Auditorium Plantahof / Valerio Olgiati architect

Auditorium plantahof / valerio olgiati architect
© Javier Miguel Verme

The placement of the new auditorium creates a new central square within the overall structure of the Plantahof agriculture school. The high façade holds together the new piazza.

Auditorium plantahof / valerio olgiati architect
© Javier Miguel Verme

The inner space of the auditorium lies in half-light. Two windows facing each other define the inner space and allow for a view from the new piazza towards the axis of the Prättigau valley. A thin, dark coloured, concrete wall stretches over the pillars and beams like a tent. These elements are supported outside the building by the abutments. The structure combines in equal measure a frame and a solid construction. The result is a hybrid of pillars and walls, expressing an architectural concept and lending the building character.

Auditorium plantahof / valerio olgiati architect
© Javier Miguel Verme

The new auditorium is multifunctional and has a capacity of 130 to 180 seats. In addition to its conventional use, the new hall has the capacity to host different kinds of events such as seminars, congresses and panel discussions.

Project Details:
Location: Landquart, Switzerland
Type: Public – Cultural
Client: Building control department of Canton Grison
Architects: Valerio Olgiati architect –
Program: Auditorium
Area: 270 m2
Photos: Javier Miguel Verme

2 thoughts on “Auditorium Plantahof / Valerio Olgiati architect”

  1. Louis Kahn might have introduced some small bit of light from above. Perhaps a tiny ray of hope cast upon the flat rock.

    Controversial, but I’m attracted to the somberness.

  2. Concrete can be beautiful, but here its just plain ugly and misplaced by an ego (it seems) who lost perpective. What is the purpose, huge forms for the sake of huge forms ? I hope the reason behind the design is conciousness for acoustics, not dead huge frames for nothing but selfimportance, but I fear… The windowareas are nicely propositional fitted though.

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