Winter games bridge takes Olympic rings to new heights

Winter games bridge takes olympic rings to new heights
Shan Shan Bridge by Penda, Beijing, China

The ‘San Shan’ bridge’s stunning arches were inspired by the Olympic rings. It has been designed to connect Beijing to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games venues.

As light and lithe as an Olympic athlete, a new concept bridge that reflects the famous Olympic rings has been designed to connect Beijing to the 2022 Winter Games venues.

The ‘San Shan Bridge’ — designed by Penda architects in conjunction with engineering firm Arup — spans the Gui River to the north of Beijing and connects China’s capital with the Zhangjiakou district, where most major outdoor Winter Olympics sports will be held.

Constructed from six white interlocking rings that connect at their highest and lowest points, the bridge takes its inspiration from the Olympic symbol, science and the mountainous terrain of its surrounds — ‘San Shan’ translates to three mountains in English.

“There was a structural inspiration, which lies in the double helix, as well as the engineering of a bicycle wheel. There was also a formal inspiration in the arches, which came from the site itself, because it’s a very mountainous hillside between Zhangjiakou and Beijing,” explains Penda architect Chris Precht, who designed the bridge in conjunction with his co-founding partner, Dayong Sun. […]

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