The Shame of Ljubljana: Plečnik’s Abandoned Stadium in Full Bloom

The shame of ljubljana: plečnik's abandoned stadium in full bloom

Few cities bear the influence of a single architect as much as Ljubljana. Jože Plečnik dedicated most of his time as a practising architect to the improvements of his home town. He redefined the image of the city according to his vision of a new, modern capital, transforming Ljubljana in a set of projects, ranging from small-scale interventions such as statues, pavements and benches, to squares, buildings, bridges, regional plans, the city’s market, cemetery and the central stadium. Most of Plečnik’s legacy is considered of national importance and is protected by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia.

His works are respected, deeply integrated into Slovenian culture and, even more importantly, the spaces Plečnik envisioned are still widely used. They are functional and in most parts the original idea and narrative behind the design remain easily identifiable. Plečnik managed to create works that have withstood the ravages of time, works that gave Ljubljana its Mediterranean feel, monumentality and beauty.

Aline Chahine
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