The rise of Italian architecture in London

The rise of Italian architecture in London
Perfect home: Mrs Tovi's GAP studio gave Jo Mier's house the 'wow' effect

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The rise of italian architecture in london
Perfect home: Mrs Tovi’s GAP studio gave Jo Mier’s house the ‘wow’ effect

From a chance encounter with a couple staying at her B&B in Italy, Elisabetta Tovo’s interior design talents have led to remarkable home transformations

Italian architecture is enjoying quite a renaissance in London, but we’re not talking Renzo Piano’s Shard – rather, it’s with spectacular home transformations, and one of the leading lights is Italian architect Elisabetta Tovo.

Though she’s based in Asti, in the north of Italy, Mrs Tovo has fallen in love with London – and in the past two years has done incredible home transformations in the city and beyond.
It began when clients at the tiny medieval B&B she also runs in the heart of Asti enquired about her work. That curiosity ended in a commission in San Francisco, leading to another in Britain. Soon Mrs Tovo’s dramatic Italian home restorations were in demand.

“I’d never considered working outside of Italy, but a lovely couple from San Francisco kept asking for advice on a house they wanted to restore and the wife eventually said, ‘Can we not just hire Elisabetta?,’” recalled Mrs Tovi. […]


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