29 of the Best Modern Wall Clocks for Design Enthusiasts Today

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We all need a wall clock in our house. It’s a great piece of decor to go with the theme of the home and of course, to check time. Doctor’s appointment at 7 and you’re supposed to have a meal cooked before you leave? Nothing like having a wall clock in your kitchen to remind you of your duties and, happily, the best modern wall clocks are here to aid in style!

The wall clock is your ally and will help you keep track of time when switching on the phone becomes too taxing. But to choose the right wall clock that’s visually impressive, correct in readings, and durable to last years, you have to know what you’re looking for.

Thankfully, we’ve done all the leg work for you this time around. Read on and explore this carefully drafted list of best modern wall clocks you can buy.

Best Modern Wall Clocks

  1. Karlsson Modern Wall Clock Dragonfly

  • Elegant, classy design yet simple to read.
  • Silent seconds ticker that does not act as a disturbance during the quieter moments
  • Pretty to look at and will go well in any room of a house, be it a kitchen, bedroom, living room or a study.
  • Simple and quick installation process. Not much of a hassle to put up on any kind of wall.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Convex glass design making for a neat finish.
  1. Arospa Luxury Modern 12” Silent Non-Ticking Clock

Arospa Luxury Modern 12” Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock with Rose...
  • Tough Rose Gold Finished Frame home clock that...
  • High Quality Movement to guarantee accurate time
  • Luxury design theme that goes well with Living Room decor.
  • Solid and robust Rose Gold finish that is pretty as well as durable.
  • Silent Non-Ticker technology that enables it to avoid distractions.
  • Nail slot in the back makes installation a hassle-free process and can be put up anywhere on any kind of wall.
  • Wide array of colour options to select from which means the user gets a lot od freedom in selecting a colour of their choice and preference.
  1. Umbra Meta Nickel Wall Clock

Umbra Meta Wall Clock, Nickel Quiet, Non Ticking and Silent, Easy to...
  • MODERN AND SLEEK: With its soft lines, smoothed...
  • Durable and classy All-Metal construction that feels nice to hold and pretty to look at.
  • Nickel and Copper colour options, both of which offer a unique look and feel to the clock.
  • Crystal clear glass finish that makes it very comfortable to read the dials on the clock.
  • Non-Ticking technology to give it a smooth transition that functions silently and eliminates disturbances.
  • 12 and a half inch diameter that fits in all sorts of conditions.
  1. Arospa Luxury Modern 12” Two Toned Meta Wall Clock

Arospa Luxury Modern 12" Two Toned Metal Design Silent Non-Ticking...
  • Non-ticking silent sweeping clock hand technology
  • Two toned minimalist design perfect for living...
  • Two-Toned clock design that goes really well as living room decor is really good to look at.
  • Quality Rose-Gold finish that ensures durability and longevity. Capable of withstanding a few bumps and drops.
  • Non-Ticking design that enables smooth stop-free transition in time and offers a silent experience.
  • Minimalist design despite two-toned theme and Rose Gold finish to ensure simple time-reading process.
  1. Mooq Simple Modern White Round Wooden Wall Clock

  • Simple, subtle and minimalist white design that is not too flashy or complex to look at.
  • Made of natural wood and engineered wood. Clock hands made of natural wood, clock face made of non-toxic and moisture resistant engineered wood.
  • Non-Ticking movement that guarantees silence and smooth transition.
  • Requires only one AA battery for operation. Convenient and does not require much maintenance.
  • Plain white and black design means it can go well in any kind of room and decor.
  1. Decorative Wall Clock by Beautiful Things Online

No products found.

  • White Ceramic face with simple and minimalistic design.
  • Can match any wall color and goes will with any kind of decor.
  • Silent and accurate time depiction.
  • No seconds ticker to make it less distracting and improve accuracy.
  • Easy installation process.
  1. Bernhard Products Silver Wall Clock Luxury Design Rose Gold Detail

Bernhard Products Wall Clock Silver Metal 10 Inch Luxury Design with...
  • 10 inch metal wall clock. Enhance the décor of...
  • Exquisite matte silver clock with rose gold...
  • Compact dimensions with 10 inch diameter that can be placed anywhere.
  • Full metal finish with classy and durable feel that assures quality.
  • High quality shatter-resistant glass face cover with impressive design.
  • Luxury feel with excellent finish for a more upmarket experience
  • Accurate quartz movement for precise time reading.
  • Contemporary and classy silver theme that goes really well as high-end decor.
  1. NexTime Unek Goods Hands Wall Clock

Unek Goods NeXtime Hands Wall Clock, Chrome, Battery Operated
  • Long hour and minute hands make a dramatic...
  • Made of aluminum
  • Eye-catching and striking design that is bound to make a statement
  • Long hands with small clock-face for a unique piece of decor that resembles a shield and a pair of swords
  • Made of Aluminum that gives it a luxury and extremely high-quality feel.
  • Uses a single AA battery
  • Dramatic design makes it a conversation starter with guests and is almost always a talking point.
  1. Arospa Modern in Craft Leather Design 12” Wall Clock

