29 Types of Bread for Extraordinary Meals

No matter which part of the world you travel to, you’ll definitely find bread as an integral part of the diet. 

After all, bread has been included as a staple for thousands of years. And in different regions, it has been prepared in line with the prevalent food habits, culture, and tradition. 

Hence, there’s an assortment of bread types to explore apart from the one or two varieties that you’ve been eating so far. And many of them come with exciting flavors, fillings, and modifications that would tickle your taste buds for sure!

So, get ready for this tasty ride, as we’re going to take you through the 29 types of bread that you must try. Here you go!

Types of Bread 

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  1. Sourdough Bread

Small batch sourdough bread is airy and chewy with a crisp crust and a mild flavour. It takes less than 15 minutes of actual prep and requires no kneading. | aheadofthyme. Com

Created by fermenting naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeasts for a long time, this bread gets its name from the signature sour flavor it offers. Notably, the lactic acid created as a result of the fermentation gives rise to this flavor that many food-lovers enjoy.

This bread consists of a soft and chewy center with a thick crust and very large air bubbles. It’s no less than a trademark food for the people of San Francisco Bay and is known to have several health benefits due to its rich nutrient content. The presence of probiotics in the bread helps keep the beneficial gut bacteria happy, thereby improving digestion. 

  1. Rye Bread

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Another great choice to upgrade your breakfast is this variety made using hard wheat flour and rye flour. For those who want the flavor of the bread to be strong and prefer a tighter crumb, the rye bread will be an ideal pick. 

Also, this bread has a range of health benefits, some of which are reduced inflammation, improvement in digestion and heart health, and weight loss. 

Here’s a pro tip: if you feel like having a delightful pastrami sandwich or even a lip-smacking corn-beef sandwich any day, this break will be the perfect option. Thank us later!

  1. Focaccia Bread

Image 3 1

A popular bread that has its origins in Italy, Focaccia comes in a dimpled and flat form and has a moist interior and thin crust that’s quite crunchy. 

The dough used for this bread is similar to that of a pizza. And before baking, you can top it with rosemary, olive oil, and coarse salt to add variety to its flavor. You may even use garlic and herbs in the recipe based on your preferences. 

This bread is a great appetizer if you eat it by itself and can be dipped in pasta sauces, salad dressings, or soups as well. 

  1. Pita Bread

Image 4

Mostly made from wheat flour, this variety comes slightly leavened and is used in making lots of delectable recipes. 

As the dough is cooked at a really high temperature, it puffs up to leave an interior pocket after it cools down. You can then stuff vegetables and ground meat such as falafel into that pocket to make scrumptious sandwiches for breakfast or even for dinner. 

Alternatively, it can be cut into wedges, dipped into tangy sauces, and then filled with meats of several types to prepare a different kind of sandwich. Originating from the Middle East, this bread has gained much popularity across the country due to its wide range of applications. 

  1. Multigrain Bread

Image 5 1

As the name suggests, multiple food grains are used in making the bread, and these include barley, oats, flax, and several others. Also, the combination of foodgrains used in a particular multigrain bread may not be the same as those used in other versions of the bread. 

You get a rich, hearty flavor in this bread that’s not just appealing, but also extremely healthy. After all, it comes with the goodness of the multiple grains used in the recipe. This variety makes for the perfect breakfast meal in the form of sandwiches or toasts. You can even dip it in vegetable oil with herbs sprinkled on it. 

  1. Whole Wheat Bread

Image 6 1

While some other types use certain portions of wheat grains, whole wheat bread is made with bran and germ intact and comes with a rich aroma and flavor. And it is no surprise that this bread is nutritious as it contains more proteins, vitamins, and fiber than the regular bread varieties. 

Furthermore, name any sandwich that’s typically prepared using white bread, and you can prepare it using this variety. That’s why it can be the go-to option for all the health-conscious sandwich lovers out there! 

  1. Bagels

Image 7 2

Bagels are an interesting type, as they come in a round shape with a hole in the center, which makes them look a lot like donuts. Generally boiled in water before baking, bagels come in numerous variants, viz. cinnamon, blueberry, and egg bagels. 

People around the world love their characteristic chewy and dense bite. Traditionally, bagels are paired with salmon or slathered with cream cheese and other spreads, which is bound to make your taste buds happy!

  1. Damper Bread

Image 8 1

The specialty of this type is that it is cooked either over open campfires or in a camp oven. Dampers are made using water, flour, salt, and some milk or butter and are generally eaten with meat or stew. You may even add a bit of baking soda to help the bread leaven slightly. 

Though you’ll seldom find this iconic Australian bread being cooked in open campfires nowadays, many people love baking it in their ovens at home. It’s also a versatile choice to include in your diet, so you can use it in a variety of meals. 

