13 Best Home Safes for a Secure Future | Buyer’s Guide

When a thief gets an entry to any typical house, the excitement to steal is similar to that of a child’s visiting a candy shop. And it doesn’t take them long to raid any house owing to their experienced eye for expensive products.

For many homeowners, the fear of being burgled can bring nightmares. The mere thought of losing precious belongings could run a shiver down the spine.

But intruders aren’t the only danger to your stored possessions. You also need to keep your valuables out of reach of fire and water. The best option to safeguard the valuable items at home is by investing in a home security safe.

It’s not only a preventative insurance, but it also protects your contents without having to bear additional replacement costs.

We understand that it can get challenging to find a quality safe, especially in a market that is flooded with products having similar features. To simplify this process, we’ve compiled an informative guide of the best safes which are ideal for home use.

Best Home Safes

Best home safes

So, without further ado, let’s move on to the following sections!

1. Verifi Smart Safe 

This home safe by Verifi has been thoughtfully designed to protect your valuables with a biometric high-resolution fingerprint sensor. It features an LCD screen that’s easy to read, and it clearly shows the battery life along with the record of tampering alerts.

Verifi Smart Safe S6000 Biometric Gun Safe - Gen1 (Discontinued)
  • Biometric safe featuring the largest and only FBI...
  • Handgun safe automatically performs a set of...


We wanted a safe with a compact design that has excellent durability and quality. Our friends were earlier using this model in their home, and they recommended the same. As we live in a rental apartment, it was essential for us to have a safe that is easy to take it along with us when we are shifting homes.

When we read the product descriptions, the FBI-certified fingerprint sensor helped us trust the efficiency of this safe. The LCD screen also maintains an access log that shows which user had opened or closed the safe. And it runs a self-diagnostic test once a day, and after every use, this informs whether the electronics and the battery is working correctly.

The door also has a sensor on the top that triggers an alarm system if the door is left open. Furthermore, the other features that make this safe stand out are the backup key access, LED night light, auto-locking feature, and easy management for the user.

  • Good battery life and status notification panel
  • Equipped with smart technology features that ensure safety
  • FSD (Firearm Safety Device) approved
  • Built-in interior light that you can either dim or turn off
  • Doesn’t have any protection against fire and water

2. Steelwater Fireproof Safe

If the safety of your valuable items is vital, you should check out this safe by Steelwater. To open the safe, you need to enter the combination password as well as use the key for better security. And it’s also connected with two rectangular live locking bolts that deter thieves prying the safe in search of your belongings.

The main feature of this fireproof safe is its ability to withstand heat of up to 1850 degree Fahrenheit for about two hours.

Steelwater AMSWEL-530 2 Hour Fireproof Home and Document Safe
  • 2-Hour fire rated at 1850°F (1010°C) 2- Layers...
  • (1) Removable/adjustable shelf and (1) slide out...


When it comes to safety, we were ready to pay any amount to find a good safe, and after reading a ton of reviews, we finalized on this one. We are satisfied with the quality of this product, it’s safe from fire, and it has a sturdy built. For security purposes, this safe comes with two lock options such as manual key and the combination password.

The two locking bolts are connected to the combination lock, so there isn’t any other option to open the heavy-duty door other than entering the right password. It has sufficient space for safe storage, we’ve got two shelves and a removable drawer so we can arrange the items properly.

Moreover, it’s a heavy safe that weighs around 143 pounds, and it wasn’t easy for one single person to lift it. Therefore, we can say that the heavy construction will prevent thieves from taking this safe.

And it runs on batteries so we can access this safe even if there is a power outage. Overall, it’s an expensive product, but when it comes to fire safety, this safe has an exceptional ability to withstand high temperatures.

  • Two types of locking system- key and combination
  • Equipped with two locking bolts
  • Can withstand a high temperature of 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for around two hours
  • Durable construction
  • Expensive product

3. First Alert 2087F Home Safe 

You can safely store your money, passport, jewelry, and other valuables without having to worry about losing them. It features a standard patented ready-seal technology that gives you a hassle-free experience because you don’t need to bolt the safe. Plus, it includes a pair of emergency keys that are stored inconspicuously on the exterior of the safe.

