13 Best Hot Glue Guns of 2022 Reviewed

A glue gun has become one of the most essential tools in the world of crafts today.

Not only with crafts, the glue gun has also become popular in other projects such as DIY home improvement or even with artworks.

QUICK COMPARISON: Our Top 3 Picks for Hot Glue Gun

  • Contains a PTC heater element
  • Comes with 50 glue sticks
  • Strongly built, lightweight, and very reliable
  • Sleek design
  • Adjustable heat option
  • Comes with a stand
  • Easy to operate
  • It will stay heated up until about 5 minutes
  • Comes with a separate wire stand

We can understand why everyone loves working with glue guns since they are easy to use, the glue dries off instantly, and it works on almost any surface.

So today, we will be focusing on the 13 best hot glue guns you’ll find in the market. While the full-size guns can be used for large projects, the mini glue guns, however, are ideal for accuracy during work.

Best Hot Glue Gun

Cobiz Gun Kit
  • Sleek design
  • Adjustable heat option
  • Comes with a stand
Crenova 43237-2 Kit
  • Contains a PTC heater element
  • Comes with 50 glue sticks
  • Strongly built, lightweight, and very reliable
Surebonder Mini Detailed Glue Gun
  • Easy to operate
  • It will stay heated up until about 5 minutes
  • Comes with a separate wire stand
Stanley Tools GR20AX
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Durable and ensures comfortable handling
  • Helps produces neat results
Attican Mini Craft Gun
  • Comes with a wire stand
  • Incredibly light
  • Uses only 20 watts of power
  • Uses 60-watt of power
  • Made from strong plastic and aluminum
  • Gives precise bonding
Surebonder PRO2-220 220
  • Double-insulated ground cord
  • 2 removable nozzles
  • Separate wire stand
41lsa d oll
Adhesive Technologies Full-Size Hot Glue Gun
  • Operates at a temperature of 210 °C
  • Includes a trigger that fits all 4 fingers
  • Power on/off indicator
71r01logvll. Sl300
Chandler Tool Full-Size Hot Glue Gun
  • Stand-Up Base
  • No Drips
  • UL-Certified
61ider q9yl. Sl300
Pam HB220 Full-Size Hot Glue Gun
  • Reaches maximum temperature in 5 minutes or less
  • Adjustable High Temperature 285°F – 428°F
  • Powerful 220 Watt heating element designed for fast

Best hot glue gun 3

With that in mind, let’s have a look!

1. Cobiz Gun Kit

Let’s kick off this list with the Cobiz Glue Kit which offers a heating element that can be adjusted between 60-100 watts. A stand and 10 glue sticks are included in the package.

It also features a copper tip that ensures the device’s heat lasts upto 3 minutes. This is also supported by the presence of a ceramic PTC thermal heating system in the gun.

Hot Glue Gun High Temp-Cobiz Full Size (Not Mini) 60/100W Dual Power...
  • ✅Show Your DIY Talent: Cobiz believe "everyone...
  • ✅Rapid Heating + Unique Dual Power 60/100W:...


What we like about the gun is its convenient size for large projects. Along with that, the handle provides a firm and comfortable grip. As working on a project for long hours can be tiring, this simple, yet effective feature actually comes in pretty handy during such times.

The sleek design, too, is not a coincidence. Besides contributing to the good looks, it also helps the gun withstand force or pressure. This makes it highly reliable for long hours of heavy-duty work and home repair projects without worrying about the gun’s condition.


Some guns need to stay on constantly so that they can maintain the heat but that is not the case with the Cobiz gun. We can leave it off for 1-3 minutes and the heat will still remain without hampering the condition of the glue.

We would recommend the Cobiz gun if you’re looking for size and comfort during projects. It is a durable device that will last longer than regular options.

Not only that, we believe you’ll find that the heat-control feature very useful. But most importantly, the price of this gun is very affordable which makes it accessible to anyone.

  • Unique features include having an adjustable heat option and remains hot up to 3 minutes after turning it on
  • It comes with a stand, 10 free glue stick at a very affordable price
  • The gun may not be very suitable with small projects that require precision

2. Crenova 43237-2 Kit

The Crenova glue gun can be used for bonding almost any kind of surface including wood, fabric, electronics, and even glass. It weighs only 1.9 lbs which means handling won’t be an issue. The kit comes with 50 free glue sticks.

It contains a PTC heater element which makes the heating last upto 5 minutes maximum and the gun runs on 20 watts power.

