13 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Today | Buyer’s Guide

We can never be too sure about the security of our homes in our absence. And even if we do lock our doors behind us, anyone with an ill-intent may just find a hundred ways to break or deactivate it.

But, that being said, if there’s one thing that we can be hopeful about is the game-changing range of modern security systems in recent times. Not only do they provide foolproof security for your residence, but they also let you know of any suspicious activity that may occur around your house.

And, one such system is an outdoor motion sensor light, which is designed to go off at the slightest detection of movement near your house.

However, finding the ideal motion sensor light can be tricky, given the number of types and specifications its range generally offers. And that’s why we’re bringing you a guide on some of the best ones which you can easily get for your home right now.

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Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Best outdoor motion sensor lights

1. LITOM Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights

LITOM is one of the most sought after companies when it comes to lighting equipment. And, the  outdoor motion sensor solar lights from its lineup are known for their high luminosity and brilliant efficiency, which the brand duly ensures. We say this because when these floodlights are fully charged, they can function from sunset to sunrise, harnessing significant solar energy to provide an incredibly bright illumination!

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With solar lighting being one of the most sustainable options, we were keen to pick the best product. The main advantage of purchasing LITOM is its smart blend of green and efficient technologies – solar and LED.

This light can harvest energy by storing it in the solar battery. It tends to light up for 20 seconds as soon as it detects any motion. We are pretty impressed with its range of lighting because a pack of 4 lights is sufficient for lighting up an 800 square feet area.

Its wide-angle design of around 270-degrees makes it one of the brightest motion security lights. Plus, the LEDs can sense motion within a distance of 10 and 11m.

Another advantage of this unit is the three modes of operation, which include- sensor mode, sensor light, and light mode. Plus, the light switches turn on only when it detects motion, saving a lot of energy, that way.

  • Three operation modes
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant properties
  • Wide-angle design
  • Turns off quickly

2. Baxia Technology Solar Motion Sensor Lights

If you’re looking for solar security that has an excellent weatherproof rating, then you should consider this unit by Baxia technology. This product is known to provide a high level of illumination in any given space.

It’s not only the water-resistant properties that make it stand out amongst the rest, but also its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Lights Wireless Security Motion Sensor...
  • ☀ 【PIR Motion Lights & No Dim Mode】 Let your...
  • ☀ 【Ultra-Bright Solar Powered Lights】 Fewer...


This LED security light by Baxia technology is designed with excellent durability in mind. Each light consists of 28 LED solar-powered lights that provide maximum illumination to light up any dark space within the vicinity of our house.

We did note that the lithium battery of 1200mAH takes quite some time to get fully charged. By this, we mean 8 hours of direct sunlight is required for the light to work up to 10-12 hours.

It’s equipped with PIR motion devices (passive infrared) that switch on only when it senses any motion. The sensor is efficient enough to detect any form of movement between the distance of 3 to 5m and within the angle of 120-degrees.


When any motion is detected, the solar-powered LED lights tend to activate automatically. Moreover, this product is made with polycrystalline solar panels that have about 17% efficiency value. It also provides waterproof IP65 protection that makes it suitable for both peak summer and winter.

  • Single infrared sensor mode
  • Water-resistant properties
  • Affordable price
  • Lacks the dimming feature

3. Aootek Outdoor Solar Security Lights

If you’re in the market looking for one of the brightest LED solar security lights, then you should consider this unit by Aootek. It comes with high-quality motion sensor lamps that have excellent efficiency and can light up the entire back yard.

Solar Lights Outdoor 182 LEDs 2500Lm Solar Motion Sensor Lights Solar...
  • 1.Three Optional Modes 1.security mode(Motion...
  • 2.Sensitive PIR Motion Inductor: With upgraded...


Let’s first start with the feature that we loved the most; it can detect motion from a whopping 26 feet of distance. And the highlight is its sensor angle of 120-degrees that makes it indeed one of the brightest lights on this list.

It comes with a 2200mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows performance for over 12 hours. The battery doesn’t even take more than 5-6 hours to get fully charged, which is a bonus.

