The Crafting Lab – How to Cut and Use Glass Bottles in DIY Projects

An immense amount of energy is being invested into the making of glass as a material and an even greater amount of energy is being invested in the making of glass consumer goods, items that we actually use daily, items that we see others use daily, items that ensure the wellbeing of mankind in one way or another. Glass is an extraordinary material, in all shapes and sizes; it served as well and it will keep on serving humanity well for years to come. It would only be natural to cherish and protect this material, it`s responsible forging and the energy invested into its making. The crafting lab will address a sensible issue that each individual should question daily: recycling glass. It is an activity that sounds far simpler than it actually is, especially in less-developed, remote areas, reason for which two other words are to be added into the discussion: repurposing and up-cycling, these will make the subject of the article and if we are to consider the two, if we are to conserve this energy and repurpose it for the greater good, if we are to give a sip of breath air to mother nature we ought to learn how to cut the glass bottles, how to manipulate this extraordinary material and use it rather than discard it to the landfill.

How to cut glass bottles

The crafting lab – how to cut and use glass bottles in diy projects
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The illustrated procedures will cost little no nothing and they offer the diy enthusiasts great liberty in crafting. Please take not that an expensive bottle cutter can be used too, for the more experienced enthusiasts power tools are an option as well.

How to use glass bottles
Do it yourself projects are the active, forging part of sustainability that makes sense for us all in one way or another, the glass bottle ideas and wine bottle ideas that follow are a statement, an extraordinary example of how a gesture can change the world for the better, craft by craft, in increments.

Surge inspiration, craft today for tomorrow.

The crafting lab – how to cut and use glass bottles in diy projectsPainting glass bottles
The painting activity on its own soothes the nerves and inspires calm; it requires patience and time and is able to unplug.

Painting on glass bottles is a simple activity that one might pursue just for the sake of it yet the end result can be used as a flower vase, as great centerpiece or as a candle holder with ease, it goes without saying that painting options are infinite, you can use this technique to create a new item for any décor setting, any celebration, any holiday, a really simple and beautiful way to revamp a bottle.

The crafting lab – how to cut and use glass bottles in diy projectsCreating a wind chime
Listening to the music of the wind on its own is inspiring and relaxing; having a wind chime to emphasize the melody could be even better.

One simple glass bottle and some string might do the trick, the crafting of a wind-chime might require patience but the process surely is rewardful.


The crafting lab – how to cut and use glass bottles in diy projectsTailoring glass bottle flower pots
Flower pots can be realized out of glass bottles with ease, the process is very simple, the shapes and sizes offer great liberty in crafting and the end result can vary a great deal, allowing you to nestle multiple plants in different flower pots through the same base technique.

Inexpensive and insanely resilient, the new flower pots will be by your side for years to come and you will have had earned our planet a great deal of energy.

The crafting lab – how to cut and use glass bottles in diy projectsConstruct or upgrade lighting fixtures with glass bottles

It goes without saying in the making of various lighting fixtures glass is involved and as it happens we can too manipulate glass towards these kinds of projects.

Revamping old lamps or forging new ones altogether are great options, often embraced by the DIY enthusiast community. Multiple tutorials can be found online, pursue the incredible.

The crafting lab – how to cut and use glass bottles in diy projectsCreate seasonal décor
Seasonal décor with glass bottle can be obtained through various means yet one of the most rewardful crafts embraced, often replicated is the one that implicates string lights.

The glass bottles adorns colorful or simple colored string lights within and it emphasizes the bottle through a delicate, sensible lighting.

The glass bottle can be left bare or painted. Get creative with simple elements.

Pave your path with glass
It is know that glass is a highly resilient material, one able to withstand the test of time and elements alike for centuries. One could be interested in paving his main garden path with the element as a result, the beautiful organic result being quite appealing. The craft requires patience and immense future care as the glass can break and it might present itself slippery at times but the picture, is, breathtaking.

What are your thoughts on repurposing and up-cycling and how often do you recycle? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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