10 Best Kitchenware Brands for the Connoisseur

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Long gone are the days of boring kitchenware. Now, with the latest innovations in design and technology, kitchen furnishings have upgraded and how!

Today, such products employ cutting-edge technology and the latest designs to provide consumers with nothing short of the best. Utility and style go hand in hand, and along with them, comes value for money.

Needless to say, it can be difficult to strike a balance between all three. For some, utility comes first, while for others, price takes precedence. The question, therefore, that customers find themselves struggling with is which brand ticks most of the boxes?

For leading brands, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. This is why purchasing the right products becomes a relatively easier task once you have a fair idea of the best brands.

To help you do that, we have compiled a list of the 10 best kitchenware brands in the market! Following that, is a comprehensive guide to further nudge you in the right direction.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Top Kitchenware Brands

Stainless steel kitchenware on the table

  1. Le Creuset

Founded in Northern France, Le Creuset is a brand with a legacy. Most certainly a premium name, its cast iron cooking pots are famous with the elite across the globe, while the cocottes and coquelles (French ovens) come a close second.

Its range is as diverse as it is attractive, and includes products made of enameled cast iron, multi-ply stainless steel, toughened non-stick, stoneware, as well as wine accessories. With a hundred years of innovation going into each of them, Le Creuset unfailingly delivers an outstanding performance.

The technique used is sand casting; their excellence is handcrafted. Using this age-old process of manufacturing, Le Creuset compromises neither quality nor design. Even in terms of the latter, the brand is nearly unrivaled.

With Le Creuset, your kitchen becomes a palette of stunning shades. From volcanic reds to Mediterranean blues, this French brand has something for every taste. If you’re already tempted to make it a part of your kitchen, worry not! Le Creuset is available in over 60 countries including the US, UK, Japan, and Australia.

Top Products

  1. Le Creuset 16-piece Cookware Set in Cerise (red)
  • Includes all essential items
  • Superior heat retention
  • Even heat distribution
  • Enameled exteriors resistant to chipping
Le Creuset 16-piece Cookware Set, Cerise (Cherry Red)
  • Set includes: 1.75-quart Cast Iron Saucepan,...
  • Enameled cast iron cookware provides even heat...
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11/29/2021 05:04 am GMT
  1. Le Creuset 20-piece Cast Iron Cookware Set in Marseille (blue)
  • Suitable for a variety of dishes
  • Includes a cookbook
  • Resistant to abrasions
  • 45% enhanced handles
Le Creuset 20-piece Signature Cast Iron Cookware Set (Marseille)
  • Set Includes: Set Includes: 1.75-quart Saucepan...
  • Enameled cast iron cookware provides even heat...
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  1. All-Clad

With a lineage dating back to 1967, All-Clad holds the best of American values at heart. This premium kitchenware brand was founded by John Ulam who patented a process called bonding. This paved way for the manufacture of bonded cookware, which, over the next decades, gained immense popularity with professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Bonding is a highly specialized skill that lends exemplary properties to the cookware that, in turn, enhances the cooking manifold. To this day, the company handcrafts its products in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and in addition to that, it is thoroughly inspected to ensure quality. 

All-Clad’s excellence lies in its attention to detail. Along with the process, the brand places considerable emphasis on raw material, whose formulation, from microstructure to composition, is specified by experts. Also, environmental consciousness is at the forefront of all operations and the result is kitchenware with a discernible difference.

Lastly, since its inception, All-Clad has adhered to the highest principles of design, manufacture, and performance. Needless to say, their efforts have come a long way. Kitchenware from this brand is one you can trust and cook the most delectable dishes in, for a long time to come.

Top Products

  1. 4110 Stainless Steel Fry Pan
  • Tri-Ply bonded
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Aluminum core for even heating
  • Oven and broiler-safe
  • Contoured, ergonomic stainless steel handles
All-Clad 4110 Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Fry Pan / Cookware, 10-Inch, Silver
  • A kitchen staple featuring a flat base and flared,...
  • Classic tri-ply construction, made with a...
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11/29/2021 01:52 am GMT
  1. 6508 SS Copper Core Stockpot
  • Durable five-ply bonded
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Polished 18/10 stainless steel interior
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resistant to abrasions
All-Clad 6508 SS Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Stockpot/Cookware, 8-Quart, Silver
  • Features a wide base for sauteing before adding...
  • 5-ply bonded construction with stainless steel,...
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11/29/2021 01:24 am GMT
  1. Cuisinart

Situated in the heart of Connecticut, Cuisinart was the first kitchenware brand to introduce an electric food processor to the American audience. Later, it branched out into kitchenware and accessories and has now grown into one of the most premier names in the industry. So much so that its appeal has reached none other than Julia Child herself!