Plus, the outdoor motion sensor tends to get charged continuously using solar panels that have efficiency values of about 20.5%. This feature makes it a valuable product that can be used from sundown to sunrise without an additional energy cost.

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Just like the LITOM solar light, it has three modes of operation: sensor mode, dimmer light motion sensor, and bright light mode. When we want continuous lighting for the entire night, we hit the bright light mode, as the other two get activated for only 30 seconds.

  • 48 LED lights
  • Three operation modes
  • Battery capacity 2200mAH
  • Hard to change the modes with the switch after installation

4. URPOWER Solar Lights

If you’re searching for a solar light that has a bright luminosity and offers easy installation, then you should consider the URPOWER solar light. The design of the product is such that it can be mounted on the wall within 5 minutes.

It comes in a set of 4, and each solar light includes eight LED bulbs.

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, 40 LED Motion Sensor Security Lights...
  • 【Super Bright Lighting】 Equipped with 40 high...
  • 【Motion Activated Auto ON/OFF】 The outdoor...


We had a limited budget, but it was easy to find a motion sensor light that offered good luminosity. In terms of its motion sensor capabilities, we can say that it’s sensitive to the slightest of motions, but it doesn’t malfunction. This is one of the main advantages of this unit.

The light can be adjusted to a 120-degrees sensing angle, and it can cover a range of around 10-feet. Although it has a lightweight build and the frame is made of plastic, if the installation is perfect, then it won’t get damaged that easily.


We have been using this set of lights for our front porch. Since its both IP65 waterproof and heatproof, it can withstand the onslaughts of extreme weather conditions.

It doesn’t take more than 6 to 8 hours to get fully charged. The light shines brightly, and it doesn’t use excess energy to last for a long time. Plus, according to the manufacturer, the solar panels have a lifespan of 5-years, while the LED lights can be expected to work for about 5000 hours.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Motion sensors are pretty efficient, and it doesn’t malfunction
  • Offers a high level of luminosity
  • The build is made entirely out of plastic

5. MAXSA Innovations 40218 Dual Head LED Security Spotlight

This is another motion sensor light that has an easy installation procedure. The MAXSA Security Spotlight is ideal for decks, sheds, patios, and garages. The two LED bulbs are structured in a way that resembles the emergency lights that we often see in public buildings.

Maxsa 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight,...
  • Perfect for entryways, walkways, sheds, patios,...
  • Detects Motion Up To 40-feet Away Within A 180°...


We were purchasing outdoor motion sensor lights for the first time, so it was essential to pick out a product that could be installed easily. The sensory range of this unit is vast. It can detect motion for up to forty feet of distance. This makes it ideal for our shed because we wanted the light to cover a 450 square feet area.

The beam can illuminate small to mid-sized properties without leaving behind any darkened spots. Plus, the dual adjustable lights are designed in a way that it can cover two separate areas at once.


It also covers an angle of 180-degree, which indicates brilliant sensory capabilities. Especially when we consider the fact that both the lights provide a total 360-degree view. But it should be adjusted accordingly to get the most out of them.

Each solar light includes four super-bright LEDs of 0.5 watts that give off 160 lumens. And the best part is that we didn’t have to seek professional help to set up this unit. All in all, it’s a value-added product, and it will last for a long time.

  • Suitable for medium-sized yards
  • Detects motion detectors for up to 40 feet
  • Can monitor more than one area at a time
  • Easy to install
  • Slightly expensive

6. RuggedGrade Solar Flood Light

When high luminosity is the top-most priority, then you shouldn’t miss out on the RuggedGrade LED floodlight. Most users claim that it is bright enough to scare away burglars, providing sufficient lighting for your front porch. It comes with a large solar panel and 1000 Lumen solar LED lights, which is a steal for its affordable price.


This outdoor motion sensor lights by RuggedGrade was suggested to us by one of our friends, who has been using it for about a year. So we knew that the durability is on point. After all, there aren’t many models that have similar build quality.

It comes with a premium super-size 8000mAH battery that has the power to stay on for extended periods. And the best part, the battery can be changed easily without having to replace the entire unit. The solar panel and floodlight can be installed within a few minutes. However, to get the angle right, we had to position the panel and light separately.


