how your organization can identify the best funding solutions for energy upgrades.

The technology and economics of clean energy are changing quickly in the biggest sectors of the world economy: construction, transportation and electricity generation; but what do these changes mean on an individual level for your home or organization? How do you switch smoothly to the cleanest, most efficient systems? How do you know if they are proven and represent a good decision as things continue to change? What are the surprising developments that you need to know about?

Do you really need a furnace or big cooing system? What’s a zero energy building? How are building codes changing? Are you paying too much for fossil fuels? Is anyone buying electric cars? Do energy upgrades for business buildings save much on operating costs? Is Texas really the wind power capital of the USA? Does that affect your investments? How many jobs has solar created in California? How many in clean energy worldwide? The mainstream media doesn’t offer much detail, but BF Nagy has been digging into these questions as a journalist for years, and has brought together the answers in a highly informative primer and action plan.

He provides simple, understandable explanations for how to assess heat pumps, geothermal and new kinds of water systems; how to arrange financing and calculate paybacks on improvements; and what to look for when choosing installers and design engineers. Along with top 10 lists, The Clean Energy Age provides detailed success stories on zero energy homes in northern states, seawater cooling for government buildings, heat recovery ventilators and smart thermostats in existing homes. It uncovers results achieved by fleet managers in New York City, who are adding thousands of electric vehicles and solar carports; and small town communities with renewables projects where citizens become part of ethical investments with decent returns. It reports on utilities installing batteries and smart grid infrastructure; and organizations creating investor certification programs to speed up green renovation projects.

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It’s time for each of us to focus on a few high impact action items and become part of the plan to beat climate change. It doesn’t have to be complicated or daunting. Every journey starts with a single step, and perhaps a top 10 list of action items. Take that step. Order the Clean Energy Age today.

BF Nagy/Bruce Nagy is the author of more than 150 feature articles on clean technology, government programs, and energy economics. He studied business, international economics and journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto. He is a former ad agency creative director, speechwriter and campaign strategist for several political leaders, and works with governments, research organizations, media organizations and corporations around the world. He is a speaker for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and develops reports and communications for clean technology firms, professional and trade associations, environmental groups, and universities. He is currently developing several new communication initiatives and film projects related to sustainability and clean energy.

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