First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination...
  • Ready-Seal safe protects valuables from fire,...
  • 0.94-cubic foot capacity offers plenty of storage...


This safe comes in a pretty decent size, and it’s sufficient to store our valuable items, and the shelf makes it easier to keep it organized. It has some excellent features that make it one of the best products in the market. The anti-tampering design and guarded hinges help to prevent theft, and it also has protection against any form of crowbar attempts.

We can safely leave the house without being afraid of any loss of money or any other valuable assets. It comes with a 0.94 cubic feet capacity that is sufficient for us to store our property files, gadgets, jewelry, etc.

Moreover, it has a fireproof and waterproof design. This safe can withstand external temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, but that’s for a maximum of one hour. And it can resist an internal temperature of around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to the waterproof seal, we can keep the items safe from any moisture or water. We tried testing its waterproof efficiency, and we must say that there wasn’t any water leakage even when the safe is submerged.

Plus, it has been designed to float, so even if there is a flood, it won’t be challenging to locate this safe. Overall, it works pretty fine, and it’s a steal for exceptional quality.

  • 5-year warranty coverage along with a lifetime after-fire warranty
  • Comes with an emergency override key
  • Equipped with a combination lock
  • Pry-resistant hinges and resin construction
  • Water and fire-resistant
  • Lock can get a little jammed if it’s not used for many months

4. Stalwart Digital Safe 

This home safe is thoughtfully designed, and it’s pretty lightweight so you can move it around easily. It can be a wall safe or a floor safe, to avoid any tampering. It’s equipped with a touch, LED-lit keypad that makes it easy to open the safe even in the dark.

it also includes two backup keys that make it convenient to open the safe when you’ve forgotten your password.

Digital Safe – Electronic Steel Safe with Keypad, 2 Manual Override...
  • PORTABLE SAFE – The digital small safe box can...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Securely store your cash,...


We wanted a compact and portable safe to place it anywhere without worrying about its location or storage space. This electronic digital safe helps to protect our treasured belongings and jewelry without waking up to the fear of theft. We have safely mounted this piece in one of the corners of our closets, and we didn’t have to ask for any professional help.

The compact design makes it relatively simpler to handle this product, and we can easily shift the location. Moreover, the feature that we appreciate the most is the automatic alarm system that operates for 20 seconds when there are three failed password attempts. This additional aspect was the main reason that we opted for this product.

It has an LED-lit keypad so we even if there is a power failure and there isn’t any light we can open the safe conveniently. We can opt to either set a master or guest passcode, which should be 3 to 8 digits long. For the quality and price range, we can say that this product is one of the best security safes that are available in the market.

  • Equipped with an LED-lit keypad
  • Spacious and lightweight
  • Alarm system provides a good level of security
  • Thoughtfully designed, making it convenient to use
  • Not waterproof or fireproof

5. BARSKA Mini Safe

If you’re looking for a safe to keep your knife or handgun, the BARSKA Mini is a suitable option, it can work as a gun safe. It comes within a reasonable price range, and it has a biometric lock along with some basic features that make it an excellent safe for the house. This safe has a compact design which fits in perfectly in small storage spaces, it can also be mounted as a wall safe.

BARSKA AX11556 Biometric Fingerprint Top Opening Security Drawer Safe...
  • Easy-to-use unlocking system
  • Hydraulic-assisted top opening door


We wanted a battery-operated safe with a compact design, that could be discreetly mounted or kept inside a cupboard. And when we were reading the reviews on some of the quality safes of 2022, we found the BARSKA Mini safe to be an ideal option for us. This safe can store a maximum of 30 fingerprints, which gets easy to access, especially for our large family.

It also comes with backup keys, so we don’t have to worry about the fingerprint scanner not working during emergencies. We can safely store the keys in the hidden keyhole, and thieves won’t be able to locate this spot easily.

It doesn’t require any adjustable shelves, and the small size is suitable for us because of the items that we generally store in this safe. Overall, this safe is pretty good for our home, and we can trust the quality of this product.

