13 Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets Right Now

If the thought of dirty dishes bothers you enough to stop cooking your favorite items, we have the perfect commercial faucets to make life easier!

Professional faucets are the ones trending in the market right now. Not only do they provide excellent performance but enhance the ambiance of the kitchen too. If you think that these may be over your budget, rest assured that there are some affordable models.

Now the problem arises when you go to select a product. We have faced this dilemma over choosing one, and with thousands of options, it can be a tough choice to make. That is when we decided to make it easier for you.

You can sit back with a cup of coffee and read through our detailed and unbiased review of the 13 best faucets with the pros and cons of each. It is followed by a buyer’s guide to help you further.

Without further ado, let’s get going!

Top Commercial Kitchen Faucets



Our Top PickOur Top PickHstcstbl-table__image Premier 120333 Essen Commercial-Style Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
  • Single-handle kitchen faucet
  • Pull-down spout
  • PVD brushed nickel finish
Hstcstbl-table__image Moen 5923 Align Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
  • Very attractive design
  • Power Clean spray technology
  • Easy to install
Hstcstbl-table__image KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet
  • Magnetic docking system
  • KOHLER Konnect app monitors usage
  • Voice control allows hands-free activation 
Hstcstbl-table__image Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Commercial Style
  • Lead-free brass construction
  • Powerful pre-rinse spray
  • Lite touch single lever flow control
Hstcstbl-table__image ALFI Brand AB2039S Commercial Spring Kitchen Faucet
  • One-handed control valve
  • Made of solid stainless steel
  • Equipped with spring and arm
Hstcstbl-table__image Blanco 441332 Culina Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet
  • Red Dot award-winning design
  • Magnetic pull out faucet spray holder
  • Flow capacity of 2.2 GPM
Hstcstbl-table__image Blanco 440557 Meridian Semi Professional Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
  • Stainless Steel hose protector coil
  • Rust-resistant brass body
  • Button to switch between spraying and flowing water
Hstcstbl-table__image Geyser GF51-S Geyser Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet
  • Precision ceramic cartridge
  • Coiled spring faucet neck
Hstcstbl-table__image Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola Kitchen Faucet
  • Equipped with high-quality ceramic disc valve
  • Eco friendly
  • Single-lever design for effortless temperature and flow control
Hstcstbl-table__image Grohe 32951DC0 K7 Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet
  • Filtration technology
  • Smooth operation with Grohe SilkMove 
  • Presence of anti-lime system
Hstcstbl-table__image VIGO VG02007ST PullDown Spray Kitchen Faucet
  • Highest quality solid brass
  • Certifications from WaterSense and the CEC
  • Mineral build-up resistant
Hstcstbl-table__image iSpring L8205CHR Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet
  • Detachable deck plate 
  • Drip-free ceramic cartridge
  • 360-Degree swivel capacity 
Hstcstbl-table__image Danze D455158 Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet
  • Ceramic disc valve 
  • Aerated and stream spray options
  • Single-hole mount kitchen faucet 

Faucet sink and water tab decoration in kitchen room interior

  1. Premier 120333 Essen Commercial-Style Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Bring home the Premier 120333 Essen Kitchen Faucet, which is designed like the excellent models from high-end restaurants. This will single-handedly change the look and feel of your space and is designed to last for years to come. With a beautiful brushed body and a capacity for heavy-duty work, it has a lot to praise.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

First off, we loved how with the single press of a button, we could shift between heavy spraying and a steady flow of water. The constant change in water flow is needed while working with very dirty dishes. And the easy operation made the process a whole lot simpler and quicker.

Also, for the greasiest of dishes, this product has the perfect solution. Thanks to the 2.2 GPM flow rate of water, there is no way that stains will remain on the dishes.

Moreover, the body is made with PVC brushed nickel and has a stainless steel hose protector, too, to make it more durable and prevent rusting. Since you will be working with water most of the time, the body must be resistant to it to prevent rust and discoloration.

Lastly, this unit is NSF 61-9 certified, making it lead-free and perfectly suitable to use in homes. You could even drink straight from the tap with no hygiene-related concerns.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Though the faucet worked quite well, we would have liked it if the customer service was better. On calling them while assembling, the call did not get connected, even after trying consecutively for two days. We wish they were easier to reach.

