Wood Block House / Tadashi Yoshimura Architects


Wood block house / tadashi yoshimura architects

The house is designed for an elderly married couple, and their grandchildren that occasionally stay with them.

The site is located in a housing district developed 30 years ago that kept the natural land form. Around the site, we can see beautiful retaining wall made of granite. I try to extend the exterior topography to the interior of the building.

Wood block house / tadashi yoshimura architects

If daylight diminishes, the shape of the structural shear wall that creates a relationship to the site’s stone wall, is projected onto the glass façade.

Wood block house / tadashi yoshimura architects

Similar to retaining stone walls, this wall is best play equipment that kids enjoy to clime, pass under the hole, sit, and see distant scenery.

A Structural shear wall system of wooden blocks.

Wood block house / tadashi yoshimura architects

This structural shear wall consists of ship-shaped wooden blocks. These blocks can be easily stacked without the help of skilled workers, and can be disassembled and assembled in different location if necessary.

Project Details:
Location: Nara City, Japan
Type: Houses Residential
Architects: Tadashi Yoshimura Architectswww4.kcn.ne.jp
Structural Engineers: Masahiro Inayama
General Contractor: Nakayama Komuten
Site area: 265 sq m
Building area: 86 sq m
Total floor area: 148 sq m
Structure: wood; 2story
Principal use: residence, atelier
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Hitoshi Kawamot

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