The Lego Group shares C.F. Møller designed plans for office complex in Billund, Denmark

The Lego Group shares C.F. MØLLER designed plans for office complex in Billund, Denmark
Entrance View / © C.F. Møller

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C.F. Møller is behind a global hub for the LEGO Group with the design of a new office complex. 52,000 m² of building and a large, public park are the framework for flexible workplaces, new communities, new ways of working and sustainability.

The lego group shares c. F. Møller designed plans for office complex in billund, denmark
Entrance View / © C.F. Møller

A global gathering point in the LEGO headquarters. This is how the LEGO Group describes the new LEGO complex, designed by C.F. Møller.

The design is based on the LEGO Group’s values and innovative culture, to serve as both workspace and play space for employees. It brings together bright, flexible office spaces around a spectacular atrium with familiar LEGO-features and colors, while the ground floor is a coherent LEGO People House with spaces for social and physical activities surrounded by a new public park.

Activities in and outside working hours

The extensive new building will house a large portion of LEGO’s Danish-based employees, while at the same time providing spaces for a wide range of community facilities and for receiving guests from the outside, not least many LEGO employees from the rest of the world.

The lego group shares c. F. Møller designed plans for office complex in billund, denmark
© C.F. Møller

“The new complex will be the place where disciplines meet, experiences are exchanged, new ideas are born, and inspiration is encouraged. Along with its embracing landscape, the project embodies the feel, flavour and function of the classic campus” says Klaus Toustrup, partner and CEO in C.F. Møller Architects.

The lego group shares c. F. Møller designed plans for office complex in billund, denmark
Atrium view / © C.F. Møller

A place for collaboration and play

A key part of the new building will be the LEGO People House, an area that includes shared facilities for a variety of activities in an informal and inspirational atmosphere. Therefore, the LEGO People House is designed from a systematic involvement of the LEGO Group’s employees. C.F. Møller has coordinated this process, and co-creation has been an important parameter in the layout of the new office complex, explains Klaus Toustrup:

“Working closely with LEGO and their staff, we have made sure that the project is all about openness, quality and all-round sustainability – all of them core LEGO values,” he says.

“LEGO’s vision is to invent the future of play, and we have emphasized this in an architecture designed as a place for collaboration and play, for both employees and the public.”

C.F. Møller is the architect and landscape architect for the new main office building for the LEGO Group in Billund, with Niras as consulting engineers. The building integrates itself in the masterplan for the Municipality of Billund and, in addition to new and flexible ways of working, also focuses on low energy consumption, green communities and optimum daylight conditions.

Imagine that this is a building in which people design and play test both the best lego sets and the newest pieces of lego architecture; in an architecture masterpiece people are designing and playing with miniature LEGO architecture masterpieces, what can be cooler?

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