Crenova Hot Glue Gun, Glue Gun Kit with 60pcs Glue Sticks, High...
  • Golahead handheld dog repellent
  • Golahead handheld dog repellent


When it comes to heavy-duty and large projects, this right here, is the type of glue gun you might want to own. There is also a built-in fuse if you’re looking for a safer option.

The glue indeed remains hot as long as five minutes which lessens our effort to constantly heat up the gun.

With the Crenova glue gun, we can attach almost any surface together. Surfaces such as glass and electronics that regular glue guns fail to properly bond are not a problem when using this gun. Moreover, you can rest assured the glue leaves no mess and lasts for a very long time.


It is also a great investment if you’re new to glue guns since it comes with 50 free sticks at a very reasonable price.

The gun also comes with a warranty of one year, therefore, confirming that the gun is truly reliable.

  • The Crenova glue gun kit comes with 50 glue sticks and a 12-months warranty
  • It is strongly built, lightweight, and very reliable
  • Being a full-size gun, it may not be suitable for small projects

3. Surebonder Mini Detailed Glue Gun

Now, we have a mini glue gun on the list. The Surebonder H-195F Glue Gun features a small extended tip which can be used for getting accurate work done.

With a safety fuse that will prevent any possible dangerous situation from happening, the mini glue gun also has a wire stand along with side extended fins for convenient placement.

Surebonder H-195F Specialty Series 20 Watt Mini Size High Temperature...
  • 20 Watt, 120 Volts
  • Uses high or dual temperature glue sticks; 5/16"...


This mini glue gun offers exceptional precision and accuracy when working with small projects such as card-making and other DIY crafts – all thanks to the extended tip. However, it can also be used for big projects such as bonding wood.

Even though it operates by default on 20 watts, there is still an option for us to use it in two basic temperatures – high and low. This means we can choose the temperature that best suits our requirements.

We cannot deny that it does take a little more time to complete bigger tasks when compared to using full-size guns but for what it’s worth, the mini glue gun is versatile in every way.


Its rubber handle is ideal for long hours of work. It’s safe to say the comfort and support it provides is incomparable. We can work with the gun for a whole day without worrying about our hands growing fatigue.

The only disadvantage users will find with this mini glue gun is that it does not come with glue sticks so we have to purchase them separately.

Apart from that, this would be a great bet if you’re looking for a multi-purpose mini glue gun at an affordable price.

  • The Surebonder mini glue gun is easy to operate for any user
  • It will stay heated up until about 5 minutes before it cools off
  • The gun comes with a separate wire stand for comfortable placement
  • The kit does not come with free sticks and users will have to purchase them separately

4. Stanley Tools GR20AX

One of the most renowned names everyone knows in the world of tools is Stanley; all because of the quality materials they offer.

The GR20AX glue gun is no exception when it comes to good quality. It offers smooth and easy application. On top of that, it has a compact body and heats up as soon as you plug it in.


We just adore the gun’s sturdy-built body as it assures firm handling that can prevent discomfort or tireless hours of working. What supports that even more is that the trigger runs pretty smoothly without needing any additional and unnecessary force to be put in.

This glue gun is also one among the fastest to heat up. While there are glue guns that take forever to heat up, this one gets rid of frustration and unnecessary waiting. Hence, a lot of tasks, especially with smaller projects, get done much quicker.


With this kit, you’ll also receive 12 free glue sticks and we recommend this better for none other than beginners, apart from the Crenova glue gun, as the quality is unbeatable. Hence, getting extra glue sticks with this would be nothing less than a bonus.

The user has complete dominance over the functionality of the gun as it is well-built and easy to use. Another reason is that we can reach even tiny places with the help of its pointy tip and the smooth flow of heated glue. This will assure neat and non-messy work throughout.

  • Made from high-quality material and weighing only 0.8 lbs, the gun is durable and ensures comfortable handling
  • It helps produces neat results because of the smooth flow of glue and convenient tip
  • The gun heats up almost instantly
  • Some users may not find this gun ideal for finishing large projects quickly

5. Attican Mini Craft Gun

Another gun which operates on 20 watts of power by default is the Attican Mini Glue Gun.

This falls under the lightest glue guns on the list as it weighs only 0.6 lbs. The heater component makes sure the gun stays hot until 3 or 5 minutes. The kit consists of 15 glue sticks and comes at a very cheap price.

Attican Mini Hot Glue Gun with 15 Pieces Melt Glue Sticks, 20 Watts...
  • Heavy duty 20 watts mini hot glue guns for craft...
  • Light weight yet sturdy, comes with 15 melt glue...