Arospa Modern in Craft Leather Design 12" Silent Non-Ticking Wall...
  • Modern in craft faux leather detailed design
  • Tough rose gold frame to ensure product durability
  • As with all Arospa wall clock designs, tough rose-gold finish with excellent durability.
  • Faux leather design with a premium feel and interesting theme.
  • Simple installation process with back nail slot.
  • Beautiful piece of living room decor with interesting colour theme that goes well in all conditions of placement.
  • Silent non-ticking design for minimal distractions.
  1. Sangyn Modern Silent Non Ticking 12” Round Wall Clock

  • Ready for Wall-Mounting. Does not require complex installation procedure.
  • Minimalist, simple design that is functional as well as nice to look at.
  • Large 12” diameter and clock face can be read from quite some distance away making it convenient to read the time.
  • Practical and simple theme that looks modern and goes well in just about any environment.
  1. Arospa Modern Design Scandinavian 6” Non Ticking Wall Clock

Arospa Modern Design Scandinavian 6" Silent Non-Ticking Sweep Movement...
  • Non-ticking silent sweeping clock hand technology
  • Tough rose gold frame to ensure product durability
  • Compact and portable design with 6” diameter.
  • Doubles down as a table clock as well as wall clock.
  • Has back stand for added stability if used as a table clock.
  • Small size ensures that it can be placed anywhere on the wall or in tight areas.
  • Simple, interesting color scheme.
  • Strong rose-gold finish improves durability.
  1. Umbra Ribbonwood Wall Clock

Umbra Ribbonwood Large Modern Wall Clock, Battery Operated, Silent,...
  • TESTED FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE: Ribbon wood wood...
  • Interesting and unique design ensures that it will stand out as decor
  • Beechwood finish has luxury, premium feel.
  • Large size improves its visibility and makes it much likelier to get noticed.
  • Sweeping clock movements feel smooth and aesthetic
  • Adds a lot of depth to the wall as far as decorative prowess is concerned
  1. Promi Design Rustic Wooden Clock

Colorful pink and wood modern wall clock

  • Made of solid ash tree wood block.
  • Faux Pink leather Clock face and wooden rim give it a rustic and aesthetic look.
  • Handmade with excellent craftsmanship make it feel like premium and gorgeous decor.
  • 2 Year Warranty on Clock mechanism
  • Gives a pleasant, warm and homely look to the wall and has a certain feel-good allure going for it.
  1. Time Concept Metal Wall Clock

  • Minimalistic and compact design
  • 8” diameter means it can fit on any kind of wall alongside other decor without any issues.
  • Metallic finish with silver coating give it a rich, luxurious feel. It is also very durable.
  • Look of the clock changes according to lighting conditions and viewing angles making it a unique decorative piece.
  • Fashionable yet simple design make a statement in coordination with almost any type or color of wall.
  1. The Haki Decorative Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking Quartz

thehaki Decorative Wall Clock Silent & Non-Ticking Quartz Clock PU...
  • GREAT HOME DECOR - Simple, modern and polished...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - 0.4lb Very lightweight and you can...
  • Silent and accurate time reading with minimal distraction
  • Quartz non-ticking system with streamlined transition
  • Variety of colour options available for improved user choice availability
  • Harmless material with no glass makes it safe for houses with children
  • Minimalist aesthetic appeal with great shape and design
  1. Lauderhome Modern 12” Wall Clock

No products found.

  • Modern and contemporary design with two color options make it look interesting and clean.
  • Plastic frame with glass clock face cover make it durable and capable of withstanding falls and scratches.
  • Numbers on white background are large and easy to read making the clock comfortable to view from distance
  • Runs for a full year on a single AA battery. Hassle-free and practical.
  • Standard 12” design that fits well on most walls.
  1. Karlsson LittleBig Time Mini Wall Clock

Present Time Karlsson Modern Wall Clock - Unique & Contemporary Wall...
  • Simple Design: Cool clock has an open design with...
  • Wall Hanging: Easy install with screws and drywall...
  • Unique and exemplary design that make it stand out anywhere it is placed
  • Simple installation process with all the screws and drywall included as part of kit.
  • Two colour options in black and white to ensure that it is available for all kinds of wall colours
  • Great piece of decor with its aesthetic, striking and unique design and capable of becoming the centre of conversations.
  • Easy to hold because of small clock size
  1. Minimalist Design Contemporary Cream Palette 9.5” Clock

Arospa Minimalist Design Contemporary Cream Palette 9.5" Non-Ticking...
  • Creamy neutral color palette perfect for...
  • Non-ticking sweeping hand movements that ensure...
  • Large enough to be noticed but still practical and compact enough to place anywhere you want at 9.5”
  • Interesting flavour themed colour options that are suitable for all tastes.
  • Natural colour palette is excellent and apt for home decor.
  • Pretty gold coloured hands that go well with cream clock face theme.
  • Tough Rose-Gold frame that can withstand crashes and falls.
  1. A.Cerco 19” Large Decorative Wall Clock

  • Large 19” size that stands out and is the centre of attention on all kinds of walls.
  • Attractive design with unique no-frame look. Looks like a luxurious piece of decor and goes well on solid coloured walls.
  • Solid, robust and resilient aluminium finish with premium build quality.
  • Chrome Numerals with large size made of ABS that are easy to read.
  1. Metal Art Studio Minimalist Blackout White Circle Clock Large

