The reasons we’re entering the “plyscraper” era

The reasons we’re entering the “plyscraper” era

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The reasons we’re entering the “plyscraper” era
The Naked House

Timber is the new concrete, according to professor Alex de Rijke, former dean of the School of Architecture at the London College of Art and founder of dRMM architecture.

Mr de Rijke is currently in Australia to present a series of talks for WoodSolutions about the opportunities offered by engineered timbers for major construction, and to add fuel to calls for federal, state and local governments to adopt “wood encouragement” policies for publicly funded buildings.

Currently, there are four Australian councils promoting the use of engineered timbers – Latrobe Valley and Wellington Councils in Victoria, Kyogle Shire in NSW, and Wattle Range Council in South Australia. Rotorua council in New Zealand is also on board.

Mr de Rijke last week made a presentation to MPs from major parties at Parliament House in Canberra.
“We’re entering a new era of timber construction – super-modern buildings which are created faster, more cost effectively and way more sustainably using engineered timber,” Mr de Rijke said.

“Timber is the new concrete. The vast potential and versatility of engineered timber holds the key to construction for the 21st century, just as the 18th century was about brick, the 19th steel, and the 20th was concrete.” […]


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