10 Best Wood Stove Fans of 2022 | Reviews + Guide

When you find a comfortable space in front of your stove, it slowly starts getting too hot, but moving further away from it will make you cold, quite a common predicament. 

It can get a little annoying at times, especially when you have a big home and you want the space to be warm and comfortable. But, when you get a wood stove fan, also known as a fireplace blower, it will heat your room evenly due to its excellent air circulation feature.

Heat stove fans are an impressive innovation and have become a popular choice in most homes. And why not? These fans have a sturdy design, and they are inexpensive to run, they reduce fuel consumption, they’re simple to operate, and require low effort for maintenance too.

QUICK COMPARISON: Our Top 3 Picks for Heat Powered Wood Stove Fans

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  • Has a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Cost-free management
  • Cost-effective
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  • Unique design
  • Scientifically-tested product
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
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  • Compact design
  • Just over 7 inches tall
  • Silent operation

However, you should be careful while placing the fan on top of the stove, as it requires space behind it. It is recommended to keep it at the rear of the stove to allow it to push the warm air out into your room. 

Now, there are many heat powered wood stove fans that are available, but you should know the basics of their features to help you pick the right one.

Let’s start our pursuit for the best heat stove fan of 2022!

Heat-powered Wood Stove Fan Reviews

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Ecofan Ultrair
  • Unique design
  • Scientifically-tested product
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
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Ecofan Airmax
  • Has a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Cost-free management
  • Cost-effective
417ptrbb9ll. Sl300
Galafire N429
  • Compact design
  • Just over 7 inches tall
  • Silent operation
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Ecofan BelAir
  • Small yet sturdy
  • Operates within a 75C to 200C
  • Has a 2-year warranty
41u080izcpl. Sl300
Sonyabecca SF-334-US
  • Can create a comfortable atmosphere
  • Can evenly circulate the warm air
  • Powered by heat energy
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Voda 4 – Blade
  • Designed for use on freestanding stoves
  • Durable
  • Innovative design
41 r5wwwv8l. Sl300
CWlakon 535
  • Built with safety in mind
  • Bi-metallic safety device
  • It functions whisper quietly
41hpoaddqdl. Sl300
Vonhaus 4- Blade
  • Operating temperature of this piece is 60C- 300C
  • Comes with magnetic thermometer
  • Highly efficient in warming your home
41cjpz5ygbl. Sl300
Valiant FIR 361
  • Compact design
  • Around 8-inch height
  • Has a thick anodized coating
2190ltbbpjl. Sl300
Eczo Black
  • Reduces fuel consumption by about 20%
  • Comes with a bi-metallic safety device
  • Powered by heat energy

1. Ecofan Ultrair

The unique design of Ecofan Ultrair is patented and is a scientifically-tested product. The premier company- Caframo manufactures it, and it comes with a two-year warranty. This compact and highly efficient fan will help to spread the heat evenly across the entire room from your wood stove.

Ecofan UltrAir, 810CABBX, Classic Styled, Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan,...
  • Warm your room up to 31% faster with the mid-sized...
  • Ideal for rooms up to 240 square feet, the UltrAir...

When the heat powered fan is on, you’ll only be able to hear a slight whisper due to air movement, while there is no other production of sound.

Besides, the speed of the fan will also indicate whether you’re burning the stove efficiently or not. The fan will slow down as the fire cools off, which is quite a suitable way of letting the user know that they need to put in another log.


The fan can produce power on its own due to the innate thermoelectric generator. There is a gizmo which helps to convert the heat into electric energy that turns on the fan, for instance. This indicates that the Ecofan Ultrair will work only when there is enough heat being produced by the stove, so you will not be facing any issues of cold air being blown around your room.

You should place this far behind the stovetop so that it’s nowhere close to the flue pipe. The flue pipe is probably the hottest part when your stove is working, so we don’t advise you to keep the fan anywhere close to it. Otherwise, there can be plenty of damage caused to the crucial parts of the fan.

2. Ecofan Airmax Burning Stove Fan

If you’re looking out for a fan that has a wide range of operating temperatures (185F to 650F), then the Ecofan Airmax will be a good pick. This fan has the highest rate of CFM  at 175, which will heat a large area, among the entire range of Ecofan. You’ll also get a two year warranty period, while you don’t need to worry about the assembly of the fan as it’s already done.

Ecofan AirMax, 812AMXBX, Classic Styled, Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan,...
  • Warm your room up to 38% faster with the largest...
  • Ideal for all room sizes, the AirMax circulates...

The fan is driven by a thermoelectric unit, in which there is no running cost yielded. And the silent operating motor will help you save about 18% of your fuel. Even when your stove top is heated at a temperature of 85C to 345C, the fan will function efficiently. The two main benefits of the Ecofan Airmax are cost-free management and cost-effective.


Overall, the speed at which the fan blades rotate is linked directly to the stovetop temperature. When the temperature is high, the fan rotates at high speed to spread the warm air around the room. Consequently, when the stove cools down, there is not much air movement that is required, so the speed of the fan slows down.

