Timber buildings – evidence of lower costs emerge

Timber buildings – evidence of lower costs emerge

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Timber buildings – evidence of lower costs emerge

So timber buildings really do cost less to build. New research appears to prove the case and the timber development sector is educating the rest of the industry. Timely too, as the National Building Code has proposed that timber buildings up to eight storeys could fall under the deemed to satisfy provisions. Meanwhile a New Zealand company is eyeing the potential and plans to operations to supply Australian market. Willow Aliento investigates.

A seminar series touring the country is comparing detailed designs of four commercial building types that show building in timber costs less than conventional materials.
It’s a timely initiative, with proposed revisions to the National Construction Code out for comment that will allow massive timber buildings up to eight stories as a Deemed to Satisfy solution for residential, commercial and hotel construction projects.

The initial work, Commercial Building Costing Cases Studies – Traditional Design versus Timber Project, forms part of a final, detailed report that is due to be released after the seminar series. It developed detailed designs of four major commercial building types in both timber and conventional construction, with a quantity surveyor preparing cost estimate comparisons for each solution. []


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