They’re Already Predicting Next Year’s Interior Trends: What To Watch In 2017

It’s a good time to be alive for interior designers. Finally, people are getting more money in their pockets, and we’re already seeing a “Trump effect.” With more disposable income we’ll be enjoying more beautiful interiors in the future. So the question is: what’s going to be big next year? Let’s take a look.

Art-Inspired Wallpaper

They're already predicting next year's interior trends: what to watch in 2017
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One of the things that the best interior designers are raving about at the moment is art wallpaper. We see a shift away from wallpaper that’s just plain and a backdrop. Now interior designers are looking to make artwork a fundamental part of the room.

At the moment, watercolor art is in vogue. Designers are taking their favorite watercolors and reproducing them on a grand scale. The entire room becomes an ode to the artwork you love.

It’s a bold move, and it’s unclear just how popular it will be. But it has the potential to change how we see our rooms. Currently, the trend is to print different textures on rice or seagrass paper. Vendors take plain wallpaper and then adorn them with custom pieces of art to the customer’s specification. You can do anything, from floral patterns to mathematical, geometric images. You’ll want to find best interior designer you can to do the job.

Repurposed Furniture

They're already predicting next year's interior trends: what to watch in 2017

Designers have always been fond of “upcycling” furniture. And it looks as if that trend is going to continue well into 2017. The latest move is to turn old furniture into something new. There’s a desire here to mix the traditional with the contemporary. Take Oushak rugs. These are now being repurposed as Ottomans for a luxe, traditional-come-modern appearance.

The Rose Of Natural Textures And Colors

Many people looking to make their homes greener now opt for bamboo flooring. Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant, so sustainability is not so much of an issue.

Now the natural trend is spilling out beyond just the eco-conscious. It’s becoming something of a trend in its own right. Cane, abaca, and rattan are all becoming more popular. Designers are also layering natural textures to make them more enjoyable. It’s not uncommon to find natural textures behind glass.

Top designers are using wire brushing techniques to help the natural grain in wood “pop” more.

Livable As Well As Stunning Furniture

People want to live in beautiful, elegant houses. But they also want to live in homes that are livable. They want to be able to have kids without having to worry about stains on the sofas. Next year we can expect the trend of stain resistant upholstery to continue. The company behind the stain resistant upholstery, Crypton, is already seeing an uptick in its orders.

This trend is the result of people thinking about their furniture in a more functional way. It’s all well and good buying a high-end French designer sofa. But if you and your family can’t enjoy it, what’s the point?

More Metals

Finally, we are going to see the return of brass and gold in interior design next year. People love their metal finishes on light fixtures, beds, and chairs. The effect is to make everything look at lot more California chic.

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