The features that this mini hot glue gun offers are quite remarkable. It is easy to use because of the smooth trigger which helps in the proper flow of glue. We can say that anyone can use this gun with ease.
When it comes to weight, we find it to be one of the lightest and most comfortable to work with. During those days when work extends for long hours, the gun makes it seem easier to stay up longer. The plastic is of good quality, therefore, it will last for quite a very long time.

Although it is not much, but we think that the stand, along with 15 glue sticks that come with this kit, is a great offer. New users can make a sound investment if they need to use a glue gun once in a while.

Overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight glue with at a reasonable cost to get all your work done, this one has got you covered.

  • Full kit comes with a wire stand and 15 glue sticks
  • Gun is incredibly light as well as affordable
  • Uses only 20 watts of power
  • It may not be suitable for heavy-duty large projects as it can consume a lot of time to get work done
  get work done

6. CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Gun

We have here a glue gun which is constructed from plastic, with a touch of aluminum. This ensures durability and a long lifespan of the gun. It operates on 20 watts of power with a temperature of around 356 to 392 degrees F.

The gun is lightweight, has a robust body and comes with 30 sticks.

No products found.


What strikes as the first impressionable feature is the gun’s LED signal which will warn us if the gun has become really hot. Also, the anti-hot cover provides satisfaction knowing our hands won’t easily get unnecessary burns while working.

The ON/OFF switch is quite reliable as well as safe too. With a 356-392 degrees working temperature, it makes the gun convenient for all DIY projects and crafts. It will also heat up in about 5 minutes to ensure we get our work done smoothly.

We find this gun has many distinctive features including the support bracket which is flexible enough to sit the gun aside. Also, we do not have to worry about damage because there is a high-quality nozzle that can withstand extreme heat.

Along with all of that, one feature which is truly worth mentioning here is the manufacturers provide a life-long warranty which makes this gun a good option to place your bets on. In case there is damage done, we can return it with a 100% refund of money.

  • The gun is only 0.5 lbs in weight, making it one of the lightest we will locate
  • Comes with 30 glue sticks
  • Includes a flexible and adjustable stand
  • May not be a reliable support for heavy-duty large projects

Best hot glue gun 2

7. Black & Decker 20v Cordless System

Here, we introduce the Black & Decker 20v Cordless System glue gun. As the name already suggests, this gun does not rely on a cord, thus making it a perfect pick for those who are looking forward to buying a cordless glue gun for crafts and DIYs. The package includes 2 free glue sticks.

Black and decker hot glue gun product shot


Unlike other glue guns that require a cord, this option offers freedom of mobility. The gun is powered by a rechargeable 20v Lithium battery which means using this gun makes work much easier in that we can take it anywhere, even to places where switches are not available.

This is totally a useful feature since we sometimes get too caught up with work that constantly plugging the gun in and out becomes a distraction. Therefore, it is safe to say that this gun can help get our work done faster.

But even this gun has its own advantages and disadvantages. It weighs 2.04 lbs and that makes it fall under the heavier picks on this list. Some may find this inconvenient while some may just overlook the weight.

Another setback is that the gun works for only 3 hours until we have to recharge the battery again. This limits the hours of work we will spend when using this gun.

However, the gun heats up instantly, in just 90 seconds, which beats all other glue guns on the list.

  • Does not need a cord to run and allows freedom of mobility
  • It heats up in just about 90 seconds maximum
  • The gun ensures accurate results
  • Its weight leans towards the heavier side

8. Bluesmart Glue Gun

If you’re looking for a more versatile glue gun, the Blusmart 54953 is an excellent choice. It can be used for all kinds of projects related to office, home, and commercial.

It uses 100 watts and has a power indicator to show if the gun is either on or off. The trigger is designed ergonomically to ensure comfort even after long hours of use.

No products found.


The gun has a copper nozzle which can be replaced when required. This nozzle is also easy to clean while having high durability at the same time. Its tip is also very pointy for the purpose of working with precise details.

It is easy to detect whether the gun is on or off because of the power indicator, thereby, making it safe for use. Along with other features, the kit includes 10 free glue sticks.

We also find the size and weight of the gun quite convenient for all small projects at home, office or even for commercial purposes. At the same time, the gun will heat up in 3-5 minutes, which is the average time for most hot glue guns.

We can say that this gun, however, may not be suitable for completing large projects because it can take more than the usual time to do so.

