The man behind Iran’s most famous tower

The man behind iran's most famous tower
Azadi Tower, Tehran

For 45 years, Iran‘s most famous modern monument, the Azadi (Freedom) Tower in Tehran, has been the backdrop to every major news story coming out of the country.

A plaza for celebrations, anniversaries, military parades and a gathering point for mass demonstrations, the 50m (165ft) tall tower has overlooked some of Iran’s most important political events. The edifice was built in 1971, to represent a symbol of modernity and project the way forward for Iran.

Even at the time the project was finished, architect Hossein Amanat never expected that “it would become such an icon, so popular with the people of Iran“.

Originally named the King’s Memorial, or Shahyad, it was commissioned to mark 2,500 years of the Persian Empire, celebrating the richness of Persian history and culture.

Hossein Amanat was a rising star in Iran’s architectural scene when, in 1966, he won a national competition to design the monument.

Located in western Tehran, on the road from the city’s old international airport, the monument itself is made of white marble and is surrounded by a 50,000 sq m (540,000 sq ft) plaza, which is decorated with gardens, fountains, a museum and exhibition centre. […]

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