What can architects do to help fight climate change?

What can architects do to help fight climate change?

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What can architects do to help fight climate change?

One of the biggest gatherings of world leaders in history, the massive climate change talks known as COP21, converged on Paris earlier this week, and the stakes are understandably high. Occurring amid increasing anxiety over the ability to achieve consensus in fighting global warming, the event, and search for a collective solution, suggests that everyone, and every industry, has a potential role to play.

For decades, sustainability has been much more than a buzzword for architects, as better design and technology have improved building performance and energy efficiency. But can they do more? Curbed spoke with a group of architects, designers and builders about what their professions can do, and do better, to help the fight against climate change. Despite the challenges, they all expressed optimism that sustainable architecture practices were in a period of rapid evolution. “Human behavior shows that moments of friction usually create change,” says Elliott Maltby, a principal at Thread Collective

“Architecture 2030 cites numbers that says buildingscontribute nearly half of the nation’s CO2 emissions, so they’re a big part of the problem, and therefore, a big part of the solution. We know that we can slash energy consumption by 60-70% if we reduce the load on heating, cooling and other systems. Architects and builders have a starring role in fighting climate change. […]


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