The weight of the unit is another advantage, and we don’t have to worry about it breaking even if it sustains a hefty crash. It’s a pretty well-built unit that can withstand the driest of climate and the harshest of winters without showing any signs of damage.

Another feature that makes it stand out is the three-mode operation, which allows it to function at 500 lumens, 1000 lumens, or 10% of the full range. This feature comes of great use to help save charge during cloudy seasons when it takes longer to charge.

  • Dimming feature
  • The solar panel comes with a long wire
  • Sturdy, weatherproof construction
  • Motion sensor activation is a bit slow

7. Mr. Beams Wireless Spotlight

This is one of the top-notch quality motion-activated security spotlights that comes with an affordable price tag. It fits in comfortably to lighten up the smallest of entryways and provides the required safety. The other plus point of this motion sensor light is that it’s wireless. So the installation is relatively simple.

Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and...
  • Provides 350 square feet of coverage, battery...
  • Extremely bright LED with minimum power...


Finding a wireless motion sensor light for less than $20 is a pretty good deal. There is no compromise on the efficiency of the product, as it works to illuminate an area of 400 square feet. It runs on four D-batteries that deliver the right amount of luminosity.

This spotlight tends to detect movement under 40 feet of sensory range. It has a UV light sensor that automatically turns on the light. Moreover, the lights tend to turn off after 20 seconds for conserving battery power.

As per the instruction manual, if there is an average of seven to eight activations per day, then the battery might last for over a year. Plus, the weatherproof design is a relief because we can mount it on any wall without having to worry about excessive damage.


We received the mounting hardware along with this set, which made it easier to install the spotlight within a few minutes. Overall, it’s a good investment considering the design and operation of the unit.

  • Quick installation
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • 350 square feet coverage
  • UV light sensor
  • Users have complained about inconsistent quality
  • Users have complained about inconsistent quality

8. RAB Super Stealth Outdoor Light

When power and construction play a critical role in fitting your needs accurately, you should check out the RAB Super Stealth motion sensor lights. It’s a sturdy option that has enough power to help illuminate multiple or large-sized areas. This is an industrial-grade lighting system that is suitable for wet locations, and it offers surge protection of up to 6000 volts.

RAB Lighting STL360H Outdoor, Bronze


We wanted a motion lighting system that would be ideal for covering a 500 square feet area. After checking out the product specifications of this unit, we were pretty satisfied with its features.

It offers a 60-foot detection area, so we had to order two sets to provide the right amount of illumination. It has a sensing angle of 180 degrees side-to-side and about 360-degree up and down.

With photoelectric control, the lights can deactivate automatically during daylight. We can also adjust the settings for custom applications or 24-hour operation.


The set up was also easy, and it doesn’t require any additional wiring. Also, it’s equipped with incredible temperature compensation. This means that it can automatically adjust the sensitivity for extreme cold or hot temperatures. The sensitivity control is pretty extensive, and it’s adjustable from 30% to 100%, which highlights the accuracy of its functions.

  • Has a 360-degree view
  • Bright luminosity
  • Comes with three scanning LEDs
  • Dual head
  • More expensive than its competitors

9. Leonlite Dual-Head Motion-Activated Security Light

When you’re looking to invest in a product that has great durability, then the LEONLITE dual-head outdoor motion sensor lights make for an ideal choice. It’s a lasting product that has a wide light range and brightness. This unit is also eligible for national and state energy rebate programs, and you can save over 80% on your next outdoor electricity bill.

LEONLITE Motion Sensor Flood Light, UL & Energy Star Listed, LED...
  • ✅ High Performance: The bronze flood lights...
  • ✅ Flexible Application: With excellent...


With increasing energy costs, we had to find an option to save up on our monthly bills. This is why we wanted to opt for solar lights, and this unit matched our requirements. It detects motion for up to 70 feet, and it’s bright enough as it gives off 1,800 lumens.