With a mission to help its clients ‘Savor the Good Life’, Cuisinart offers, in addition to appliances, a wide range of products such as cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and items for outdoor grilling among others. They are crafted to perfection with the utmost care and according to strict standards of quality control. For this brand, customer satisfaction is key, and its efforts in that direction have certainly paid off.

Education is among Cuisinart’s core values. In addition to manufacturing cookware, they also partner up with charitable causes and educational institutions such as Macaroni Kids, The Breast Cancer Foundation, and Cycle for Survival. In short, their products go a long way rather than being a one-time purchase; they help to keep culinary traditions alive.

Last but not the least, Cuisinart leads from the front when it comes to design. With innovation at its heart, its designs follow the latest trends while maintaining functionality and quality. For this, the brand has also been duly awarded prestigious accolades such as the Gold Hermes award.

Top Products

  1. Cuisinart Convection Fryer and Toaster
  • 7 functions in one
  • Non-stick interior with oven light
  • Impressive capacity
  • Adjustable thermostat with a 60-minute timer
  • Energy-efficient
Cuisinart Airfryer, Convection Toaster Oven, Silver
  • 1800-Watts with 7 functions: air fry, convection...
  • 0. 6 cubic foot non-stick interior with oven...
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11/29/2021 04:49 am GMT
  1. Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler
  • Versatile and easy to maintain
  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Variable temperature control with indicator lights
  • Even heat distribution
Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 Griddler, 13.5"(L) x 11.5"(W) x 7.12"(H), Silver With Silver/Black Dials
  • 5-in-1 countertop unit works as a contact grill,...
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing; sturdy...
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11/29/2021 04:19 pm GMT
  1. Royal Doulton

Next up on the list, is one of the oldest makers of kitchenware and crockery, with a focus on collectibles. Founded in 1815 in London, it produces an impressive range of ceramic tableware and also individual cutlery designed by chef Gordon Ramsey himself!

Royal Doulton’s designs are innovative and exclusive, known for their timeless simplicity with a touch of the latest fashion. All products are handcrafted from start to finish and perfected through numerous processes that leave little room for error. The result is kitchenware with a sophistication that is hard to beat.

The company mainly works on porcelain and ceramics, and constitutes various collections of the same, each with a unifying aesthetic. For instance, the Union Street collection designed by Ramsey or ED by Ellen DeGeneres are not only signature items coveted by culinary enthusiasts but they also speak for Royal Doulton as a brand.

There is something to be said for British handcrafted tableware. The country has long been known for its emphasis on the finer attributes of lifestyle and Royal Doulton takes this to heart. Its products exhibit a unique blend of global influences and quintessential British elegance in both design as well as quality.

Top Products

  1. Royal Doulton Polar Blue Platter
  • Bright, innovative design
  • Made in collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres
  • Microwave-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Durable and sturdy
  1. Royal Doulton 16pc Set
  • Includes all essential tableware items
  • Ideal for serving large gatherings
  • Handcrafted and designed to perfection
  • Microwave-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
Royal Doulton Dark Blue Ellen Degeneres 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Chevron, Porcelain
$116.16 ($7.26 / Count)
  • 4 x 28cm/11inch dinner plates, 4 x 21cm/8.3inch...
  • Dishwasher Safe
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11/29/2021 02:05 pm GMT
  1. Farberware

It’s not often that one comes upon a pioneering brand in the world of kitchenware, but here we are! Founded in 1899, Farberware was the first to manufacture and sell what was called ‘Coffee Robot’ in 1937. Essentially, it kept the coffee warm with the help of a pre-set thermometer. Now, that’s an important one, isn’t it?

As the maker of durable, functional products, Farberware leads the global scenario from the front. Their range of cookware has a single-minded focus on innovation and adheres to the most stringent quality-control measures. Also, given the dynamism of the field, the brand keeps in mind consumption and design trends that are in constant flux.

