Wood to warm up modern architecture

Wood to warm up modern architecture

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Wood to warm up modern architecture

The new book ‘100 Contemporary Wood Buildings’ showcases today’s most innovative uses of the material

Modern architecture doesn’t have to be chilly and stark. Just ask the master builders who now use wood to warm things up. In a new book, “100 Contemporary Wood Buildings” (Taschen, $59.99), writer Philip Jodidio showcases today’s most innovative wooden structures, which often rely on computer-aided design and manufacturing. Though wood is often associated with traditional buildings, Mr. Jodidio says that it is increasingly popular today, in part because it’s a renewable resource. It also gives structures a more natural feel than concrete, steel or glass. “You think of wood as an old-fashioned style,” he says. “But there’s been a willful attempt to make…modern buildings out of it.”


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