Overall, the gun is very easy to use and we can rely on it to get all small projects done efficiently.

  • Has a removable and pointy nozzle to achieve precision in work
  • It offers durability and reliability
  • This mini glue gun may not be suitable for large projects as it takes more than the usual time to finish work


This glue gun runs on 60-watt of power which can start heating in a maximum time of five minutes. It has a copper nozzle which can prevent electrocution and a pretty smooth trigger propulsion for precise bonding.

It is made from a combination of aluminum and plastic while it features a power indicator to show us if it’s either on or off.


We like that the mini glue gun comes with 30 glue sticks at a very low and affordable price. We can get straight to work right after receiving the order. Similarly, the cheap price is quite attractive to anyone to make an investment.

The nozzle is also very pointy and this helps us to get accurate lines as well as small, hard-to-reach areas. We can easily monitor the gun because of the safety light which is another great feature, especially when having kids around. Like other normal guns, this one also heats up to about five minutes and gives us plenty of time to prepare beforehand.

We also cannot leave aside the fact that this gun is very much reliable and durable.

Therefore, this would make a nice bet if you’re planning to do minor projects such as crafts, arts, as well as quick repairs.

  • Uses 60-watt of power for smooth application and strong bonding
  • Made from strong plastic and aluminum, the mini glue gun is reliable and durable
  • Gives precise bonding
  • Can be used for large projects but will slow down the process

10. Surebonder PRO2-220 220

The Surebonder PRO2-220 220 is a full-size industrial glue gun which can be used for large projects. It uses from 220 up to 420 watts of power to keep running but ensures that large projects are completed at a faster pace.

There are some features it offers such as a power on/off indicator, a separate wire stand, two detachable nozzles, and a grounded cord which is double-insulated.


Unlike most traditional glue guns, this one comes with two detachable nozzles. These nozzles also have covers that are heat-resistant. They are also pointy on the tip to make sure we achieve great accuracy when working with it. Besides, the nozzles can be removed and cleaned whenever it’s needed.

But like other full-size glue guns, this one also consumes a lot of power for the sole purpose of speeding up the working process, in which it successfully does.

Being a large glue gun, we feel unsafe keeping it near children and that’s where the on/off power indicator comes in. It is a small, yet very significant feature especially for concerned parents.


The gun is heavy as it weighs 4.07. However, considering it’s a full-size gun, this is actually more lightweight than other similar products. The double-insulated ground cord is another bonus as it is robust and reliable enough to last for a very long time.

Our only disappointment with this glue gun is that it does not come with glue sticks that the mini guns manage to include. But apart from that, we recommend this gun to anyone who wants to work on large projects as it is durable, versatile, and cost-effective.

  • It comprises of several features like a double-insulated ground cord, two removable nozzles, and a separate wire stand
  • Temperature can be controlled
  • Ideal for heavy-duty work
  • The kit does not include glue sticks

11. Adhesive Technologies Full-Size Hot Glue Gun

Similar to the previous option, here is another industrial full-size glue gun from AdTech.

The Adhesive Technologies Full-Size gun can be used for heavy-duty work and for long hours without worrying about damages since it is well-constructed and sturdy. It produces around 3.5 lbs glue in an hour which is the ideal amount for these kinds of projects.

AdTech Industrial Strength Full Size High-Output Hot Melt Glue Gun –...
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE: The AdTech Pro200 Standard...
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Features an ergonomic...


With a large amount of glue produced every hour, the gun is perfect to finish tonnes of work in no time. We use this for home repairs, commercial purposes or even DIYs, thus making it a highly versatile gun.

The gun operates at a temperature of 210 degrees C so we know we can count on this for heavy work. Besides this, it also includes a 200-watt PTC heating operation to allow proper temperature control.

It has a 4-finger trigger which is highly comfortable to handle and use but what’s also worth mentioning is that it has steel screws instead of plastic that need self-operation. However, the type of plastic used for constructing the gun is strong and reliable.

We are happy that is another industrial gun with a power on/off indicator which makes it easy to monitor especially around kids.

If we were to talk about safety, the gun is pretty guarded. For instance, all the electrical components surrounding the internal heaters are protected with the high-density Kapton tape.

However, as perfect as it may seem, the gun has its own setbacks. Some owners have complained that the glue tends to leak at times and this creates an unnecessary mess.