  • 30-fingerprint memory
  • Has a robust and durable construction
  • Comes with a mounting bracket
  • Not fire-resistant
  • Compact design is not a suitable option for all

6. Viking Security VS-50BLX Fingerprint Safe

Viking Security offers the most top-notch locking system that is upgraded to a 500 DPI optical sensor. This feature provides fast access, and it’s suitable for both office and home protection. It has a time out period that enables automatically after the safe records ten failed fingerprint attempts. And the anti-theft protection design also includes pry resistant hinge bar, deadbolt, and steel bars to protect your valuables.


We wanted a security safe that comes with an exceptional quality performance and we were ready to stretch our budget for it. Our colleagues suggested the brand Viking Security. It has an accessible design that can save up to 32 fingerprints which makes it pretty convenient for our home. The tightly sealed body is a reflection of how carefully this safe has been constructed.

For added security, the locking deadbolts are reinforced and motorized with two solid steel locking bars. Moreover, it uses a 20mm deadbolt that ensures that the files and other valuable documents are kept secure. When it comes to space, there isn’t any shortage because it includes three adjustable shelves.

It just comes with a one-year warranty, but that’s not a problem because we have been using this safe for about 6-7 months without any issues. All in all, it’s a value-added product, and you can be sure that no one can easily open the bolt without knowing the password.

  • 20mm deadbolt
  • Can save around 32 fingerprints
  • Automatic timeout period after ten failed fingerprint attempts
  • Made with quality products
  • Expensive safe

7. Honeywell Security Safe

This safe has a compact design, and it comes with some excellent security features. It’s equipped with a programmable digital lock mechanism along with two steel live locking bolts and pry-resistant hinges that provide added security. It also has a 7-year warranty coverage.

Small Security Safe with Digital Lock
  • STEEL SECURITY SAFES - The Honeywell Steel...
  • FEATURES - The Approved Small Security Safe offers...


We purchased this safe with a good discount, and it’s relatively easy to operate. It comes with a carpet interior base that prevents the steel from scratching the jewelry or damaging other valuables. We had to create a 3 to 8 digit PIN to store your valuable items safely, and we also have the option to use the emergency keys.

It has a compact, sturdy steel design, and we have conveniently mounted the safe in our closet. But we wish the Honeywell Security Safe was slightly larger for storing more items. However, the overall quality of this safe is excellent, especially when we consider the durability and security features of this model.

  • Comes with a programmable digital lock
  • Two solid steel live locking bolts
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Covered with a 7-year warranty
  • It’s neither fire nor water-resistant

8. SentrySafe Security Safe

This battery-powered home safe has a solid steel construction, an anti-drill door and four live-locking bolts that offers complete protection. It has a digital locking system that uses a programmable PIN of up to 1-8 digits. For interior organization, there is a total of three shelves that offer sufficient safe storage for your business and personal needs.

SentrySafe T6-331 Security Safe, 2.2 Cubic Foot, Black
  • HOME SAFE: Protect your valuables with this...
  • DIGITAL LOCK: Electronic safe has a programmable...


We had the option to select from three different sizes; the smallest size was ideal for our home. The digital locking mechanism is not the only mode of security that this product features. It’s also equipped with a bolt down hardware, and a pry-resistant door that provides additional protection.

It has a key rack that makes it simple for us to organize our keys in the safe. We are quite happy with our purchase. The adjustable shelves are basic; there isn’t anything significant about them, but we find them suitable for storing important documents, jewelry, gadgets, etc.

Moreover, it features a relocking device that prevents any drill attacks. Plus, the storage capacity is sufficient enough for our home, and it’s a reliable product.

  • Equipped with many different security features
  • Long battery life
  • Two adjustable shelves and a key rack
  • Not fire-resistant

9. SentrySafe CHW20221 Home Safe

The SentrySafe’s home safe has a portable design that you can carry anywhere by using the handle. And it weighs approximately 20 pounds. It can withstand high temperatures for about 30 minutes and that of water for up to 72 hours. And it features an anti-tampering lock that needs to be opened with a key that should be kept carefully to avoid thieves from opening the safe.

SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Box with Key Lock, Fire and...
  • Fireproof box is UL Classified to endure 1/2 hour...
  • Waterproof box is ETL Verified for 72 hours of...