Since this is a two-headed fixture, we can angle the light in whichever direction that we choose. And the LED bulbs are bright enough to see clearly what’s happening in the backyard. The light also comes with three operation modes, which include- “dusk to dawn,” manual, and auto.

When we want to use this unit as a conventional security light, we can adjust to the auto mode. Moreover, when the light is adjusted to auto mode, the sensor detects motion accurately. We can also set the duration of how long we want the light on before it shuts off automatically.


It comes with a waterproof rating of IP65, which allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions. On top of that, it’s covered with a five-year warranty, so in case we have any issues with the operations, we can contact the customer care quickly.

After having used this unit for a few months now, we have gradually started to save up money from our energy costs. Overall, the adjustable dual heads are great for lighting up selected spots around the house.

  • Durable, weatherproof construction
  • Adjustable security lighting
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • The light goes on and off at regular intervals

10. Heathco Bayside Motion-Activated Lantern

If you want a motion sensor light that will effortlessly complement the home exterior design while providing safety, you can opt for this unit by Heath Zenith. The attractive design of the lantern will not only add to your home’s attractiveness, but it will also detect any intrusive activity. This bayside mission style lantern is one of a kind for its classy look and performance.


First and foremost, the aspect that caught our eye is the brilliant design that complements the exterior building structure. The clear glass bulb with a matte-white finish casing gives it a great finish. This lantern stands out for its unique design, which is a beautiful addition to its regular performance.

From the outside, we can’t clearly understand that it’s a motion sensor because it looks more like a simple decor piece. This makes it possible to catch any intruders off-guard. Apart from its design, the range of detection is also quite impressive. The sensors can detect movement from 30 feet distance.


We had to purchase a 60-Watt bulb separately and fix it correctly as it requires wiring. Although it gets a little challenging to complete the installation, the instruction manual comes real handy. Overall, in terms of aesthetics, it’s a great product and suits all home types, be it contemporary or traditional.

  • 30 feet of motion detection
  • Classy design
  • Offers both LEDs and incandescent bulbs options
  • Installation can be a bit tricky

11. Sengled Smartsense Outdoor LED Motion Sensor Bulbs

The Sengled Smartsense Outdoor LED has standalone motion-detecting capabilities. And it doesn’t have to be paired with other security systems around the house. You have to twist the socket to get a wide-angle coverage of about 110 degrees. This unit is simple to use and comes with all the mechanisms that you’ll want and need from your safety light.

Sengled LED Bulb with Motion Sensor, PAR38 Smart Security Floodlight...
  • Built in motion sensor: Using the integrated...
  • Easy to install, easy to use: Transform ordinary...


We opted for this unit by Sengled because it could be easily installed on our outdoor light fixture. The LED bulb can be fixed without any hassle and transformed from a standard lighting spot into a motion-activated one. It has built-in sensors that can detect movement for up to 30 feet, which is ideal for both small and mid-sized areas.

This was one of the best options that we found for upgrading our existing light fixtures. Plus, we didn’t have to worry about rewiring, which is a great relief. Once we completed the initial calibration, the bulb was ready to function.


When it detects any motion within the fixed radius, it comes on for about 90 seconds. But if there is no additional movement, then it switches off automatically.

The light is also waterproof making it suitable for outdoor use. We have installed one in the driveway and another for the patio steps. Finally, the overall efficiency and construction of this product are on point that makes it worth the price.

  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof design
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to install
  • The light is not very bright

12. Sunforce Solar Motion Light

The Sunforce 81256 motion light is an affordable product that has a wide radius of 30 feet. This is one of the brightest lights on this list, with 60 small LEDs that have a lumen output of 850. You can also program the level of brightness, how long you want the light to function, range of motion detection, and its sensitivity to motion.

Sunforce 82156 60-LED Solar Motion Light
  • Features amorphous solar panel with 15 ft. (4.5m)...
  • Fully weather resistant and can be mounted almost...


This unit was suggested by our colleagues because of its design and high level of brightness. And the best part about this unit is that it can be adjusted according to our needs. The installation was pretty simple, we could mount it easily on the garden fence, that did help to provide added security around the house.