Stainless steel is the primary material used by Farberware. All of their appliances, therefore, are immensely sturdy and last years of use without a hitch. Alongside this, the products have  aluminum surfaces to ensure food doesn’t stick while cooking and the experience is a smooth and hassle-free one.

Last but not the least, this is an ecologically sound brand. From their office management, factory operations, to product packaging, care is taken to ensure that all systems are sustainable and produce minimum waste. Similarly, Farberware continually strives for energy as well as cost-efficiency by utilizing their resources to their fullest potential.

Top Products

  1. Farberware Dishwasher Safe Nonstick Griddle Pan
  • Durable heavy-duty construction
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe
  • Ergonomic handle for better grip
  • Good value for money
Farberware Dishwasher Safe Nonstick Griddle Pan/Flat Grill, 11 Inch, Black
  • Made to last: the nonstick griddle's heavy duty...
  • Easy cleaning: The durable nonstick interior...
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  1. Farberware Stainless Steel Sauce Pan
  • Coordinates well with frying pans and stockpots
  • Attractive mirror-finished exterior 
  • Aluminum core ensures even heating
  • Oven and dishwasher-safe
  • Durable, ergonomic, stylish design
  • Lifetime warranty
Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Sauce Pan/Saucepan with Lid, 1 Quart, Silver,50000
  • STAINLESS STEEL COOKWARE: The 1-quart saucepan’s...
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11/29/2021 02:26 am GMT
  1. Circulon

Based out of Vallejo in California, Circulon is a leading global brand in cookware and the second-largest distributor of the same in the world. Its excellence lies in Circulon’s invention of non-stick hard-anodized cookware which, upon its release, took the culinary arts by storm.

With its feet firmly rooted in functionality and convenience, Circulon follows four main principles when it comes to manufacturing cookware. To start with, it has aced non-stick technology and the signature system consists of raised circles and three layers of premium-quality non-stick. This ensures easy cleaning and more importantly, effortless food release.

Furthermore, in making use of stainless steel and aluminum, Circulon lends its products a kind of durability that is hard to match. Backing this up is an attractive lifetime warranty! Also, the raw material used in the cookware makes way for even heat distribution and is optimized for performance.

Lastly, the properties of Circulon’s products make them easy to maintain while streamlining the cooking process itself. Additionally, they also save time and effort in the kitchen. All said and done, Circulon is certainly a brand to consider if all-round efficiency is one’s prime requirement.

Top Products

  1. Circulon 83849 Classic Nonstick Frying Pan
  • Hard anodized construction
  • Even heat distribution
  • Dual riveted steel and silicone handle
  • Tempered glass lid for efficient cooking
  • Lifetime guarantee
Circulon Classic Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan / Fry Pan / Hard Anodized Skillet - 10.5 Inch, Gray
  • LONG LASTING FRY PAN: Durable hard-anodized...
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  1. Circulon 47485 Nonstick Bakeware Set
  • Premium non-stick coating
  • Ergonomic design and handles
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good value for money
  1. Iittala

This Finnish lifestyle and kitchenware brand is the epitome of timeless designs and functionality. Founded in 1881, its products are informed by a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic that prizes simplicity above all else. Superior in construction as well as design, it is easily one of the most identifiable brands in the field.

It’s founding philosophy that reflects in its manufacturing till date is that objects should combine multi-functionality with self-expression. It’s no wonder, then, that Iittala’s designs stand the test of time and contribute significantly to the brand’s enduring legacy.

Glassware produced by Iittala is carefully blown, pressed, polished, and etched. The results are stunning, no doubt, and also highly functional. In fact, it is one of the first global brands that infused aesthetics with utility and what was once mere ornamentation morphed into an object of use featuring world-class design.

In combining beauty with function, therefore, Iittala has succeeded in creating a brand that caters to all and makes modern, premium kitchenware accessible. Available extensively across Europe and delivering to a number of countries outside of it, Iitalla’s range of products is hard to miss.