The fan is also cord-free and doesn’t produce any sound, so you can peacefully sleep or watch TV without being disturbed. You’ll need to wipe off or lightly vacuum just over the motor of the fan to prevent any blockage of the vents being caused by debris or dust.

3. Galafire N429 Powered Stove Fan

The versatile stove fan Galafire N429 has a compact design as it’s just over 7 inches tall, which makes it simple for you to keep it on the stovetop. You can use this fan on all kinds of stoves that are used for producing heat like the wood-burning ones, coal, gas, and pellets.

GALAFIRE 4-Blades Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan + Magnetic Thermometer,...
  • ✅ [ Must-Have Fireplace Accessories ] -...
  • ✅ [ Compact Design ] - Height only being 19...

It has a  magnetic stove thermometer which acts as a protection system to prevent the fan from overheating. Plus, it helps to move the air up to a distance of 440ft per minute. The Galafire N429 also has a silent operation system as it creates a noise level of less than 25dB.


If you have a freestanding stove and you want your living space to be more heated, then you should get this wood stove fan. You don’t have to bear any extra cost for your electricity, as this stove fan is powered by heat. It creates a comforting amount of heat quickly, and it also helps to enhance the efficiency of your stoves.

4. Ecofan BelAir

The Ecofan BelAir model is small yet sturdy. You can use this fan on stoves that function with pellets or gas. It will operate within a 75C to 200C (167F to 392F) of the temperature range.

If you try using this fan on a wood stove where the temperature can easily exceed above 150C (300 F), then it can damage this product. The design of the fan will help to circulate 140cfm of heated air that will help to keep your room warm along with a reduction in the use of fuel.

Ecofan BelAir, Low Temperature Heat Powered Stove Fan, 140 CFM,...
  • Ecofan has been designed with premium materials...
  • Designed for low temperature stoves such as gas,...

The product has a two-year warranty, and while using it, you’ll realize the minimal amount of fuel that you will need for heating your room. Therefore, we believe that this fan is highly effective in helping you improve the efficiency of your stove at home. Even when the fan is working, there is no disturbance due to the lack of production of any sound.


You don’t need a separate power source for making the fan work as it comes with a thermoelectric generator (TEG). There is no cost of running the fan as TEG helps to turn the heat into electricity and which gives power to the fan. It’s also maintenance-free, but after a few years of usage you’ll have to change the motors, and the cost of replacement is reasonable.

5. Sonyabecca SF-334-US

The Sonyabecca SF-334-US will be your best buddy during the freezing winters. To have this in the house with a high ceiling will be a great pick, as it can evenly circulate the warm air throughout the entire space. It can create a comfortable atmosphere, even across several rooms.

Heat Powered Stove Fan with Magnetic Thermometer 4 Blade Aluminium...
  • Heat powered: Heat powered stove fans generate...
  • 4-blade, large air volume: Upgrade 4 blades,...

The blades or the motor doesn’t produce any loud sounds, and the fan comes with a one year warranty period. This product is eco-friendly, there is no running cost, and you don’t require any batteries to make this fan work.

The stove fireplace fan is powered by heat energy, and the temperature of the stovetop automatically controls fan speed. The heat energy received from the stove is converted to kinetic energy for driving the motor in the electricity generating units. And it helps in the rotation of the blades, so when the temperature of the stove is low, the fan speed is going to slow down and vice versa.

There is a magnetic thermometer which comes with the fan to monitor the temperature. And the optimal working temperature of this fan is 50C- 340C (122F- 644F).

6. Voda 4 – Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

The Voda 4 – Blade fan will be an excellent addition to your stove if it has a flat and smooth surface. It will function well with your coal stove, pellet stove, wood-burning stove or gas stove. You need to place this stove fan either on the side or at the back of your stove. This will help to prevent the fan from damage due to overheating.

VODA 4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood / Log Burner/Fireplace...
  • Heat powered - no batteries or electricity...
  • Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the...

It is designed for use on freestanding wood stoves, and the optimal running temperature of this fan is between 85C – 350C (185F- 660F). It operates with the power that is produced by the heat from the stove. But you should remove the fan from the stovetop when the temperature goes above 350C or 660F, as it can damage the electricity generating units and the fan itself.

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To carry or move the fan, you should wear gloves to hold the extendable handle. However, the fan has a durable and innovative design, as the blades and the fan base are made of anodized aluminum to prevent it from rust and corrosion.

7. CWlakon 535 Stove Fan

The CWlakon 535 will create a stark difference in the circulation of warm air all across the room. This product has been built with safety in mind, and there is a bi-metallic safety device on the base of the fan, which makes the motor reposition itself just when the temperature rises above 400C.

CWLAKON 2020 Upgrade Designed Silent Operation 4-Blades Large Size...
  • 【Larger Size Larger Air Volume】2020 Upgrade...
  • 【Eco-Friendly and Self-Powered】Thermoelectric...