It not only brightness up the entire space but as mentioned earlier it also has room for customization. For instance, we can adjust the motion sensitivity from between zero and thirty feet. Plus, the duration is adjustable between 8 seconds to two minutes.


We have to use the three dials that are placed towards the bottom of the device for setting the activities. With a detection range of about 180-degrees, it brightly lights up an area of about 30-feet. Finally, what makes it a top-quality product is the brightness, affordability, and simple user mechanism.

  • 60 LED lights
  • Simple installation process
  • Customizable features
  • Weatherproofing is not up to the mark
  • Weatherproofing is not up to the mark

13. Hyperikon LED Security Light 

In the LED light industry, Hyperikon is known for making a range of quality products. This unit is mainly focused on delivering great performance, which makes it well worth the price tag. It has a very low energy usage with high-intensity lighting, which highlights its energy-efficient features.

LEPOWER LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Light Outdoor, 28W 3000LM...
  • 28W Brightness and Energy Saving: Powered by LED...
  • PIR Motion Sensor Lights: This security motion...


We were looking for a motion sensor light with high luminosity, and we shortlisted this product because it offers a total output of 2700 lumens. Plus, when it comes to efficiency, it consumes only 30 watts of energy.

The LED light is equipped with the dawn to dusk sensors. It automatically switches on the light at sunset and off after sunrise. With this, we don’t have to worry about having to turn on the light manually. For better durability, it comes with an IP65 weatherproof feature, so harsh weather conditions don’t necessarily limit the light’s performance.


Moreover, the motion sensor in this light can spot movement within a radius of 40 feet. This helps us stay alert of any suspicious activity on our property. On the other hand, the installation was pretty quick; we just had to follow the instructions to get the wiring right. All in all, we are satisfied with our purchase and the 5-year warranty that it comes with.

  • Features dawn to dusk sensor
  • 5-year warranty
  • Quick installation
  • Energy saving
  • The motion sensor can be inconsistent at times

Best outdoor motion sensor lights

Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Buyers Guide

The security of your home is essential. But with several motion sensors that are on their rounds, we’ve seen many customers picking out the wrong set. Thus, to help you look at some of the critical factors, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide.

So, read on!

1. Brightness

The brightness is the crucial aspect of any motion sensor light. Your money would really go to waste if your motion sensor fails to provide sufficient lighting for the required purpose. This is why you need to select a light that has an excellent display range, that can light up every corner of your residence efficiently.

2. Charging time

The motion sensor lights are generally solar powered. A battery that charges quickly helps ensure that you’ll have proper lighting even with minimal sunlight. So it’s crucial to check the charging time of whichever brand you select.

3. Motion sensor capabilities

Lights that come with a suitable motion sensor will be able to pick up the slightest of movements by animals and people somewhere close to the light.

High-quality lights can pick up movements from almost all angles. But the low-quality ones will work only when the object is in front of the light. Therefore, you should check out the angle design and the maximum distance that the sensors can capture.

4. Weather protection

Most outdoor electronics are advertised as being water-resistant or waterproof. But, there is a thin line of difference between the two. This is because the construction of the water-resistant units is such that it can resist the penetration of water only to a certain degree.

While on the other hand, the waterproof units are impermeable to water, irrespective of how long it’s exposed to extreme weather construction. So, if you’re living in an area that receives an excessive amount of rainfall, then you should opt for lights with waterproof construction.

5. Installation process

It’s often tricky to state precisely which motion sensor lights will be simple or challenging to install. But most of them are generally easy to set up. It’s always advisable to pick a product that has a user manual, which helps simplify the installation process.

6. Size of your yard/ garage

The sensors can usually reach up to the distance that the light travels. But for covering a large area, you need to extend the budget to acquire more lights than what’s included in one set. Because how bright the front or backyard is, will depend on the quality of solar lights that you’re planning to install.


We’ve all been in that confused state of mind when presented with a range of options to choose from. This is why we advise you to go through the buyer’s guide carefully for making an informed decision.

Because the right motion sensor activation will provide the required security function by alerting you of any intrusive activity without raising false alarms.

Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you find an outdoor motion sensor that fits your needs.

Till next time!

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