  • Sturdy metal lever handle
  • Complies with Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Has a very modern look
  • Comes with stainless steel hose protector coil
  • The customer service is not satisfactory
  1. Moen 5923 Align Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Next up is an exceptional option that will not let you regret cooking a feast! With a brilliant capacity and enhanced flexibility, the Moen 5923 Align Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet is a perfect companion for all your washing needs in the kitchen. Be it pots, pans, or greasy dishes; the faucet will make cleaning super easy.

Moen Align Chrome One-Handle Pre-Rinse Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Chrome finish is highly...
  • REACH: Offers 3 times more reach when compared to...

Why Did We Like It?

Are you tired of constant stains and fingerprints on your faucet? Fret no more! We were happy to find that this product is exclusively designed to resist fingerprints and water spots, the two great enemies of a clean surface. All we needed to do was wipe the faucet with a wet cloth once in a few days, and it stayed clean throughout.

Also, the hose is pretty long and lets you adjust the water flow and pressure according to your needs. The hose also retracts easily and will not be a cause of irritation.


Further, accompanying the brilliant features, modern design enhances the surrounding. The simple lines in the body provide a contemporary vibe to a kitchen space.

To top it, the single hole faucet can be used with a large variety of sinks. And to ensure a smooth and quick connection, the Duralock quick connect system helps make it happen.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found that the base plate did not come with the package. This meant we had to buy it separately, leading to a rise in total costs. This cannot really be considered as a fault as the unit functions exceptionally well. This will only be a problem if you are on a tight budget. 

  • Does not let spots develop
  • Adds a contemporary touch to the space
  • The hose can be pulled down for more flexibility
  • Balances water pressure perfectly
  • Base plate not included
  1. KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Gone are days when you would be toiling for hours over dirty utensils. The KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet brings you a smart solution to all your problems. Turn this touchless faucet on to get your cleaning done in a jiffy.

KOHLER 72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet, 15-1/2" Pull-Down...
  • Docknetik is a Magnetic docking system located...
  • Promotion technology's light quiet nylon hose and...

Why Did We Like It?

A clean and hygienic kitchen is the dream of every householder. And Kohler goes the extra way to bring to you one of the finest ways to maintain a clean environment. With Sensate’s intuitive Response(TM) technology, all you need to do is wave your hand to get the water flowing. 

Further, it is designed to enhance reliable operations with a state-of-art sensor that has a response time of 20 milliseconds. Working with messy dishes means your hands are not clean. Touching the faucet would have meant additional work of cleaning it too at the end. But with this, there is no touching involved. 


Also, to add to the user-friendly design, the braided nylon hose is a boon for everybody with its smooth movement, which needs minimal effort. It does not tangle or cause disruption in the water flow. You can track the movement of water from anywhere in the world through an app. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

While you can easily toggle between heavy flow and medium flow, the low mode is not active for this faucet. If you try to bring down the water flow too much, it will stop altogether. This is not a big drawback as we mostly want to get done with the job quickly, which needs a heavy spray of water. 

  • Two spray options
  • Can be operated with the wave of a hand
  • ProMotion technology makes it easy to operate the hose
  • Maintains hygienic control
  • Cannot reduce the flow too much
  1. Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Commercial Style

Last but not least, we have a brilliant choice for professional cleaning. The Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet stands out for how good it looks as well as the efficiency it shows. If you have a restaurant of your own, this could be of great benefit. 

Kraus KPF-1650SS Modern Nola Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steel
  • FLEXIBLE FUNCTIONALITY: Smooth-Retract Hose and...
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY:Eco-Friendly, Drip Free...

Why Did We Like It?

This product comes with a side pot filler. We had been using this feature a lot and realized that it is pretty beneficial to have. Along with it are a two way diverter and a powerful pre-rinse spray. These together will take care of any pots and dishes that need to be cleaned. We were able to clear grease off in seconds!

One very impressive factor would be the nozzle, which is made of rubber. It makes sure that there is no build-up, as you may be dealing with hard water. The rubber kept the head clean, and the water flow was never disrupted. 


Combined with it, the unit is also lead-free and resistant to rust build-up. No matter how much you use it, the constant water would still not lead to rusting, especially because the body is mostly made with brass. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The one problem we found is that customer care is uninformed, and we could not get connected multiple times. Though the product works well and you would not need to be calling them too often, if you do, it may be a hindrance. It is best to consult a local plumber. 

