It’s Time for Leaders in Architecture and Design to Step Up and Join the Resistance

It’s time for leaders in architecture and design to step up and join the resistance

We all remember what happened when Robert Ivy immediately released a statement, on behalf of the AIA, saying that the organization was looking forward to collaborating with the President-elect. He released it so quickly that the President wasn’t even the President yet. Ivy received massive pushback. The AIA Media Relations Director resigned in protest. The Architect’s Newspaper published responses from members letters. There was much—righteous—outrage.

Ivy recently followed me on LinkedIn. I’m not sure what that means, but I will say, if he’s following me now: “Mr. Ivy, why did you do what you did? Did you feel that you had to? You didn’t.”

That’s why I was so disappointed by Cramer’s article. It came out online in December, in print in the January issue of Architect. (Always check the dates before you reference. Always.) It’s something about Trump’s proposed infrastructure plan—$1 trillion! Not including the terrible wall, and then Cramer says this, by way of his “call” to action:

“To do right by the opportunity, architects may need to subvert the system from within—craft narratives that are honest but avoid ideological flash points, identify loopholes in policies, get creative with budgets, and forge unlikely partnerships. Because if the citizens of the United States are going to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure, it is the profession’s responsibility to ensure that they get their money’s worth: amenities that are not only beautiful, but sustainable, resilient, inclusive, and truly their own.”

Close your eyes. Think about that statement. Would it apply to literally any administration? Would it apply to an administration run by Clinton? By Obama? By Reagan? By Bill Clinton? By Zaha Hadid, had she ever run for president? By me?

I mean, I don’t want to be all Jesus Fucking Christ, Ned Cramer, but, Jesus Fucking Christ, Ned Cramer. You have a platform. Use it.

A theme that comes up in Colony is that of “collaborators.” There are those who collaborate with the oppressive outside forces, and those who resist. The resistors are called the insurgency.

I am a part of the insurgency. I am part of the resistance. Let’s just get that out of the way. […]

Aline Chahine
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