When we were looking for a safe that could be easily taken around with us, there weren’t many options that we could find. This was one of the best products within a reasonable price range and it has a superior construction. It comes with a built-in carrying handle that makes it more convenient for us.

Plus, the compact size makes it simple to place this safe in our wardrobe to prevent theft. It has a continuous waterproof seal that completely insulates the interior of the safe and keeps our documents free of mold or mildew. The manufacturers claim that the safe can protect the valuable items for at least 72 hours when it’s submerged in water.

When it comes to heat resistance, it can withstand about 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for about half an hour. Moreover, it’s an ETL verified design so we can also keep our USB drives, hard drives, and other digital storage items in the safe.

  • Fire and water-resistant
  • Comes with a tubular key lock
  • Can safely protect digital files
  • In-built carrying handle
  • It doesn’t have a number lock or fingerprint feature

10. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

Amazon’s home safe comes in three different sizes so you can select one according to the things that you plan to store. It comes with steel construction and scratch-proof carpeted floor. And for the locking mechanism, it uses programmable digital access along with two override keys in case of an emergency.

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Security Safe with Programmable...
  • 1.2-cubic-foot fire-resistant safe for protecting...
  • Complies with modified UL 72 Standard for Safety...


We opted for the 1.2-cubic foot safe that is fire-resistant and has a compact design. The electronic lock mechanism makes it easy to access our stored valuables. We also received a pair of back up keys that comes handy if there is an issue with the electronic keypad.

For better security it has pry-resistant hinges and two live-door locking bolts, so we don’t have to worry about thieves using a pry to open the safe. Moreover, for the fire resistance part, it can withstand  heat of about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for a maximum of 20 minutes. We can rest assured that our possessions will be safe in the event of a fire break out.

To optimize the storage space, it comes with adjustable shelves that help to separate larger items from our documents or money.

  • Includes an electronic keypad along with a back-up key
  • Fire-resistant to up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ruggedly built
  • Only offers a 1-year warranty, unlike its other competitors

11. Tigerking Digital Security Home Safe

This digital security safe by Tigerking features an LED screen which allows for a programmable guest and master code. It makes for an ideal choice if you’ve got a large number of belongings to keep safe. For a dual layer of protection, it offers code and key setting.

TIGERKING Safe Box,Fireproof Safe,1.5 Cubic Feet,Large Steel Money...
  • [Safe and sturdy]: The safe is made of solid steel...
  • [Your special own interior locking box]: The...


We had a checklist of factors that helped us select this safe; it offers quality performance that makes it stand out amongst the rest of the other safes. This safe has six live locking bolts and its constructed with heavy-duty steel that gives it a durable and reliable construction.

The feature of an interior lockbox provides additional security to some of the items that we want to keep aside from the main shelves. After checking out several other safes, we found this feature to be the main highlight for this product apart from its brilliant quality. It has an accessible design that makes it easy to use this safe.

Overall, this is a great personal safe for our home that locks manually and digitally. Also, when it comes to additional security features, it’s a complete package.

  • Equipped with digital and manual locking
  • Has a tamper alarm
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Not fireproof

12. AdirOffice Home Safe 

AdirOffice comes with three different security safe options that differ based on its size and color. It’s spacious enough to store your jewelry, documents, and money. It has a simple number lock mechanism. And it also includes two emergency keys making it convenient to open the safe if in case you forget the PIN.

AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock - Electronic Digital...
  • DURABLE AND STURDY SAFE. Made utilizing steel...
  • PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL ACCESS. Using the keypad, you...


When we were looking out for quality security safe, our friends recommended this product. And after checking out the quality of this safe, we can assure you of its long-lasting strength and durability. It‘s equipped with a programmable keypad that makes it easy to customize the PIN and to lock away our valuable items.

The feature that makes this safe stand out amongst the rest is the built-in digital screen. This display has three different signals that show whether the safe is locked, unlocked, or it has a low battery. And if we leave the safe unlocked, it sounds a warning alarm which is a bonus to ensure better safety.

Moreover, the carpeted floor helps to protect our jewelry and other items from damage and scratches. It’s a good quality safe that fits our limited budget. Although we keep praising the electronic lock feature, it also comes with two-live door bolts, pry-resistant concealed hinges, and pry-resistant steel door.