  • Made for heavy-duty work
  • High-arch industrial-style open-coil
  • All needed hardware is in the kit
  • Rubber nozzles to prevent a build-up
  • Customer service is poor
  1. ALFI Brand AB2039S Commercial Spring Kitchen Faucet

Next up is a brilliant spout from the house of ALFI ready to conquer your kitchen with a spring and an arm. The brand is not known to many, but it is a hidden treasure that offers sheer perfection. The AB2039S Commercial Spring Kitchen Faucet is made to last for years without a fault.

ALFI Brand AB2039S Solid Stainless Steel Commercial Spring Kitchen...
  • Commercial style kitchen faucet with spring and...
  • One handed control valve. Pull to the right to...

Why Did We Like It?

Unlike most products that are made of brass and have a stainless steel finish, this one is made entirely of stainless steel. With a lead-free certificate, you can absolutely trust it. We have been using it for a while, and we found that it is corrosion-resistant too, with no unwanted build-up on the body. The durability sure stands as a striking feature.

Additionally, like most taps here, shifting between flow and spray mode is very easy with the press of a button. You can also control the temperature with a single hand. We did not need scrubbers to get rid of stains; the water spray worked brilliantly well and did not harm delicate dishes as a scrubber would.


Also, compared to other units, this one is lighter and easy to work with. All you need is a 1.5 inches countertop hole, and you can fix it easily for a seamless experience.

What Could’ve Been Better?

One needs to remember that the unit is 22 inches in length and can be considered huge. The water flow is also very heavy and thus will not fit in a low sink space. You will need to have a big sink to avoid having water scattered around. 

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Temperature and flow can be controlled with one lever
  • Comes with high water output
  • Will not fit with smaller sinks
  1. Blanco 441332 Culina Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

Looking for a product that took home an award for the best design, the Blanco 441332 Culina Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet is here to impress. It is immaculately made and is sure to catch the eyes of guests who visit. Why stop at a mediocre option when you can bring home the best of the lot!

BLANCO, Satin Nickel 441332 CULINA Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet with...
  • Powerful, pull-down dual spray function
  • Made of durable, solid brass for long-lasting...

Why Did We Like It?

Be it a traditional rustic look you want to stick to or give your kitchen a contemporary modern kick; this product fits both. We liked the fact that it adapts to any kitchen design with ease; such is the artistry. It is further made with solid brass with a ceramic disc cartridge for added convenience.

This protects the device from leaks promising you a leak-free experience. We have been using it for a few months, and there has been no water dripping that has caught our eye. 


Also, the quick release magnetic hand spray is a boon to have. It comes with a metal docking system that holds the spray wand in place. The wand can easily be pulled in all directions for easy cleaning. However big the pots and dishes are, rest assured that every inch will be washed with no extra effort.

Imagine getting a remarkable tap like this at an affordable price. The price would not let you go over budget at all! 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the plating looks extremely attractive, we feel that a stainless steel body is a sturdier option than satin nickel plating. Now, this does not make it weak in any way but may be prone to wear and tear in the long run. Again, it is a small issue which does not stand against the exceptional features.

  • Known for its high performance
  • Easy to maintain and durable
  • Dual spray makes it user friendly
  • Attractive design
  • Satin nickel plating is not as sturdy
  1. Blanco 440557 Meridian Semi Professional Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

With a pull-down hand nozzle, the Blanco 440557 Meridian Kitchen Faucet is the modern professional’s choice. It is constructed to take care of heavy-duty cleaning and can be used for both homes and restaurants. The powerful jet spray can clean the grease off dishes with ease. 

BLANCO, Satin Nickel 440557 MERIDIAN Pull-Down Dual Spray Semi-Pro...
  • Professional Style with pull-down spray and...
  • Solid Brass body

Why Did We Like It?

If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen because of the umpteen number of soiled dishes, bring home convenience with this product. With a height of 19 inches and a long hose and spring, you are able to achieve 360-degree movement enabling you to clean efficiently. 

The nozzle has a soft rubber button, which allows you to shift between gentle flow and heavy spraying. Also, it comes with a lever that lets you shift temperatures and water flow. 


You can easily toggle between different temperatures and wash thoroughly. The maximum speed of water is 2.2 gallons per minute, which is excellent enough to clean grease and heavily crusted dishes. 

