Things to Consider in Choosing Garage Doors to Enhance Your Home

The right set of garage doors can enhance the value and the overall look of your home. Your garage is an integral part of the property and therefore should be considered carefully in terms of aesthetics and security. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision when you are choosing new or replacement garage doors.



Look at Your Budget

The first thing you need to consider when you are picking out your new garage doors is your budget. Unless you have an unlimited budget you will need to work to some restrictions. Garage doors come in a range of budgets. The cost depends on different aspects such as material, style, size, insulation, gadgets and operating mechanism, and hardware. The prime considerations when checking if a door fits in budget are the aesthetic appeal of the door – whether it fits with your existing décor – the insulation, and the durability of the door. You can cut costs if you are not too interested in how quiet or smooth the opening mechanism is, and you can also find cheaper garage doors in a range of styles that may not be the most popular right now.


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Find Your Size

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the doors themselves. It makes sense to be completely accurate when you measure the height and width, and the thickness of the garage door you currently have installed in the property. Accurate measurements, whether they turn out to be standard measurements or not, ensure you get a door that fits and is fit for purpose.


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Choose Your Style

Of course, the size of the door is only one factor you need to consider. Of course you need to make sure that it actually fits, but you also need to ensure that the garage door fits in with the overall appearance of your home. Look at the style of your property. What would enhance this style? Do you want window panels? Do you want decorative panels? A garage door, for example, is available in a wide variety of different styles so you are not stuck trying to fit existing doors into your home. For example, there are different styles of panels including flush panels, and long and short raised panels.

Certain architectural styles work with different styles of houses, for example modern house look great with a garage door that has full-view doors, or large windows. If your home is a Victorian or faux-Victorian residence then a set of carriage-house doors will fit the bill.



Pick Your Construction

Garage doors can be made from a variety of different materials. These include steel, which is probably the most common construction material for garage doors on the market today. You can get single layered doors or double layered steel doors. Triple layer doors are also available. These give a good degree of insulation and are extremely secure. Garage doors also come in wood, which is useful for a more rustic or traditional look that fits in with many older homes. Doors in aluminum or fiberglass tend to be lighter and easier to dent although they do offer insulating properties.



Don’t Forget Insulation

Talking of insulation, this is an important factor to consider when you are choosing a new garage door. Energy costs are rising and there is also the environment to consider. Since garage doors occupy a wide surface area, if they are insulated well you can keep the costs of heating your home down. It is a great opportunity to increase the overall energy efficiency of your home when you choose a new set of garage doors.

Insulation is also important if you plan to work or carry out activities in the garage. You certainly, in these cases, need a door that keeps the internal temperature of the garage stable. Take a look at how you can also keep drafts out around the doors and where the panels meet, as well as the bottom seal of the door.



Look at Hardware

Updating the look of your garage doors is easy when you consider how much of a difference a new set of hinges and door handles can make. You can also update doors with new panels or decoration on the panels. Also consider how you are going to open the doors. Automatic mechanisms are useful when it comes to operating a door easily and securely. There are sensors and systems that tie into existing security measures you may have in your home. You can also open doors from your smartphone or your tablet.

If you have a larger budget and you also have the desire to streamline your home and tie in a range of gadgets, you can set up a home automation system that includes the garage doors and other gadgets. This will alert you to when the garage doors are open, and you can automatically close and open the doors from your computer as well as control lighting and temperature inside the garage.










What do you think about the ideas above ? What would you add to these tips and tricks ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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