  1. Chapati Bread

Image 9 2

Native to India, Chapatis are flatbreads that are grilled until they get a freckled look. They’re usually eaten with lentils or vegetables and are used to make sandwiches as well. 

The ingredients that go into the preparation are whole-wheat flour and little butter for added flavor. And the best part is that it doesn’t require oil, which makes it one of the healthiest bread you’ll ever find. 

Furthermore, you can make the much-loved Mexican tacos using Chapati bread very easily. All you’ll have to do is fold them into two halves and stuff them with vegetables and cheese, and your tacos are ready to be served!

  1. Pumpernickel 

Image 10 2

This wholesome bread is actually a variant of rye bread and is prepared by grinding whole rye berries coarsely. But the traditional baking procedure for this bread needs more patience than other varieties as you will have to bake it at a low temperature for an entire day. 

Generally, many Americans cut it short by adding coffee or molasses to the dough to achieve the dark hue characteristic of pumpernickel. You can also eat this variety in many ways, such as topping it with cream cheese, tomato, and onion or making a ham and Swiss sandwich with some mustard on it. 

  1. Gluten-Free Bread

Image 11 2

Unlike the bread made only using wheat flour, yeast, salt, and water, gluten-free bread needs a mix of starches and flours, plus some binders and gums. This way, they can perform functions in the body that the gluten protein can accomplish. But if you make it in the correct process, you can hardly distinguish between a regular loaf and gluten-free bread! 

Since it does not contain any gluten, this variety is mainly opted by those on a strict gluten-free diet to help cure many health issues. These include reduction of any chronic inflammation, ease of digestive symptoms, and promotion of weight loss.  

  1. Banana Bread

Image 12 2

This sweet, dense, and moist bread doesn’t require any yeast to be leavened but uses baking soda or baking powder for the purpose. It can actually be prepared much more quickly than other varieties, making it one of the “quick” bread you’ll find on the market. 

That’s why many Americans who have limited time in their hands choose this bread over other options. In fact, this bread originated in the United States itself during the 18th century, when bakers used a refined form of potash to create carbon dioxide in the dough. 

  1. Challah 

Image 13 2

Surprising as it may sound, Challah is prepared using eggs and comes in a braided form which enhances its look considerably. It holds major importance in Jewish tradition and is served during holidays and Sabbath. Before the Middle Ages, when the term challah was coined, this variety was originally referred to as berches.

Coming to its use in meals, you can have the Challah by itself since it’s quite delicious on its own. But if you wish to make a different meal out of it, cooking some French Toasts will be a great idea. 

  1. Breadsticks

Image 14 1

Italians can’t do without this delightful pencil-thin bread, and sure enough, they can be the perfect addition to any breakfast meal. 

You’ll nowadays find many American restaurants serving them warm and soft. Plus, they are topped with garlic and cheese, or with some cinnamon and icing, just like a dessert, which enhances the flavor further. You may follow this style as it indeed tastes wonderful, or you can even pair it with marinara sauce to make an appetizer. 

  1. Naan Bread

Image 15 1

Coming in a soft and slightly chewy form, this flatbread uses a considerable amount of yogurt. Plus, a brush of butter is added to it before inserting it into the oven. You may also include toppings like minced meat, garlic, and dried fruit. As the naan cooks, it gets filled with air and puffs but ultimately deflates, creating bubbles in the bread. 

This variety is a significant part of several Asian cuisines but can even be found in American farmers’ markets and supermarkets.  

  1. Fruit Bread

Image 16 1

Fruits can uplift the taste of any meal, which is why they find use in bread too. In many cultures, the holidays call for baking special-occasion breads that come with fruits. The loaves may have dry fruits such as apricots, dates, and currants packed or even nuts and citrus zests infused in the dough. So, you can imagine how delicious they’ll be!

Besides being so tasty and flavorful, fruit bread has various health benefits, like improvement in blood circulation and oral health, and prevention of gum disease. 

  1. Soda Bread

Image 17 1

Using baking soda as the primary ingredient, this bread also requires flour, buttermilk, and salt to be baked properly. It has a thick crust and a mild flavor, which has made it pretty popular in the USA. However, Americans do add a touch of their own by including raisins in the dough, which makes the American variant slightly sweet.

A great benefit of including this variety in your daily diet is that it doesn’t take much time to leaven, thanks to the baking soda content. As such, you can make it pretty easily and quickly anytime you want. 

Soda bread is often associated with the Emerald Isle or Ireland as it’s one of the most commonly eaten breads in the country. 

  1. Ciabatta

Image 18

Another interesting variety originating from Italy is the Ciabatta bread which is generally flat and broad and has a collapsed portion in the middle. This highly flavorful bread is a perfect match for sandwiches and paninis. And you’ll be surprised to know that it was first produced in 1982, unlike most other varieties, which are centuries old. 