To top it all, the installation process is very easy. All you need is a 1 ⅜ inches counter hole, and you are good to go. Once you fix it in place, there is no need to worry about replacements for years to come! It has a ceramic disk cartridge, which further enhances the durability. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

All these wonderful features come at a price. The product is expensive, but it is worth its salt. It may be a little problematic for the average householder to afford. But if you do not have a fixed budget, this is one of the best choices to go for!

  • Maximum flow of 2.2 gallons per minute
  • Provides kitchen with an industrial look
  • Ceramic disk cartridge ensures durability
  • Does not leak or drip
  • Is expensive
  1. Geyser GF51-S Geyser Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet

Next up is a tap which shows unparalleled performance. The Geyser GF51-S Geyser Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet is known to stand out among the rest for its stylish design, which we found to be a very welcome addition to our kitchen. It is versatile and provides one with an array of features. 

Geyser GF51-S Geyser Stainless Steel Commercial-Style Coiled Spring...
  • Versatile Commercial-Style Coiled Spring Faucet...
  • Swiss Made Neoperl Aerator

Why Did We Like It?

First off, we will mention the spring neck, which is very beneficial while working. This ensures that however you work, all you got to do is let the wand loose, and it will coil back itself. We found this to be a very convenient feature as it reduced hassle to a great extent.

Also, the body is plated with stainless steel, which will easily match the sink and other appliances around. The color, along with the design, is awe-inspiring and can blend into any kitchen space. 


Now, if you are worried about the constant cleaning of spots and marks from the body, do not anymore! The body is resistant to spots and water marks and stays clean. We would wipe the product once in a while with a wet cloth, and that kept it clean. 

Lastly, for all those on a budget, this is a very affordable choice. It is loaded with features and has excellent customer service, which will attend to your needs. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the product works well, it did take us a long time to install. This is because the installation manual is not sufficient and would not be of great help. We would suggest that you watch videos on the internet to understand the process better and then get on to it.

  • Spot resistant
  • Sturdy and very durable
  • Attractive brushed satin finish
  • Promises a drip-free experience
  • Instruction manual is not sufficient
  1. Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola Kitchen Faucet

Known to be one of the most long-lasting products in our market, the Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola Kitchen Faucet is a blessing to have. It brings a crisp minimalist design to the table and is known to be a real workhorse. We were impressed by its looks and the dependable performance that it showed.

Kraus KPF-1650SS Modern Nola Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steel
  • FLEXIBLE FUNCTIONALITY: Smooth-Retract Hose and...
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY:Eco-Friendly, Drip Free...

Why Did We Like It?

We loved the spring action wand that this unit came with. The wand would automatically return to its place on leaving it. This is very convenient as you do not have to put it back manually.

We also admired the efficient ceramic valve. This prevented the product from dripping and ensured that the water flow was smooth, allowing us a hindrance-free experience. Also, the valve made sure that it was resistant to damage of any kind. 


Further, the body is not prone to fingerprints or water marks on it. These are common types of stains which bring down the look of the faucet. Without these marks, we did not have to clean it daily, thus saving time.

Lastly, like most of the previous units, this one too has a single lever control. We could easily work our way through utensils while controlling the temperature and flow of water with one hand. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

At 7.72 pounds, the faucet is heavier than most other options. Though we cannot really term this as a drawback as the weight makes it more durable and resistant to damage, using the wand for long hours may be slightly stressful. 

  • Has a tight, drip-free seal
  • Comes with a spring-action wand
  • Works with heavy-duty cleaning and general washing
  • One lever control
  • Weighs 7.72 pounds
  1. Grohe 32951DC0 K7 Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

Next up is an incredible product that will redefine the prime focus of your kitchen. The Grohe 32951DC0 K7 Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet lets you show off your culinary skills without worrying about washing up later. Cleaning dishes is made easy thanks to this brilliant product.

Grohe K7 Semi-Pro Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet
  • GROHE SilkMove quality ceramic disc cartridge...
  • GROHE StarLight finish ensures a longer-lasting...

Why Did We Like It?

First off, we will talk about Grohe SilkMove, which allows for effortless precision of movement. With some units, we have had to pull the wand hard to make it move but not with this one. We found that it was extremely smooth and provided a comfortable solution to washing. 

Secondly, the Grohe SpeedClean mechanism made sure that there was no limescale remaining on the surface. It would clean with perfection in a single wipe, and the nozzle would also be kept free from any kind of build-up.


Along with this, the surface of the tap is resistant to any kind of damage or tarnishing. It stays clean, saving you the time you would otherwise need to clean the body. 