Top Products

  1. Iittala Taika All-purpose Bowl
  • Made from porcelain glazed in white
  • Impressive capacity
  • Unique design aesthetics
  • Microwave, freezer, dishwasher-safe
iittala Taika All Purpose Bowl - White
  • Made from porcelain glazed in white
  • Designed by duo Heikki Orvola and Klaus...
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11/29/2021 02:16 am GMT
  1. Iittala Essence Red Wine Glasses
  • Set of 4 glasses
  • Made of lead-free crystal
  • Balanced and refined design
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Durable and sturdy construction
Iittala Essence Red Wine Glasses, Set of 4, Clear
$67.99 ($17.00 / Count)
  • Set of 4 wine glasses
  • Made of lead free crystal
Buy Now
11/29/2021 11:07 am GMT
  1. Tefal

The other French kitchenware brand on the list is Tefal, founded in 1956 by Marc Gregoir. This is a brand that manufactures its kitchenware with the customer in mind. Products are, therefore, tailored to buyers’ needs and easily operated by amateurs and professionals alike.

Over the years, Tefal has garnered enough reason to take pride in its innovations. For instance, its non-stick range of cookware is excellent in both functionality and durability as it employs a combination of PTFE and aluminum. Also, its strict adherence to high standards of quality is reflected in the items even after years of use.

Another range of cookware from Tefal that is just as efficient is Ingenio. Here, design is worked upon with decluttering in mind, and products come with detachable handles. This saves space and allows for convenient storage. In addition to that, Tefal also manufactures a fine range of frying pans that comprise a heat indicator for maintaining an optimum temperature for cooking.

All in all, Tefal is a trustworthy companion in the kitchen. Alongside providing its buyers with kitchenware that looks great and is functional, it also offers a book of recipes and dietary suggestions with many of its products. Evidently, Tefal aims for a thoroughly efficient and enjoyable cooking experience!

Top Products

  1. Non-stick Cookware Set
  • Even heat distribution 
  • Dishwasher-safe; easy to clean
  • Heat indicator for preheating functions
  • Ergonomic design 
T-fal C514SE Excite Nonstick Thermo-Spot Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe PFOA Free Cookware Set, 14-Piece, Red
  • Unique heat indicator shows when the pan is...
  • Superior non stick interior for healthier cooking...
Buy Now
11/29/2021 06:28 am GMT
  1. Pancake Pan
  • Bakelite handle for secure grip
  • Titanium construction
  • Superior non-stick coating
  • Thermospot indicates optimum cooking temperature
Tefal Expertise 25cm Pancake Pan, Black
  • Thermospot lets consumer know when frying pan is...
  • Titanium Excellence that promises the most durable...
Buy Now
11/29/2021 12:52 am GMT
  1. Kenwood

With its range of premium kitchen appliances, Kenwood is as British as it gets with a determined focus on quality and design. Sleek and simplistic, its products are versatile and suitable for a wide variety of cooking functions and dishes. 

Every three seconds, around the world, one Kenwood item is sold. If that doesn’t say volumes about the brand’s repute and value, then we aren’t sure what does! A primary reason for this incredible statistic is Kenwood’s constant innovation that goes into each of its products. No wonder, then, this is a company that’s hard to beat.

Its products exhibit a high level of expertise. This is so because each one is engineered with the utmost care and meticulously tested before reaching the market. Also, Kenwood doesn’t hesitate to think out of the box. Employing cutting-edge technology, it makes specialized kitchenware that stands out.

Last but not the least, when you invest in Kenwood’s products, you get a kitchen companion for life in return. Over here, appliances are built to last and offer years of continuous use without faltering. Safe to say, as a brand, Kenwood continues to remain on top of its game even in the global scenario.

Top Products

  1. Kenwood TCX751RD Picasso 2 Slice Toaster
  • 900-watt power
  • 5-in-1 function with one button
  • Ideal for a variety of confectionery items
  • Illuminated buttons for safety
  • Good value for money
Kenwood TCX751RD Picasso 2 Slice Toaster - Red
  • Power 900 watt
  • 5 function buttons: Defrost, Heating, Preview,...
Buy Now
  1. Kenwood 1.75 Quart Blender
  • Thermo-resist glass container
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 6 programmed settings
  • Variable speed and pulse options
  • 5-year warranty
Kenwood BLM800GY Kenwood Blend-X Pro Blender, Silver
  • Multizone blade technology provides 30% more...
  • Quattropole design delivers more torque to manage...
Buy Now
  1. Kitchenaid

Established in 1919, Kitchenaid has been a leading brand in kitchen appliances since its inception. A brand that keeps the quintessential American values of production in mind, Kitchenaid makes no compromises when it comes to its manufacturing processes. Using state-of-the-art technology, it creates its products in a way that is both sustainable and efficient.