  1. Arepa

Image 19

If you wish to try something different in your daily breakfast, the Arepa bread will be a great pick as it’s mainly made from cornmeal. Dried corn is soaked and pounded in a mortar and pestle referred to as a pilón, and the moist dough is then cooked to make the bread. Notably, it’s popular in Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Columbia. 

Coming in a round and flat form, this variety can be grilled, fried, or baked, depending upon your preferences. In addition, you can add fillings such as black beans and ground beef to make it even tastier. Another beneficial feature of this bread is that it’s naturally gluten-free. 

  1. Lavash Bread

Image 20

Having a very basic recipe consisting of just flour, water, and salt, this variety is common to Western Asian cuisines. Generally cooked in ovens, the soft Lavash bread is sprinkled with sesame or poppy seeds to provide more flavor. 

Furthermore, if you are on a strictly fat-free diet to stay fit and healthy, Lavash bread will be a great option to include in your diet as it’s low in fat. 

  1. Brioche

Image 21

Like Challah, this variety also uses a lot of eggs and comes with a pillow-like softness that can give tough competition to most other types of bread. Butter, sugar, warm water, and yeast are the other ingredients used, creating a fluffy interior and a flaky crust. 

Over the years, Brioche has garnered a lot of praise from different corners of the world owing to its sweet and incredibly buttery flavor. This is why you will find the variety being used as dinner rolls and hamburger buns in many American restaurants. And it will make delicious French toasts as well. 

  1. Tortillas

Image 22

This thin, soft, and chewy flatbread made from dried corn flour is utilized in many Mexican delicacies and is pretty much a staple in the country. The most popular dishes which use tortillas are burritos, enchiladas, wraps, and tacos. 

You may choose to fry it deeply or mildly, but it will be equally tasty when cooked in both styles.  And you can even make the recipe healthier by altering the ingredients slightly. 

Not only that, but those looking to pep up their daily meal occasionally can pair this bread with pork, beef, and chicken. 

  1. Qistibi Bread

Image 23

Commonly eaten in several parts of Russia, this baked flatbread is enhanced with a filling consisting of millet, mashed potatoes, and meats of various types. You may add the filling on any one side of the bread and cover it with another side, or you may also place it in the interior of the bread. 

  1. Beer Bread 

Image 24

Adding your favorite beer to the bread dough can yield a beer bread through a fizzy fermentation. However, the bread may not always be leaven while being baked, depending on the beer type. That’s why beer bread comes in several forms ranging from light rolls and breads incorporating yeast to unleavened and heavy loaves. 

Furthermore, you can flavor this type of bread with herbs, honey, or cheese as per your preferences. 

  1. Vanocka Bread

Image 25

This bread has a slightly complicated recipe, but the good news is that it can be prepared using different methods. People across the continent savor the extremely sweet and rich flavor of this European bread, so it’s saved only for festive occasions. 

Plus, it is often topped with almonds and sugar, and raisins or other dry fruits are sprinkled on it, which takes its taste to a different level altogether. 

  1. Zopf Bread

Image 26

Looking like a large braid after it has been baked, Zopf bread is generally accompanied with jelly and butter during breakfast. Trying this bread at home will leave your family members smitten by its buttery and rich flavor. 

No wonder it’s popular all over Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. The most common recipe for this bread requires milk, eggs, four, butter, and yeast. 

  1. Matzo Bread

Image 27

Another bread popularly used in several Jewish dishes is the Matzo. It’s prepared using the five grains that The Bible mentions, viz. Oats, wheat, rye, and barley, and a whole grain with a nutty flavor called spelt. Coming unleavened with a shape similar to large crackers, this bread is also significant in Jewish culture.

  1. Yufka

Image 28

Hailing from Turkey, this paper-like bread comes in a round shape and is generally prepared with water, wheat flour, and salt. You may even add a few drops of vegetable oil to it. You can include this bread in pastries paired with meats, vegetables, and cheese or with dried fruits and nuts. 

  1. Injera Bread

Image 29

Made using sourdough, this bread is spongy in texture and tastes slightly sour. A small grain found in Ethiopia known as teff is used to make the flour for the dough. Injera is a staple food in Ethiopian, Somali, and Djiboutian cuisine but is also popular in other African countries. 

Group of different bread or types of breads on a white background

Final Words

You must be feeling hungry after reading about each of these exciting varieties of bread. 

So, gather the ingredients for your favorite type, and bring it on! We bet it will break the monotony of your daily meals for good. You can even head over to your nearest bakery to get the bread or order it online. 

But before we call it a day, here’s a small piece of advice for you. Keep in mind that the baking time should be exact to ensure that the bread gets the perfect texture. So, make sure you refer to tutorial videos if you’re not sure about the baking time and other essential requirements. 

We will be back with more guides soon. Till then, keep enjoying your meals!

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