  • It operates at a temperature of 210 degrees C or 410 degrees F
  • Includes a trigger that fits all 4 fingers for comfortable handling
  • Does not include glue sticks and tend to leak glue at times

12. Chandler Tool Full-Size Hot Glue Gun

With the Chandler Tool Full-Size Hot Glue Gun, we get a combination of excellent performance and complete reliability. The body is compact and sturdy enough to last for years while its versatile characteristic helps complete different sorts of projects.

Along with a regular wire stand, the company offers a stand-up base that ensures your gun does not fall easily.

Full Size Hot Glue Gun for Crafts, 60W Large Glue Gun with 12 Glue...
  • ▶ Stand up Base - Our large high temperature...
  • ▶ Accessories - Complete bundle includes...


We simply love the stand-up base that comes with this gun. We have experienced those annoying moments where the gun keeps tipping off because they lack this similar feature. However, the stand-up base here helps support the gun to stand firmly without constantly falling.

Another remarkable feature of this gun is that it has a warranty of a lifetime. This, out of everything, is one of the reasons we dared to invest in the glue gun. We also urge other buyers to do the same since the company promises to either give back your money or replace the gun with a new one, depending on your choice.


Because the glue gun is UL-Certified and approved of quality, we can rest assured that this is a great option to invest in. We noticed the glue does not drip while using, therefore, creating a neat working process throughout. This can be attributed to the high-quality heating chambers.

One drawback would be its heating properties that seem to be an issue with some previous owners. The gun’s heat tends to fluctuate from time to time.

But apart from that, this gun would be a great pick and even if it does not live up to your expectations, you can always get your full amount back.

  • Besides a traditional wire stand, the pack provides a stand-up base
  • It is a UL-Certified hot glue gun
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Heating may fluctuate in between uses

13. Pam HB220 Full-Size Hot Glue Gun

Last on our list is the Pam HB220 Full-Size Hot Glue Gun which puts most of its concentration on heavy-duty projects such as home repairs rather than on small projects.

Compared to other similar options, this gun is better in bonding any kind of surface including rough ones like metal clips, carpets, and even polished concrete too.

Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun for UX8012 Hot Melt...
  • Reaches maximum temperature in 5 minutes or less
  • Adjustable High Temperature 285°F – 428°F...


We are amazed at the gun’s ability to bond two harsh surfaces together so we use it mostly for common repairs like attaching door latches and fixing a carpet.

We experimented it on other surfaces such as glass or fiber cement board only to be impressed with the results over all over again. Keep in mind that this is possible when pairing up the gun with the FMFLEX40 adhesive or some other similar glue.

Moreover, the gun only requires a minimum of 5 minutes to heat up the glue while we prepare the surface that needs bonding. The glue also takes only a certain amount of time to cool off before we can touch the bonded material.


While we highly recommend this gun for repairs, floor installation, and remodeling, it’s important to note that this may not be suitable for small projects as it can be too strong and messy for them.

The gun requires to be around 390 degrees F for the adhesive to be ready for application. This way, the gun can assure unbreakable and total bonding.

As far as we have experienced, there is no major setback except for the poor packaging from distributors, risking the original condition of the gun.

  • Includes nozzles that do not drip
  • It is easy to use and comes at a very affordable price
  • Ensures powerful and unbreakable bonding with any surface
  • Comes with 10 glue sticks
  • Some distributors provide really poor packaging


While most of these guns do not offer all the cool features as other high-end brands do, they do have all the basic functions we look for in a glue gun. Moreover, these are the most affordable options you’ll find in the market.

So, we hope you made your favorite pick and we’ll see you again next time.


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Aida has been part of Architecture Lab ever since 2011 when she started ghost writing for the website on art and design topics, today she is our veteran design contributor, covering a wide array of topics that fuel her creativity.
Aida Vasquez
Aida Vasquez
Aida has been part of Architecture Lab ever since 2011 when she started ghost writing for the website on art and design topics, today she is our veteran design contributor, covering a wide array of topics that fuel her creativity. Highlights Aida is the first design contributor of Architecture Lab since 2011 She surges writing inspiration from real life as an avid architecture-art seeker always on the move She reviews and writes about products that she deems "cool enough" Experience Aida has been writing for Architecture Lab for almost 12 years now, writing about anything and everything in the art and design niche, every piece she writes she aces with extraordinary attention to detail and a mountain of research to back it up. When asked what drives her curiosity in realm of design Aida replied that: " Every object is the thought process of its creator at a given point in time, often the result of a years struggle that we get to enjoy so casually, we should never overlook the effort our fellow peers, even if it comes in absolutely stupidly mediocre design." Education Aida is a graduate of ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Porto
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