  • Equipped with excellent safety features
  • Provides you with three different options for size and color
  • Includes two override keys
  • Has programmable digital access
  • It’s not resistant to either water or fire

13. HomCom Two Shelf Home Security Safe

This safe by HomCom is digitally controlled and allows you to customize your PIN and access your belongings quickly. It has two adjustable shelves which make it convenient to arrange your items in an organized way. When it comes to the construction, it’s built with 17-inch thick solid steel that offers you excellent durability.

HomCom 20" x 14" x 14" Two Shelf Home Security Safe with Electronic...
  • COMPACT SIZE: Easily storable in smaller spaces...
  • DIGITAL INTERFACE: A digital locking interface...


We have been using this safe for around 7 to 8 months, and it’s a well-secured product. This compact unit is easy to mount, and it looks ideal for office and home use. It’s equipped with a programmable digital locking interface which makes it easy to open the safe.

And the PIN acceptance light is another convenient feature of this safe. The light comes with a red and green pattern, that helps us understand whether the code is being accepted or not. It makes for an ideal choice for our home to keep some important files, money, and gadgets. We have sufficient space for storing our valuable items.

The safe has a total of three shelves out of which two of them are adjustable. This makes it easy to adjust the racks according to the size of the items that we are storing. However, it’s a perfect solution for a home security safe. After all, with a minimum investment, we are getting to protect our valuable items without having to worry about them being stolen.

  • Equipped with a digital password interface
  • 60-inch heavy duty door bolts
  • Two removable shelves
  • Compact security safe
  • Many users have complained that the digital pad stopped functioning after a few months of use

Best Home Safe Buyer’s Guide

When you start searching for a security safe for your home, you might feel overwhelmed with a plethora of options that are available. But, with a clear picture of the features that you’re looking for, it gets easier to find the right safe that suits your needs.

Here’s the list of things that you need to consider before purchasing a safe for your home:

1. Type of protection

Before you select the safe, you should first focus on the kind of protection that you’ll require be it resistance against fire, water, or tampering.

  • Water-Resistant- If your residential area is prone to floods, you should opt for a safe that can float and is also water-resistant.
  • Fire-Resistant- This safe is built to protect the stored items from actual fire and high temperatures. It’s best to check the maximum internal temperature that the safe can withstand.
  • Tamper-Proof- Most safes are designed in a way that it can endure impact or a good amount of force. However, you should check the quality of the deadbolts that have been used.

2. Types of locks

The kind of locking mechanism and its power source help to access the time, price, and functionality of the safe during a power shortage.

  • Power source- The lock can run on WiFi, batteries, or an AC adapter. If you’re opting for a safe which requires a power source to operate, you should check whether it comes with a backup key or low battery alert feature.
  • Biometric scanner- It’s one of the most highly secure locks that scans and reads your fingerprint. The lock will open only if the print matches correctly with the fingerprint memory.
  • Electronic Keypad- It uses the PIN-based authentication mode that comes with an electronic keypad.
  • Combination- This is a standard number lock that comes with most safes. And you get to customize your PIN with a combination passcode.
  • Backup Key- Irrespective of the type of lock that your safe features, having a backup key, is essential. Especially in case the battery dies out, or when there is a power outage.

3. Size

The size of the safe will help to determine where you can store it, the price tag, and types of items that it can hold.

  • Portability- If you opt for lightweight safe, it gets pretty convenient to move it from one place to another. But, there is an equal risk of it being stolen.
  • Budget- The style of lock that you’re opting for, the size of the safe, and the type of protection that it provides will dictate how much money you’ll be spending.
  • Types of contents- You need first to figure out the kind of valuable items that you’ll be storing. This helps you understand how big or small the safe should be.

Final words

When you lose relevant and important documents and other possessions, there is a lot of time and effort that you need to invest in replacing these lost items. Why not just take a preventive measure by spending a little time in finding a quality safe that protects your jewelry, cash, USB drives, gadgets, etc.

It also keeps you at ease without the fear of theft, damage, or loss. Moreover, the benefits of a safe clearly outweigh the arduous process of replacement. Therefore, you should carefully rule out the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, we hope that it has helped you find the safe that suits your needs.

Until next time!

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