Tijuana: From Sin City to Mexican tech hub?

Tijuana: From Sin City to Mexican tech hub?

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Tijuana: from sin city to mexican tech hub?

Walk into the building that once housed Tijuana’s main bus station and you are met with a dazzling display of color and natural light.

Sunlight shines through a bright array of stained glass while multi-toned tiles adorn the walls and thick brick pillars.

The Terminal Turistico Tijuana was once a bustling gateway to the Mexican border city, acting as an arrivals hall for many a tourist on the way to vacation excess.

In its party-town heyday, Tijuana was commonly known for spring break, cheap margaritas and vice.

As international pop-star Manu Chao once sang “Bienvenido a Tijuana, tequila, sexo, marijuana.”

These days, Tijuana is looking to swing to a different beat.

Front and center of this effort is the bus station which is now home to a dynamic tech cluster of international companies such as Uber and Yelp.

“All this strip used to be very vibrant and energetic,” said Miguel Buenrostro, who helped to lead the bus station restoration project of downtown Tijuana. []

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