World’s first figure-8 ferris wheel opens in Macau

World's first figure-8 ferris wheel opens in Macau

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World's first figure-8 ferris wheel opens in macau
The Golden Reel

Studio City is the latest integrated resort to open in the gaming capital Macau.

And you can’t miss it.

It’s a building with a gigantic golden figure-eight ferris wheel in the center — the world’s first of its kind.

Called Golden Reel, the big wheel is sandwiched between the two towers of Studio City and ascends up to 130 meters above ground.

While the number eight is often seen as a symbol of fortune in Chinese culture, the wheel’s design comes from an imaginary Hollywood-inspired tale.

“Two flaming asteroids crashed through the building facade in tandem,” forming a pair of rings, according to the company statement.

There are 17 steampunk-themed cabins, each accommodating up to 10 passengers. […]

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