Also, with a locking spray control and a push-button, we could easily toggle between the spraying of water and a smooth flow. With such features, we no longer regretted cleaning time!

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although it has some of the best features, the hose of this tap could be longer. Because of its short length, you cannot pull it too far and may become a hindrance if the sink is large. We would recommend this for small to medium-sized sinks. 

  • Known to be very flexible and highly maneuverable
  • Grohe SpeedClean makes it very durable
  • Tarnish-resistant surface
  • 140-degree swivel area in the docking station
  • Hose length is short
  1. VIGO VG02007ST PullDown Spray Kitchen Faucet

With 7 layered plated finish, the VIGO VG02007ST PullDown Spray Kitchen Faucet is a premium choice to make. It promises the highest quality with impeccable performance making it one of the sought after units today. Perfect for large commercial kitchens, this will impress you with its superior capacity.

VIGO VG02007STK2 27" H Zurich Single-Handle with Pull-Down Sprayer...
  • ✅ Eco-friendly: 1.8 gpm flow rate renders this...
  • ✅ High-tech handle: easy grip comfort handle is...

Why Did We Like It?

This is a product that offers true value for money. Loaded with features, we were stunned to see its performance. 

We found the unit to be very easy to clean. In most cases, the spray face is prone to mineral accumulating, which brings down the functionality but not with this one! You will rarely have to worry about cleaning it as the body is resistant to mineral build-up. 


Also, the swivel can be moved 360 degrees, making sure that every inch of the deepest and broadest pans are cleaned. The flexibility allowed will not cause any hand fatigue even if you are cleaning for long hours. 

To add on, the faucet is ADA compliant, NSF-61, and lead-free certified and CEC compliant. This makes it one of the safest options to choose. We could drink straight out of the tap without any worries. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only thing which could further add to the convenience is a magnetic hold. Without it, you will have to pull it hard and put the wand back every time manually. This is not an issue but a magnetic hold could have added on to the advantage.

  • Lead-free and safe to be used
  • No extra assembly required
  • Value for money
  • High-quality construction
  • No magnet
  1. iSpring L8205CHR Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Bring the professional look and feel of a commercial kitchen to your homes with the iSpring L8205CHR Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet. It holds the charm of the traditional commercial model but works perfectly with smaller sinks at home. With impressive bells and whistles, you will find an instant connection to it. 

iSpring L8205CHR Lead-Free Single-Handle Commercial-Grade Pull Down...
  • [Premium Material and Impressive Design]...
  • [Smooth Operation and Great Functionality]...

Why Did We Like It?

We will begin with the best feature of this product. It is drip-free and requires low maintenance. Thanks to the ceramic cartridge, the body is sealed properly, ensuring no leakage or dripping.

Further, made for large sinks, the 23.6 inches high faucet can clean the dirtiest of plates in a jiffy. We had borosil glass utensils and non-stick pans that are prone to scratches from rough scrubbers. But with the spray mode, you can easily clean grease off without the need for a scrubber. 


Also, we have kids who keep drinking from the tap, and previously this had been problematic considering the lead content. But with this, anybody can drink directly from the tap because it is lead-free certified and has been proven to be a safe choice.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The water supply line that is provided along with it is extremely long. Now, this is a boon to have in normal cases but becomes difficult to replace. Getting a similar one is a task. But the customer service is very efficient, and they will help you out if need be.

  • One button control to change the flow
  • Lead-free certified
  • Attractive chrome finish
  • Easy to wash deep pots and pans
  • Difficult to replace the water supply line
  1. Danze D455158 Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet

With a sleek design and easy-to-use features, the Danze D455158 Parma Pre-Rinse Faucet makes a stellar choice. It looks premium and fits in well with minimalist decor. We were surprised by how smoothly the lever-action worked, allowing us easy movement. Without further ado, let us get into the features.

Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet, Stainless Steel
  • Danze Parma single hole mount kitchen faucet
  • Ceramic disc valve provides smooth turning action...

Why Did We Like It?

Are you looking to accentuate your kitchen space? With a contemporary and flawless design, this product is an excellent addition to home and commercial kitchens. The chrome and stainless steel body makes it sturdy as well as will add the right colors to your decor. 

Another impressive feature is the dual spray faucet, which fits comfortably in big and medium sinks. If you have a comparatively smaller sink at your home, this one can be used for it. But the slightly smaller size does not interfere with the efficiency. You can control the water flow and the temperature with one lever. 