Minimalist Black Clock 'Blackout White Circle Clock Large'...
  • Artisan designed minimalistic modern timepiece...
  • Artisan designed minimalistic modern timepiece...
  • Minimalistic yet modern look with artistic and unique design.
  • Pitch black Clock face and frame colour with glass cover.
  • Created by real artists in Cincinnati Art Studio.
  • Can be easily hanged by a nail or screw. No complex installation process
  • Variety of colour options for hands to improve minimalistic appeal along with the power of choice.
  • Huge 23” size that makes it the first piece of decor to be noticed anyhow.
  1. Metal Art Studio Contemporary Redout Black Circle Clock Medium

Contemporary Clock 'Redout Black Circle Clock' by Adam Schwoeppe -...
  • Size/Style: Medium - 16W x 16H x 1D (inches) -...
  • Size/Style: Medium - 16W x 16H x 1D (inches) -...
  • Minimalistic design with vibrant red coloured theme.
  • Excellent kitchen clock with medium size.
  • Black and White colour options for hands to improve choice and better blending in with the wall.
  • Artistic satin finish on Aluminium polymetal.
  • Can be easily mounted
  • Silent clock motor with continuous sweep movement for minimal noise
  1. Karlsson Oversized Modern Wall Clock

  • Easy to install with wall hanging mount ready to use
  • Modern wall clock design with large and clear black dials on white background making for easy visibility
  • Pleasant and clean design with no fancy complicated structures or colours.
  • Large size for functional time watching.
  • Built to last with excellent material.
  1. Arospa Contemporary Interior Design Minimalist Wall Clock

Arospa Contemporary Interior Design Minimalist Palette 12” Silent...
  • Contemporary wall clock with a Scandinavian...
  • Resilient tough white gloss frame & clock hands...
  • Modern design with minimalist features and clean clock face
  • White gloss frame that is resilient, robust and can take a hit like a champ.
  • Five colour options for added convenience and user choice
  • Easy to mount and safe installation process with ready to mount nail slot.
  1. Metal Art Studio Redout White Clock

Metal Art Studio Redout Clock Contemporary Wall Decor, Small, Red...
  • Size/style: large - 10W x 24H x 1D (inches) -...
  • Clock motor: silent, continuous-sweep movement...
  • Unique and sleek looking vertical rectangular design with cherry red wall face for vibrant and aesthetic look.
  • Glossy metallic finish with coloured aluminium.
  • Premium finish with compact dimensions for added convenience
  • Different colour scheme options available
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty
  1. Metal Art Studio Minimalist Whiteout Wall Clock

Minimalist White Clock 'Whiteout White Circle Clock' Contemporary...
  • Artisan designed minimalistic modern timepiece...
  • Artisan designed minimalistic modern timepiece...
  • Plain white minimalistic design for clean and aesthetic appeal that is easy on the eyes.
  • Plush finish that gives out a really high-quality feel and is excellent to look at.
  • Made of CnC coated aluminium and powder coated colours.
  • Beveled edges for added durability and longevity.
  1. Metal Art Studio Modern White Clock Whiteout Black Square Clock

Modern White Clock 'Whiteout Black Square Clock' Minimalist Metal Wall...
  • Artisan designed minimalistic modern timepiece...
  • Artisan designed minimalistic modern timepiece...
  • Clean white finish with square design for a unique and interesting look.
  • Several colour scheme options for clock hands that go well with white clock face.
  • Excellent as contrast decor on black walls with a really pleasant look.
  • 16 inch size for comfortable viewing experience from all distances.
  • Designed by real artists from Cincinnati Art Studio
  1. Metal Art Studio Modern Blackout Red Square Clock

Modern Black Clock 'Blackout Red Square Clock' Minimalist Metal Wall...
  • Artisan designed minimalistic modern timepiece...
  • Artisan designed minimalistic modern timepiece...
  • Elegant black colour scheme with a variety of options in colours for clock hands.
  • Square shaped design for unique look and feel.
  • Durable clock face cover glass with excellent smudge-proof finish.
  • Semi-Glossy aluminium finish for easy cleaning experience.
  1. MOOQ Simple Modern Concrete Feel Wooden Round Wall Clock

  • Modern design with clear, understandable dials and plush wooden hands.
  • Scandinavian style design for that extra antique feel.
  • Lightweight design for convenient portability and added durability
  • Concrete feel and brilliant wood finish that will last and survive the elements and mishaps.
  • Available with dials, Roman Numerals or regular Numbers according to preference.
  1. Ardeola Radium Stylish Modern Wooden Clock

Colorful modern wall clock

  • Unique, eye-catching design that stands out on all kinds of walls
  • Looks one with nature and is made of naturally sourced raw materials.
  • Inspired by radioactivity, the clock’s design is thematic in nature and can appeal to an audience interested in the theme.
  • Made by Budapest based designer, Ardeola which can be an interesting addition to your art collection.

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29 of the Best Modern Wall Clocks for Design Enthusiasts Today


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