Urban yoga isn’t what you think

Urban yoga isn’t what you think

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Urban yoga isn’t what you think

A stunning new photo book funded via Kickstarter aims to create a more holistic approach to urban planning: Architecture based on the tenets of yoga and meditation.

Created by Slovenian architect and athlete Anja Humljan, the practice of urban yoga grew out of a dual fascination with human-oriented architecture and the space-exploring tenets of yoga and modern dance. Humljan’s urban yoga approach takes the practice out of the studio and into the streets, compelling dancers to reexamine how their bodies inhabit urban places. The ultimate intent, Humljan says, is to breathe new human-oriented life into the efficient and industrial world of urban architecture and design.

As for The Urban Yoga Photo Book: Even by itself, the beautiful forthcoming volume presents a new way of looking at otherwise underwhelming urban spaces. Humljan’s impressive yoga poses clash with the subway platforms and sidewalk crossings of New York, Madrid, Paris, and her native Ljubljana, to an almost otherworldly effect. ….


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