You will also receive a magnetic thermometer which monitors the temperature, and it should be placed on your chimney pipe or in front of the stove. The only moving part is the blade assembly, and it functions whisper quietly. There is a thermoelectric module which is a small generator that helps to power your fan’s motor. Overall, with this fan, you can enjoy the warm air in a comfortable and quiet surrounding.

8. Vonhaus 4- Blade

The Vonhaus 4- Blade will be a fantastic pick as this small fan is highly efficient in warming your home. Without a stove fan, the room will be colder the further away you get from your stove. There are certain parts of the fan which is sensitive to temperature and to prevent it from damage you should not place it near the flue pipe. And read the instruction manual carefully for better longevity of the product.

VonHaus 4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan with Temperature Gauge -...
  • HEAT POWERED: No batteries or electricity needed -...
  • ECONOMICAL: increases the efficiency of your...

You will not be disturbed by any noise being produced from the fan, while the operating temperature of this piece is 60C- 300C. There will be the right amount of fuel that you can save while using this fan. A magnetic thermometer comes with this product, and it can be attached either to the flue pipe or in the side of the stove.

9. Valiant FIR 361 Powered Stove Fan

The compact design of Valiant FIR 361, which has around 8-inch height, will fit into the smallest of space in your home. It has quite a low starting temperature of 50 degree Celsius and pushes air at a rate of 350 cfm.

Valiant FIR361 Premium 4 Heat Powered Stove Fan, Satin Black
  • Compact design: only 8In high to fit the tightest...
  • Ultra low 122 degreef starting temperature (under...

This fan is perfect for warming up big living spaces, and the adjoining rooms. Valiant is known for its world-class customer service and excellent reputation, and this stove fan good pick for the significant amount of airflow that it can produce. It has a thick anodized coating that protects it from rust and corrosion.

But, the fan does make a clicking sound while it operates so it can be disturbing at times. And there is no requirement of any batteries, and it has no maintenance cost. You can get this fan without making a hole in your wallet since the product is known for its efficiency.

10. Eczo Black Stove Fan

The small corners in your room which are extremely cold will get comfortable and warm with the Eczo Black stove fan. It will automatically start functioning just when the surface temperature reaches about 50C (122F).


You can enjoy the warmth and also reduce your fuel consumption by about 20% without any battery or electricity. It also comes with a bi-metallic safety device that will protect your wood stove from high temperature, due to the repositioning of the motor when the temperature goes above 300C.

Advantages of Wood Stove Fans

1. Does Not Need Fuel to Function

A wood stove fan doesn’t require electricity, wood, or liquid fuel. You will love the fact that occasional dusting is the only maintenance that has to be done for these fans.

2. An Inexpensive Purchase

The fan has a pretty sturdy construction, which makes it come under an affordable price range. While other than the initial cost of purchase, you don’t need to speed any electricity or fuel charges. Therefore, you can heat your home comfortably without spending huge bucks.

3. Reduces the Fuel Consumption for the Stove

When you have a wood stove fan, you’ll hardly be losing any heat through the ceiling or your windows. The fan will allow you to sustain more heat within your home, which means less wood is required. Eventually, you will be saving around 20%- 25% of your fuel cost.

4. Good Circulation of Heat

The cold spots in your home will be eliminated as the fan will help in proper air circulation. All the warmth will stay around the room because the fan doesn’t allow the heat to go up directly to the ceiling.

5. Silent

The best aspect of a wood stove fan is that ‘it’s powered by heat energy, and not by fuel or electricity, so there’s no sound even when the fan is operating at high speed.


Things to Keep in Mind While Operating a Wood Stove Fan

1. Difficult to Regulate

You cannot regulate the temperature of the stove fan, due to the absence of any timer, buttons, or thermostat. The user doesn’t have any control over the amount of heat that the fan is going to disperse. If the stove is burning hot, then the fan will rotate at high speed, and vice-versa.

If there is overheating, you should turn down the power of your stove or remove the fan from the stove top.

2. Finger Injuries

No one should touch the fan when it’s working, and while you’re trying to remove the fan, you should wear gloves because the handle will also be heated.

3. Placement Matters

Read the instruction manual thoroughly to understand the correct position to place the fan. Otherwise, a lot of damage can be derived by placing it next to the flue or edge of your woodstove.

4. Dangers of Overheating

You should keep a wood stove thermometer to avoid the dangers of overheating, by noting down the optimal heating temperature of your stove fan. The motor can start to malfunction if the temperature rises above the maximum level of heat that the fan can withstand.

Wood Stove Fans Final Words

The fact that you can save around 20% of fuel might seem like a hoax, but it’s the reality when you pick the right wood stove fan. We hope that our article has answered all your queries, and will help you select the right one as per your needs. 

Till next time!

Ecofan UltrAir, 810CABBX, Classic Styled, Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan,...
  • Warm your room up to 31% faster with the mid-sized...
  • Ideal for rooms up to 240 square feet, the UltrAir...

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