The Lift by Bettina Hutschek

The Lift by Bettina Hutschek

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One film out of a triptych of films commissioned by Architecture Project as part of their exhibition for the Architecture Biennale in Venice (2014) – Year 2225
“THE LIFT documents the life and functioning of the new lift at Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta, designed by Architecture Project, over the course of one entire day.

Bridging sea level and city level, it constitutes a firm and unmoving presence in the dry ditch that separates this 16th century fortified town from the mainland, while changing its aspect at the same time as its cabins move people relentlessly over the powerful landward fortified walls.

Whether oblivious to or aware of its looming presence, life takes shape in, around and with the lift, and is often determined by it.”

There are tourists, cats, workers, businessmen, boats, birds, there is a climber, and over and over again, there is the lift, the main protagonist of this essay, changing its colour with the shifting hues of the sky and the sea like a chameleon, a strong yet gentle intruder in this bastion environment. The lift is a silent witness to life at the edge of the bastions, taking on the role of active servant.”

A film by Bettina Hutschek


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