Kitchenaid’s products bear the mark of superior craftsmanship. Manufactured with the utmost care and patience, they offer excellent functionality along with improved durability. The appliances last you years of use, and at the end of the day, your cooking experience is made enjoyable and fast-moving.

Also, the brand places equal emphasis on design aesthetics. Modern, simple, and elegant, Kitchenaid’s products work well and look good while at it. After all, your kitchen deserves nothing short of the best, and attractive appliances can work wonders to enhance the appeal of the space.

Last but not the least, Kitchenaid’s line of products is extremely affordable and caters to a wide range of budgets. Given their features and functionality, the appliances offer good value for money which takes them a notch higher in comparison to the competition.

Top Products

  1. Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
  • 10 different attachments available
  • Bowl-lift design
  • 10-speed mixer with 575-watt motor
  • Direct-drive transmission
KitchenAid KP26M1XWH 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer - White
  • 10 different attachments
  • 6-quart stainless steel bowl with comfortable...
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  1. Artisan Design Series Mixer
  • Attractive exterior coating
  • Glass bowl with measurement markings
  • Tilt-head design
  • Includes coated metal flat beater
KitchenAid KSM155GBCA 5-Qt. Artisan Design Series with Glass Bowl - Candy Apple Red
  • Multipurpose attachment hub, over 15 optional...
  • 5-Qt.(2,37 L) Glass Bowl with Measurement Markings
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10 best kitchenware brands for connoisseur 3

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Kitchenware

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house. It would, indeed, be accurate to say it’s what keeps the entire household running!

Therefore, it is important to equip it with appliances and objects that are of superior quality, functional, and have a high aesthetic appeal. In order to help you zero in on a suitable brand of kitchenware, we have outlined below a few salient points that must be kept in mind while making a purchase.


This is non-negotiable. Kitchenware is used to cook, serve, or store food. Then it is a primary requirement that the product is of food-grade quality and safe to use. Plastics are best avoided as they easily lead to contamination and are also nonbiodegradable. In the case of glassware, low quantities of lead are ideal; lead-free glass is a win!

It is extremely important to ensure and verify the quality of the items you use in your kitchen. Quite literally, it could be a matter of life and death.


The work that we do in kitchens is often time-consuming and heavy-duty. Needless to say, the appliances and other products required for it must be able to withstand both impact and long hours of use. This is why stainless steel is a great favorite when it comes to kitchenware, while aluminum comes a close second. You could also check out brands that make alloyed and coated products with enhanced durability.

Aesthetic Appeal

Your kitchen is a reflection of your lifestyle. It is only necessary and desirable that its contents are well-designed and sleek. People seldom want to enter a cluttered kitchen, leave alone work in it. Kitchenware, if selected carefully, can go a long way in undoing this and making your kitchen look good and remain organized. This is why most leading brands, today, focus on a mix of design and functionality.

Ease of Maintenance

If we know that that mixer is going to take ages to wash, we will hardly be inclined to use it.

Kitchenware must be easy to clean and maintain. Most top brands today manufacture products that are either dishwasher-safe or a breeze to clean by hand. Cooking and serving demand time and effort. If the cleanup operation after is not smooth and quick, it’s a huge turn-off and even demotivating for someone to start cooking in the first place.


With so many electrical appliances and ignition systems, safety in the kitchen can be easily compromised which often proves disastrous. To avoid such fatalities, it must be ensured that the kitchenware we buy is safe and free of faulty parts. Items must be thoroughly checked before use, and in case of the slightest hint of trouble, it’s wise to stop the operation and contact customer care.

Electric hand mixer. Set of nozzles and containers for blender on white background. Top view, flat lay

Final Words

With that, we come to the end of our list of the best kitchenware brands and we hope it has been helpful.

Kitchenware must be such that upon entering the kitchen, you wouldn’t want to leave. Keeping in mind utility, design, as well as safety, you must invest in the right brand, which ensures that any time spent in the kitchen is happy!

Till next time!

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