Tips and tricks on the modern mansion`s pool landscaping today

Tips and tricks on the modern mansion`s pool landscaping today

The swimming pool is an element able to redefine the entire property. Refreshing, graphic and with great influence on the living quality of the inhabitant one could argue that the swimming pool is a must in the layout of today`s modern mansions. This sentiment is strengthen by the wide array of possibilities in both technical solutions and design opportunities alike as the swimming pool can really shape the space around it becoming a practical focal point at the property level.

Tips and tricks on the modern mansion`s pool landscaping today

The Design Choice

Your decision on the pool`s design may shape everything from the technologies required in the ensemble up to the materials used in the making. Browse the World Wide Web for inspiration and seek the design language that could fit your backyard; always keep in mind that the scale is key and around your new asset certain things will require accommodation, you`ll want your lounge area as close to the water as possible but still shaded and comfortable for example.

Find balance between your design needs to surface the complementary look in your home décor. If the backyard already has certain elements that cannot suffer transformation these too will have a powerful say in the decision making process.

Tips and tricks on the modern mansion`s pool landscaping today

It goes without saying that hiring a professional landscape artist for this task is an option and is worth noting that an experienced contractor that will install your pool might help you in this process as well. These being said you should always consult all the design options available and the internet is here to serve you.

Essential Pool Elements

The pool itself is simple and does not require additional elements per say but the individual`s comfort needs around the pool will soon present new things to consider. Ponder of the ideas below.

Tips and tricks on the modern mansion`s pool landscaping today

Fencing is certainly that something that we do not usually imagine around our swimming pool yet its presents comes with some benefits. This element would not be your usual dull, opaque fence nor it will surround the pool directly but at a certain distance, in one way or another, it should be considered, here`s why:

  • It can boost privacy; an enclosure of any kind, bamboo wall or vegetation can allow you to enjoy your own pool to the fullest protecting you from undesired views of strangers and neighbors alike.
  • It can serve as a filter for kids and pets. If the hedge around your swimming pool has only one or two access points that can be controlled visually from your home one can protect his pet or kid from falling into the pool by mistake.
  • Boost aesthetic values and the quality of air through greenery. The presence of these elements can become quite graphic and peaceful.
  • It serves as a windbreak, last but not least benefit the enclosure can serve as a wind deflector making everything much more comfortable as you dip in and out of the pool and the wind picks up potentially becoming safety concern as well.

Tips and tricks on the modern mansion`s pool landscaping today

Lighting the pool area requires no justification but is worth noting that this can be done at multiple levels and they`re presence does not only emphasizes the aesthetic values of ensemble but serves a crucial, functional purpose as well.

Lamp lighting your patio can be a solution as the versatility of the solution can be embraced by any household and the costs can be controlled with ease. This solution functions well with backyards that already feature certain elements like a deck or pergola.

String lights embraced by your setting are simply splendid, easy to use and inexpensive. The magical fairy tale allure of the string light is not something that one can simply neglect in the decision process.

Path lights to sculpt your way towards late evening swims can be a solution as well. These can be inserted linear through sinuous sculptural lines or individually through certain solar paneled ensembles of a smaller scales; these can be completely independent from your power network.

Tips and tricks on the modern mansion`s pool landscaping today

Greenery can be subdued or it can subdue the new ensemble and picking the right vegetation can be tricky business. It is recommended to visit a local plant nursery or consult a landscape designer if you are looking for a quick solution otherwise the research can take weeks as they`re numerous things to consider at this point.

Shedding leaves may be a factor of stress in your ensemble. One might choose a plant with lots of foliage to fill the empty spaces in the backyard design yet regret the decision in the long run as it translates directly into high maintenance.

Thorny or poisonous plants are also to be avoided regardless of their looks these are just asking for troubles, especially if planted near the pool.

Water sensible parts can raise technical problems in the long run as they actively search for water sources underground drinking everything they find. The willow trees are an example of such a plant. These are not recommended near pools as they can interfere with the pool and its components in the long run.

Insects are certainly something to avoid and a water mirror can certainly invite them, moreover dense foliage can actually become their home thus making insects a potential danger. Insect repelling plants can be installed to act with their natural oils and scent against them, lemon balm is a good example.
Planning your pool landscape should be about fun, immense fun. Make sure you see to that.

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