Further, the spout is known to be very durable and leak proof. It is also lead-free certified, and the sturdy body is resistant to damage. Not only that, but it also meets ADA requirements and can be used by anyone without a doubt. We could not have asked for more!

What Could’ve Been Better?

We believe that the reach could have been better when compared to other units in the list. We could not stretch it to the floor, whereas most options allowed us to do so. The length of the wand could be increased, but otherwise, it is a fabulous product to own. 

  • Provides a drip-free experience
  • Gives a modern minimalist vibe
  • Low lead compliant
  • Spring action wand returns to place by itself
  • Length of the hose could be improved

Faucet sink at kitchen - vintage light tone filter

Commercial Kitchen Faucet Buyer’s Guide

A good faucet can make your life a lot easier, whether it is cleaning pots and pans or directly drinking out of the tap. But you are only halfway to making the right choice.

We have listed down some of the considerations which you should keep in mind before purchasing a faucet. Remember, the most expensive one on this list may not be the best choice for you!

Pressure Capacity

A good faucet should always give you a choice to toggle between high-pressure sprays and a gentle flow of water. When it comes to high pressure, the maximum limit varies with different models. If you are looking to wash veggies and clean plates for a small to an average-sized group, the maximum pressure could be up to 2 gallons per minute. 

But if you have a larger group to consider, then it is best to go for a faucet with pressure more than 2 GPM. This is because the pans and pots will be deeper and larger, and the grease will be much more. Water pressure has the ability to clean up all the mess without a scrubber only if you select right. 

Single Lever System

It is essential to choose a product that comes with a single lever or a single button to shift between water flow and temperatures. Cleaning dishes is already messy, and if you could change the water flow and temperature with just one hand, it adds to the benefits.

Make sure that the lever or the switch has markings showing which way to turn for hot or cold water. If not, make your own markings on it. This is recommended because while working, you would already be taken up, and if the lever is turned in the wrong way, it will cause disruption.

Height of the Faucet

Since these are commercial faucets, most of them are pretty tall. You need to make a choice while keeping in mind the size of your sink. Bigger ones will not fit small sinks and will lead to water spraying everywhere when you use it. Similarly, lower ones will not work efficiently with larger sinks. 

A right sized tap is one that will not take up the whole sink space and will leave a little area for you to move the wand. So choose accordingly.

Spot and Rust-Resistance

If you have a commercial setup or a large family, a lot of cleaning has to be done, and thus the body of the tap must be resistant to both rust and marks. When dealing with water throughout the day, it is easy for steel to catch rust, but with a proper finish, most units are made to be rust-resistant.

Also, make sure that they do not catch water marks or fingerprints easily, keeping it clean. You would not need to be cleaning the body often, saving you time and energy both. So look for these two features before purchasing for a trouble-free and smooth experience.

13 best commercial kitchen faucets right now 4


Our favorite from the list above would be Premier 120333 Essen Commercial-Style Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet for its remarkable performance paired with an exquisite design. This can very well become the statement piece in your kitchen.

If you are looking for a technologically advanced product, we feel that the KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet is the best choice. It offers touchless controls and can be monitored through an app.

Finally, it is time to wrap up, and we are sure that you now know all the information needed to buy the ideal commercial faucet for your kitchen. It should not only function well but also add to the decor. So, buy accordingly.

Happy shopping!

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Aida Vasquez
Aida Vasquez
Aida has been part of Architecture Lab ever since 2011 when she started ghost writing for the website on art and design topics, today she is our veteran design contributor, covering a wide array of topics that fuel her creativity. Highlights Aida is the first design contributor of Architecture Lab since 2011 She surges writing inspiration from real life as an avid architecture-art seeker always on the move She reviews and writes about products that she deems "cool enough" Experience Aida has been writing for Architecture Lab for almost 12 years now, writing about anything and everything in the art and design niche, every piece she writes she aces with extraordinary attention to detail and a mountain of research to back it up. When asked what drives her curiosity in realm of design Aida replied that: " Every object is the thought process of its creator at a given point in time, often the result of a years struggle that we get to enjoy so casually, we should never overlook the effort our fellow peers, even if it comes in absolutely stupidly mediocre design." Education Aida is a graduate of ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Porto
TITLE | Design Contribuitor at Architecture Lab
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